Further CAA Response to “Air Traffic” Enquiry

An interested reader contacted me to advise of an FOI request he made to the CAA regarding aircraft trails. The FOI response is reproduced below (click on images for larger versions). The readers comments are below.

I’ve attached the response from the CAA – still waiting for DfTs response. I am not surprised that no answer was given re the flight data I requested. However I found it interesting that the response included the word contrailing several times, even though I had not mentioned this. The response to my 3rd question is interesting – the CAA’s Environmental Research and Consultancy Unit  only seems to be concerned about aircraft noise, has not done any research into the environmental, health or effects on climate change  so could NOT provide the assurances that I requested. Note also that they direct me to the 1999 IPCC report (which I find rather ironic given that all those reports are questionable anyway given the recent climategate emails!). There is also a subtle but clear statement re a report by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution in 2002 into civil aircraft. Implying that no reports are available about other aircraft.

I get the impression from this response that the CAA knows exactly what I was referring about as it seems to be a boilerplate type response. I am somewhat surprised about their lack of research by the ‘ERCD’  (only interested in noise –eh??? yet the world is meeting in Copenhagen to discuss ‘climate change’??).

Their failure to assure me of the affects on health is something I am going to take further with my MP.

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