Richard Dolan and the National Thermitic State

Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….),  Dec 10th 2009

UPDATE: – 5 July 2016


Following detailed one-to-one discussions with Richard Dolan, it appears I may have misjudged his situation and his approach to the information I have him in 2009 and so what I originally wrote may not have been a fully accurate assessment (yep, I could well have been wrong!)


He is currently writing a book about False Flag Attacks, which will include a chapter about 9/11.

In discussion with him, I hope that his understanding of the events of 911 will now be clearer and will be appropriately discussed in his upcoming volume.




Perception Management of 9/11 Truth – Keeping the Lid on Free Energy

Version with embedded links etc:… 

Andrew Johnson, Jan 2008


This article is a summary of a longer one posted at which has embedded links and reference to audio material and other evidence.

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