Jim Marrs does the “Thermite Shuffle”

28 Dec 2009

On 27th December 2009, Jim Marrs appeared on the Dave Hodges show. Sheldon Day called in to the show to get Jim Marrs’ take on what destroyed the WTC and ask him whether he had studied the evidence for directed energy weapons.

In the audio clip and transcript below, you will notice Jim Marrs:

  1. State there is “there is no real substantial hard evidence” proving the use of directed energy weapons (this is not true)
  2. Explain how he had put the thermite study in his book – he doesn’t seem to have looked anywhere else. He seems to think the paper is valid and peer reviewed and has not noticed that  the chemical formula of thermite is the same as 2 of the materials that would be expected to be found in large quantities in the WTC remains anyway (Iron Oxide – rust – and aluminium – from the exterior).
  3. Agree that though Thermite burns paper, there was a great deal of unburned paper in the WTC dust
  4. Mention the cars on FDR drive – surely out of range of any thermite burning.
  5. Acknowledge there may be a problem with the source of the thermite study.
  6. Suggest a new investigation is needed, but ignore the current one that has been done by the most highly qualified independent scientist, now lodged in the US Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, Sheldon was not given time to bring up Hurricane Erin, so it is currently unclear how many dots Jim Marrs is choosing to connect… Will Jim Marrs revisit his earlier conclusions, we wonder…. 



Thanks to Sheldon for sending me the audio segment and for calling in.



The problem with the directed energy weapons in the World Trade Centre thing is that while that might be the truth, there is no real substantial hard evidence to prove that that’s the case, so that’s why I shy away from it, not because of being called a name. Now, as opposed to… like David Ray Griffin and others and … including myself in my book the terror conspiracy – who talked about thermite and the fact that controlled explosives – I think undoubtedly were used, also in the destruction of those buildings. And of course then I was the nut for talking… siding with people who said “Oh there were controlled explosions…” ye know and we can’t even mention that.


And yet today, there’s now hard scientific proof that thermate – a nano technology form of thermite  – has been found in the debris of [the] World Trade Centre materials – and that was confirmed in a peer reviewed scientific journal in Europe


[Reminder: This is an internet only journal, which previously published a computer-generated gibberish paper. Also,  we don’t know the peer reviewers were]


Now, what I want everybody to understand is I – as an old journalist – I think that constitutes news – that should be headlines all across the country. A military grade controlled explosive residue found in World Trade Centre rubble, OK? And yet we don’t see a word about that – it just doesn’t appear. Now I think that should convince any open minded person that the so-called watchdog media is actually the lapdog to the corporate interests that are running this country and I think that’s why there needs to be another investigation – a truthful investigation and to prove other things up, but if they do that then we might come up with the hard evidence to show that directed energy weapons – for example…


Dave Hodges

Jim, let me ask you a question before you go further with this – I think the thermite residue has been shown and proven [right] would there be any such trace signatures for energy-directed weapons?


Jim Marrs

Well, because that’s such cutting-edge technology – see that’s the beauty of it – if you use a technology – in a public event like this – that is generally not known to the public – then you can put out any cover story you want to and most of the public – including the so-called experts – are going to be hard-pressed to prove otherwise – because, as he [the caller] said, this technology has been held in intelligence and military communities – ye know – and it’s not known in the public so… it’s like – I try to tell people I think those airplanes – because they exceeded their design limitations – which is an impossibility – unless you can override the computer – and because the transponders all went off  about the same time – which is an impossibility for 4 separate airliners being hijacked – ye know there would be a little  bit of a time lag – or advance in all of that.


These, to me are the tell tale signs that computer capture was used to take over those planes and guide them to wherever they wanted [them] to go. And yet when I try to tell people that in 2001 – it’s like “What are you talking about!?” – ye know. And yet, when we invaded Iraq … we invaded Afghanistan – what went in first? Those global hawk, remote-controlled planes and now you see them in advertisements for the air force and in advertisements for the marines and they’ll say “Oh yeah sure – we’ve got that technology!” But we didn’t know that in 2001.


Dave Hodges

OK – Sheldon – a follow up? (Quick one…)


Well, this could really turn into a long discussion because I .. the thermite thing – the military uses thermite to burn paper – well look at all the paper laying around after the towers went away…


Jim Marrs

Exactly – very good point

5: 17


and the guy who spearheaded this whole campaign about thermite – Professor Steven Jones – was instrumental, back in the late 80’s [in] covering up this cold fusion technology that these 2 renowned world chemists Pons and Fleischman were trying to put out to the public. We can’t trust Steven Jones and the other thing I wanted to say was hey Dave have you ever heard of John Lear?

5:41 Dave Hodges

Yes I have.

Jim Marrs

I know John Lear


Yeah well, he doesn’t talk about it on the Coast to Coast show but if you listen to John Lear on other shows, you know he’s got a lot of flight experience and he says there were no planes on 9/11 it was all TV fakery and/or scalar holographic imagery.


 Jim Marrs

Well, again, I’m certainly not ruling out anything just off-handedly but there’s going to have to be more work – ye know, you have to be very careful of all these sources, just like you pointed out the problem with Griffin [I think he meant Jones] and the Cold Fusion. The thing that I can’t help but look at is there are photographs of  cars on the FDR that are burned and scorched and they were blocks away from the World Trade Centre….

Jim Marrs and Pete Santilli
Jim Marrs kinda dodges the question about Hurricane Erin:

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