FW: ET Disclosure: Many “Windows of Time” (Satire)

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-12-04 09:43:43

    ET Disclosure: Many “Windows of Time”  (Satire)    Dan Johnson December 3, 2009   The Windows of the World www.youtube.com/watc…   There has been some hope and speculation recently that President Obama might finally announce ET disclosure this month or sometime next year (1). This has been getting a lot of attention of late with so-called “windows of time” for such an event.  So I thought I might try my hand at some different scenarios that might cause the President to disclose the alien presence.  Unfortunately, I can’t predict any dates.  I never was very good at that.   *  NASA threatens Obama that they will announce disclosure first if he doesn’t promise to give them more money during his January State of the Union Speech. *  (February)  Sen. John McCain also threatens Obama that he will announce disclosure first if he doesn’t drop his Afghanistan troop pullout deadline. *  (March)  Sick and tired of all the delays in disclosing their presents, aliens threaten the Pentagon with 10 Mother Ships parked over every major city in the world. *  (April)  The NSA discovers a secret plot for a 10 million man, women and child march on the Capital Building in Washington D.C. – sometime in 2010.  It is rumored that they will be holding signs demanding ET disclosure now. *  (May)  Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner tell Obama that gold will be at $5,000 an o u nce by July 2011 and unemployment might double to about 38%. *  (June)  Ben and Tim tell the President they have a different job for him in 2012. *  (July)  Obama tells Ben and Tim he will sign Congressman Paul’s Audit the Fed bill if it passes through Congress – then immediately announce ET disclosure. *  (August)  The Catholic Church tells Obama their observatory in Arizona just observed a fleet of 1,000 ET Motherships entering the Solar System. *  (September)  Nine months after Obama accepts his Nobel Peace Prize he threatens to break up the CIA into 1,000 pieces if they don’t allow him to disclose the ET presence first. *  (October)  President Obama and Sec. Clinton orders the Sec. of Defense to the White House and threatens him (Sec. Gates) with a “slip of the tongue” ET disclosure comment if he doesn’t reveal certain ET information. *  (November)  The Military Industrial Complex (at the behest of Sec. Gates) invites Obama and Clinton to a super top secret meeting at Area 51. It is rumored that the MIC wants to end 50 years of keeping the President in the dark about ETs.  Could be a prelude to disclosure?   By December 2010 there is still a deadlock by the powers that be on making an open public statement on the ET presence issue.  (Strangely, UFO’s haven’t been seen since September.)  It is rumored that the Navy and the CIA cut a deal with the aliens that if they will just go away forever, the MIC will finally share advanced physics and technology secrets with the public sector (2).  However, it may also be rumored by December 2010 that disclosure is still imminent.   Dan Johnson   References 1. Timing Extraterrestrial Disclosure, Online at: www.examiner.com/x-2… 2. Is ET Disclosure More Important Than Exposing Our Physics Truth Embargo?, Online at: www.checktheevidence…           No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG – www.avg.comVersion: 9.0.709 / Virus Database: 270.14.83/2529 – Release Date: 12/02/09 19:43:00

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