Richard Dolan and the National Thermitic State

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2009-12-10 12:54:26

Attachments : www.checktheevidence… Richard Dolan and the National Thermitic State   Andrew Johnson ad.johnson@ntlworld….,  Dec 10th 2009   Richard Dolan is a Historian and noted author and researcher into the UFO Phenomenon, with his main focus being on archival records which prove that official bodies know more about the phenomenon than they are willing to admit. Richard Dolan has also written about topics other than UFO’s, however,   I have followed some of Richard Dolan’s work – mainly on UFO matters – over the years and have found him to be an interesting and knowledgeable researcher, speaker and commentator. Fairly recently, I found myself agreeing with much of what he said with regard to the exopolitics movement – in that many assumptions about the nature of exopolitical “entities” seemed to be being made without a good basis. In 2005, I also privately applauded him for posting articles about 9/11, when hardly any other UFO/ET researchers seemed to be considering it as any kind of important issue. (About the only other writer who has written about UFO’s and 9/11 is Jim Marrs.)   On 06 March 2009, I had exchanged a couple of e-mails with Richard Dolan, initially to compliment him on a podcast he did with the Paracast in February 2009. In the same message, I also mentioned areas of research I was involved with which I thought he would be interested in. I have included a copy of this e-mail below. Richard responded – thanking me for my message, and he commented in his reply that he had met Jim Fetzer at a conference. He also mentioned he would continue to look into 9/11 – and he knew other people who were doing the same.   On 27th June 2009, I spoke at an “Exopolitics” event in Leeds, UK, primarily organised by my friend, Anthony Beckett. I was pleased that Richard Dolan had agreed to come and speak at the event too, along with my friend Lloyd Pye who deserves everyone’s thanks for his dogged perseverance with the Starchild Skull research and all that goes with it.   On 26th June, to help promote the conference, I drove up to Leeds with Lloyd for a brief appearance on BBC Radio Leeds. Anthony had told me that Richard Dolan was also hoping to appear in the interview, but due to problems with city traffic, he did not quite get there in time and missed the 10-minute slot we had been given. However, Richard met Lloyd and myself at the radio station and we went for an enjoyable lunch a short distance away.   During lunch, we discussed a number of things, including, as I recall, the latest Star Trek film which had been in the cinema a few weeks earlier. However, towards the end of the lunch, the conversation switched to 9/11 and I began to tell Richard about the research I had been involved with – namely that of Dr Judy Wood – as readers of this article and website may already be familiar. Unfortunately, I did not have a long period to talk with Richard Dolan about these issues, as I had to return home to collect children from school. I did have time to mention the presence of Hurricane Erin and in particular, the Alaskan Magnetometer readings which Dr Wood had uncovered. (At the time of meeting him, I had forgotten I had already sent him brief details by e-mail.) I gave Richard several A4 sheets about these things, which I had purposely printed out and brought with me. Also, I knew I would be seeing him on the following day, for the Conference itself, and I then intended to give him further information.   On the 27th June 2009, as the first speaker of the day, I delivered a presentation about Wilbert Smith. Speaking to Richard Dolan later, I was, I have to say, flattered when he complemented me on this presentation (though I can’t take much credit for it, because all of the data it was compiled from was sent to me by Grant Cameron).   During one or more of the conference intervals, I spoke to Richard about the “mysterious” behaviour of Alfred Webre – with regard to Dr Judy Wood’s research into the connection between the WTC Destruction, Directed Energy Weapons, the Hutchison Effect and Hurricane Erin. I gave Richard a copy of a booklet I had printed out “9/11 Evidence and Analysis Volume IV”. I discussed with him, in brief, the contents of this booklet. I am fairly certain I gave him a set of 5 DVDs – including Dr Judy Wood’s Madison Presentation, September Clues, 9/11 and the Hutchison Effect, 9/11 and Hurricane Erin, and 9/11 Finding the Truth). I at least gave him a copy of the “9/11- Finding the Truth” DVD, because that includes a summary of most of the other information.   When the conference was over, I drove Richard and another friend of mine to Wagamama’s restaurant in Leeds, but (for no particular reason) I did not sit with him there. However, when we left, I placed in his hands an envelope containing the above materials.   I left with the impression that Richard was a polite, charming and affable person, with a good sense of humour. As we are fairly similar in age, and have children of a similar age, I also felt I had a few things in common with him.   I was therefore very hopeful that Richard would have found what I told him sufficiently interesting to explore the material that (at my own expense) I gave to him. I hoped that he would be able to use his existing knowledge, background and the research he had done to put the information I had given him into a meaningful context.   Following the conference, I e-mailed Richard a few photographs I had taken on the Friday and Saturday.   In hindsight, perhaps I was being to optimistic in expecting him to respond to either the photos or the information I had supplied to him.   It was only a few days ago that I discovered the likely reason for Richard Dolan’s lack of response – it seemed to be “explained” in a broadcast he made in September 2009.   Anniversary Broadcast   On Sept 11th 2009, Richard Dolan, along with his wife Karyn, made a podcast/broadcast on the Paranormal Radio Network discussing the events of Sept 11th 2001. This broadcast only recently came to my attention when it came up in a telephone discussion I was having with a fellow researcher – so I downloaded it and listened with interest. I re-processed the audio to get rid of some of the buzzing and I tried to boost some of the volume levels, although there are small portions/words which are a little difficult to make out.   www.checktheevidence…   Richard Dolan by describing how he began to realise the official story of the 9/11 attacks was bogus. For example, at 5:32 in the broadcast above, he said I purchased a copy of David Ray Griffin’s first book on 9/11 called the New Pearl Harbour. He then describes a little about David Ray Griffin. The broadcast was already reminiscent of Jim Fetzer’s appearance on Richard Syrett’s show a year to day before this broadcast.   At around 12:03, in discussing trans-national “control groups”, Dolan mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg group and the Federal Reserve and he described how only a few people have time to research these entities. Unfortunately, Dolan did not point out that the author of the foreword to Griffin’s first edition of the New Pearl Harbour – which he mentioned only minutes earlier – is none other than CFR member Richard Falk.   The Thermitic State   Having listened to the introduction, I should perhaps not have been too surprised as to how the rest of the broadcast unfolded. It wasn’t long before the subject of the destruction of the WTC came up. Among other issues, Richard began talking about dust samples. He talked about people providing dust samples, but he did not, for example, name Janet McKinley as one of those providers (a minor point, but I mention it because including specific names, dates, times etc makes it easier for people to verify the story for themselves). After the discussion of dust samples came the (inevitable) alleged molten metal… At time 34:14, Dolan said:   At the world trade centre, there was molten metal for weeks after the collapse – beneath the rubble – molten metal. Some of these girders showed signs of having been melted which you would need temperatures of … outrageously high temperatures… and the jet fuel from the jet liners did not and could not attain such temperatures. Excuse me Richard, were you aware that Rudi Giuliani was one of the people who seemed to start these stories? What was the fuel source? How was there a lake on West Street without steam explosions? For those unfamiliar with my line of rebuttal, please see Dr Judy Wood’s discussion of these issues, either on her website, or in the videos linked above.   Dolan then mentioned the detection of sulphur in the WTC dust and said, This is a key now, for what is known as thermite or thermate. There’s been a recent study that came out – published on the web – I’ve read this study and it’s a very impressive… um… and detailed study dealing with thermitic pyrotechnics in the World Trade Centre samples. Though Richard, unfortunately, did not state the name or other details of the paper explicitly, I think it is safe to assume he is referring to the paper by Steven E Jones, Neils Harrit et al. This paper does not stand up to scrutiny – for a number of reasons – not least of which is that Thermite does not turn steel (or other materials) to dust, it melts steel. Also, the title and nature of the paper is essentially frivolous – for this reason… Why use the term “thermitic materials” in the title? Is it an admission that no thermite was present? Is it another evolution of the idea of “thermite analogues”?   What is thermite anyway? Answer: Aluminium powder and Iron Oxide (rust): The exterior of WTC towers contains aluminium and there were some rusty beams inside the buildings. Therefore how can this point to a smoking gun of thermite? You would expect to find aluminium powder and Iron Oxide in the remains of the World Trade Centre whether thermite was there or not!   For convenience, I created a blog which collects together most of basic questions and points essentially expose the thermite theory as a distraction – a theory as full of holes as the official story.   Dolan, however, has seemingly not considered any other options – at all. Dolan’s cavalier disregard of evidence and information supplied to him by myself continued apace. At 35:49, he said:   The dust samples were remarkably consistent and all of them showed signs – at a microscopic level of something that absolutely should not have been there – and what that is, is advanced, highly energetic thermite. Now, regular thermite is an incredibly effective explosive – and you don’t just find this stuff lying around.   [Karyn: It would never be used in construction? And they wouldn’t use it for welding or anything like that?]   No, because it’s used to blow things up…. Thermite, when it’s heated to a certain temperature causes explosions and that’s why it’s valuable – it’s a great explosive. The type of thermite that we’re talking about is only available in the military… it’s thermate … and it’s nano-engineered…in other words it’s incredibly highly um integrated with itself…. I do not think it is a good use of time to point out all the serious problems with this brief segment. However, I think almost everyone would agree that aluminium dust and iron oxide dust should have been found in what remained of the building – as those substances were present in the building in large quantities (see above). Also, the last 10 words are a pretty good guide to the general “bogosity” of this segment.   For convenience, the main segment with the discussion of thermite can be found here:   www.checktheevidence…   In an overly judgemental fashion, at 37:38 Dolan said: Any reasonable mind looking at this is going to think “this is a smoking gun”. At this point, you should, of course, stop reading this article – because clearly I don’t have a “reasonable” mind. I used to have a reasonable mind – because I used to think that the thermite story was valid and that the main proponent of the story was telling the truth. However, further study of the evidence has clearly made my mind “unreasonable”, because I found out that this so-called “smoking gun” was a fake – planted to distract “reasonable minds” from looking at other more powerful, more substantive and corroborative and far more significant and compelling evidence. This evidence, it seems, also ties in – at some level – to Dolan’s own field of research – in relation to Black Projects and Black technology.   Finding the Truth   Near the end of the broadcast, Richard Dolan stated the importance of finding the truth about 9/11 – at 73:05 he said:   9/11 was a day that affected every single person living on planet earth. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to future generations to find the truth of what happened – because that day is the point on which all other subsequent points we have lived through hinge upon. If we don’t have an open full discussion of that critical day, it’s like a sore that will not go away… …we’ve got to get to the truth. If you have read this far, then you will perhaps empathise with me when I report how hollow those words sounded to me. As I have said before, finding the truth is not possible when so much evidence is ignored (see below).   It was an “Exclusive” Broadcast!   It would take too long for me to list all of the evidence that Richard Dolan excluded from his broadcast, but here are the key items:   Contra-evidence to thermite and molten metal Any critique of the “Active Thermitic” nonsense paper Connection of Steven E Jones to Cold Fusion Dr Judy Wood’s RFC to NIST Directed Energy Weapon effects in WTC evidence Links between NIST’s contractors and Directed Energy Weapons companies (i.e. the Military Industrial Complex, which Dolan has written about in his books). Hutchison Effect and WTC Evidence Hurricane Erin Study Court Cases of Wood/Reynolds Contra-evidence for plane crashes at the WTC List of Evidence that must be explained found here:   The National Thermitic State   The evidence indicates that Richard Dolan has now subscribed to the “National 9/11 Thermite programme”. In other words, it seems that Richard Dolan’s presentation was set precisely within the boundaries of what some of us now call “The Official 9/11 Truth” – which consists, roughly speaking, of planes crashing into the WTC, Bombs in the Buildings (BiB) and the use of “Magic Thermite” (or even “Space Thermite”) – which can either be an incendiary, an explosive, paint on, an example of advanced nano-technology – or a welding material or whatever you need it to be.   Here again, we see a repeated pattern that, specifically in relation to Dr Judy Wood’s research into the events of 9/11, people in the “alternative research community” are seemingly unable to look at factual evidence and instead they ostracize those presenting it.   For a discussion of the story of (and behind) Official 9/11 Truth, please download my free book.   Did Richard Dolan just “make an innocent mistake”?   Some people reading this may think that Richard Dolan just has “a difference of opinion”. Can we have a difference of opinion about whether thermite melts things or turns them to dust?   Or, they may say “well, he can’t talk about what you talk about because it’s too controversial.” Another person said to me “well, maybe he just can’t take the truth of it.”   These reasons for not talking about the most profound, most well-researched and most compelling 9/11 evidence could apply to other people, but not to Richard Dolan. This is a guy who writes about UFO’s and Aliens – over 1,000 pages in his 2 volumes so far. Surely he’s not worried about profundity or controversy? Popularity, then?   Popularity vs. The Truth   I have heard a number of other people say things like “Well, if we talk about the connection between 9/11 and Weather Control, or there being no plane crashes on 9/11, it won’t be popular…” Perhaps Richard Dolan’s decision to not discuss court-submitted evidence, and instead focus on something which turns out to be highly speculative at best, and provably bogus at worst, stemmed from this feeling – i.e. that discussion of this evidence would not be “popular”.   But if we take this view to an extreme, certainly at the current time, we might as well just go back to the Official Story of 9/11 (namely Muslims gone bad + lapses in US Security) and have done with it – after all, that is still, despite our best efforts, the most popular story!   Truth is not affected by popularity – whether the towers turned to dust or burned down, fell down or “melted” is a question of basic observation not popularity!   Why Did Richard Dolan Exclude all the most important Evidence?   I cannot resist trying to understand the reason why someone as intelligent, eloquent and articulate as Richard Dolan, who has been writing, researching and giving presentations in one of the most controversial fields there is (UFO’s), would exclude from his discussion so much of the most important 9/11 evidence available. Why did he completely exclude this evidence – compiled, as it was, by the most highly and relevantly qualified scientist who has been publicly researching these matters for several years?   Why was there no mention at all of any of this evidence in a 77 minute broadcast?        I can think of several possible reasons.   Perhaps Richard Dolan thought the evidence was insignificant – if that is the case, then we cannot really lend him much credibility in 9/11 research – seeing as the evidence he excluded from his discussion has been put into a legal case to challenge NIST’s DEW-related contractors. (This is currently before the United States Supreme Court). Also, some of the evidence is so basic that its importance (in my experience) becomes immediately obvious to those that are shown it on paper or on a screen.   Perhaps Richard Dolan has been threatened that he should not talk about this evidence. If asked whether he had been threatened, he may well deny it. From listening to the actual broadcast, I very much doubt he has been threatened.   Perhaps Richard Dolan has been offered or paid money to not talk about this evidence. Again, if asked whether he had, he may well deny being offered money. I doubt he has been offered or paid money, however.   Speculation and Unpopularity   So, is there a fourth possibility? Could this possibility apply to other people who cannot seem to understand that thermite does not turn steel to dust – rather, it melts steel (or other metal) and burns paper. Could this possibility apply to other people who cannot accept there was plenty of aluminium and iron oxide already in the WTC’s structure?   Could this possibility even be applied to Steven E Jones, Richard Gage, Kevin Barrett and a number of others? Are these people being remotely influenced? Note: I have no evidence to suggest this is what is actually happening, other than observing what people have said (i.e. suggesting thermite turns things to dust is patently ridiculous) and then comparing that to their apparent intelligence and their other behaviour. This tends to make me rule out the first 3 possibilities. Is there some type of “ongoing” MK Ultra type programme – which can subtly influence people’s specific thought processes, behaviour or actions? Perhaps, in a given person certain strands of behaviour or thought can be influenced or dictated – i.e. everything else about the person is normal, but they get simple, basic facts wrong – and when presented with contra-evidence, they cannot “process it”. There is some “blockage” put in place.   I know this is pretty “way out there” – and also one has to ask what makes some people immune from such remote influence? Perhaps there is even a gene which makes people susceptible to remote influence – just like there is a gene which prevents or allows people from tasting a synthetic compound called PTC.   Please, Don’t Play With Thermite   Whether my speculation about “remote influence” is correct, or wildly wrong, I think it seems worth suggesting that, based on the available evidence, people should not “play with thermite” – they may end up getting burned… either physically or intellectually…   E-mail   From: Andrew Johnson To: keyhole@rochester.rr… Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 1:05 PM Subject: Bravo on the recent Paracast Broadcast!!   Richard,   I thought your recent Paracast broadcast/podcast was great. Very much in agreement with you on most issues.   I am also concerned about the Exopolitics scene – too many self-appointed figures running with insufficient information. However, more worryingly, certain Exopolitics figures are muddling up (knowingly in my opinion) 9/11 Evidence. A summary article I wrote is below.   The events of 9/11 are closely related to the ET cover up and my basic view now is this: the Disclosure issue is being used to hide the identity of the group or groups that are in control of planet earth – and they “did 9/11”. They have the tech. which turned the towers to dust – and almost no one is looking at this issue – e.g. Salla, Bassett and others ignore it. Webre has helped muddle it up in quite a bizarre way (see below). Others such as Jim Fetzer have lent a hand (see other articles on my website www.checktheevidence…)   Please consider the evidence which links the Exopolitics issue to 9/11 – through Alfred Webre – and people like John Alexander – who kept tabs on John Hutchison in the 80’s (and he makes no secret of this).…. And we can heavily implicate weather control on 9/11 too… I will now be gently challenging the Exopolitics and UFO/ET “scene” to discuss this information. There a lot more “signal” (i.e. data) than “noise” in the pages linked above to work with – and I’d take it to a court of law (not that any could or would deal with it, however).   And can you explain how a “plane” crash can affect the earth’s magnetic field 3500 miles away?   Oops – looks like nukes are obsolete…       Andrew Johnson UK   Perception Management of 9/11 Truth – Keeping the Lid on Free Energy Version with embedded links etc:…  Andrew Johnson, Jan 2008   This article is a summary of a longer one posted at which has embedded links and reference to audio material and other evidence.       Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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