Haiti earthquake, the HAARP,satanic connection

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-01-29 08:19:33

Attachments : www.leonoury.blogspo… Monday, 25 January 2010 Haiti earthquake, the HAARP,satanic connection Hello all of you,The 12th of January, the small Caribbean Island of Haiti, suffered the worst earthquake in its history. As time passes it is becoming clearer and clearer that this earthquake is not natural and there is definitely the technology available to the powers that be to engineer such a tragedy… You see friends, the Illuminati even at the lowest levels have technology that is many many many years ahead of what is in the mainstream… I will not go into the technologies involved as many researches have studied them much better than I would. However, they are linked to the HAARP project, the use of certain direct energy weapons (weapons using the Hutchinson effect that can create hurricanes and that where most certainly responsible for 9/11) and Tesla technology…Today, there is reason to believe that major events like the Bam earthquake in Iran on the 26 of December 2003, The Tsunami a year later, hurricane Katrina and the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 where in fact artificial, Illuminati engineered disasters. Did you know that the Sichuan earthquake was preceded by strange multicoloured lights in the sky that are a consequence of the HAARP effects on the ionosphere?Click here to watchDid you know that the Sichuan earthquake occurred 88 days before the Olympics in Beijing that begun on the 8th of August 2008 (8/8/8) and that is magnitude was …8. (We will talk more about the numerological aspects latter on)?Did you know that a lot of the East Asian tsunami survivors suffered from radiation poisoning? Did you know that the American-French and British military ships where present in the Burmese waters ONE DAY after Hurricane Nargis struck. In usual circumstance, the ships would take at least two weeks to reach Burmese waters…All this seems to point to the facts that those disasters were engineered artificially. We will see that there are many reasons why these are created… To get the big picture we must as always go beyond the five-sense level of things and study the spiritual sides…In Haiti, there is evidence to show that the use of exotic technology is a very big possibility. First of all, there is evidence that unusual clouds were spotted just after the Earthquake, and, according to HAARP experts strange clouds can be an indicator of HAARP technology.Click here to watchAlso, Haiti is situated near the Island of Puerto Rico where an important HAARP facility is situated. In Haiti, there were also an enormous number of after shocks that reached 6,1 on the Richter scale. After shocks of that magnitude are rare with natural earthquakes.Also this earthquake is an excellent pretext for foreign nations to take over the sovereign country of Haiti…But, if the Earthquake is artificial, what would be the reason for such a mass murder and takeover. Well, at a five sense level Haiti is at a strategic position between North and South America. Secondly, according to a Haitian Geologist, the country is extremely oil rich. In fact it has more oil than countries like Venezuela. Therefore, this artificial disaster can be at one level interpreted as a move by Western Illuminati factions to take over the Haitian Oil.Click here for article on Haiti Oil (in French)You see my friends at the lower levels of the Illuminati, there is a lot of infighting for the takeover of the maximum piece of our resources… And these lower factions have access to a good proportion (but by no means all) of the exotic technology. However, these lower factions are just pawns in the game of the higher Illuminati that have controlled the world for many thousands of years. The anglo-zionist-european and Russian/Chinese factions of the Illuminati that are at one level opposed are at a higher level all controlled by the same force. It is my belief that all conflicts are engineered years in advance to con people in demanding a solution that is in reality the advancement of the New World Order agenda. As I have pointed out in many of my articles there seems to be a universal lore that is that for an agenda to be advanced, it must receive the consent of the people. And that consent is obtained by deceit from the New World Order. The fascist European Union was not created because of the two world wars, the two world wars were created so that the people would be duped to consent to the European union. At another level, wars and conflicts are created as satanic rituals to feed the soulless entities that control the Illuminati and all aspects of our life.But to go back to Haiti, this earthquake, if it is artificial can be viewed at another level as an attempt to cull the population of Haiti. You see, there is a plan to cull the human population with the creation of the New World Order (one world government and micro-chipped population). I hear a lot of people saying that the Illuminati will create an artificial pandemic or a nuclear war to eliminate the people that are no use to the agenda… But these beings are much more subtle than that… Rather than eliminating great chunks of the population they prefer to eliminate people through creating localised natural disasters, through vaccination campaigns, fluoridation of the water and downright starving of entire countries…Therefore they act with stealth and eliminate us without the sleeping masses even noticing that anything is wrong… Do you think that the pathetic health systems owned by big pharma (founded by Nazis) are there to help us…NO. They are there, through the use of drugs and vaccines to destroy our immune systems in order to make us into chronically ill people. Therefore chronically sick people do not have children and through their suffering give their money to big pharma and feed the soulless beings that control the Illuminati and that feed of fear and suffering. The Haiti Earthquake has according to figures killed at least Two hundred thousand people out of around 8,5 million inhabitants. Also, the epidemics that will follow will almost certainly be “treated” through massive vaccination campaigns that will turn millions into chronically sick people… That is the degree of evil and perversion behind the Illuminati. These beings can also use events like the Haiti quake to warn any country that steps out of line with the agenda what will happen. Many countries like Haiti, the former Yugoslavia and certain cities are used as experimental grounds for Illuminati technologies and technological warfare.However when you understand that our reality is a prison and an illusion and that we are captives of a thought-form, that we have created and that thrives on our fear and emotions, then the events in Haiti take a completely different meaning. Basically, there is a good chance that the Haiti earthquake was created as a ritual to feed the thought-form and its extensions the soulless beings (reptilians) that control the Illuminati. I do not care if you think I am mad or a conspiracy nut, what you think of me will not change one thing. I have decided to explore every side of the thought-form matrix and I will.To make energy extraction more efficient there is extremely often in different events a subliminal signature that is captured by the subconscious that is a part of the thought-form within us. Even if we do not see the subliminal/symbolic signature, it is seen by our subconscious. Hence the energy that we direct to an event goes not only to the event but to the creators of the event: the ones who have signed…It is a bit like a picture: if the picture is not signed the emotional energy of seeing the picture goes to the picture. But if it is signed the emotional energy goes to the artist who has signed the picture especially IF THE SIGNATURE IS NOT CONSCIOUSLY PERCEIVED. That is why, many staged major events possess a subliminal/symbolic signature that evoques:The Illuminati and the Babylonian religion that is based on perverted Sun worship and human sacrifice (another description of the Babylonian religion is Satanism)The soulless beings or reptiliansThe thought-form that is a 6 base computer. Hence, 666 is not the number of the beast but of the thought-formThat is why, in staged events the number 11 often comes out… 11 years is the duration of a solar cycle. Hence the date 9/11. On the day of that fake terrorist attack, the first “plane” to strike was according to the pathetic official version flight 11…. The flight that hit the pentagon was flight 77=7X11.The Sichuan Earthquake occurred 88 days before the Olympics (a satanic/globalist /nazi ritual in their own right)… 88=8X11…The Olympics began in Beijing on the 8/8/08 (88) connection again. On the same day as the Olympics began, Georgia armed by Mossad (The Rothschild intelligence service) attacked a Russian enclave. The thought-form is based on duality and the illuminati often associate a “positive” event with a negative event to create duality to feed the thoughtform. That is why the staged 7/7 bombings occurred one day after London “won” the 2012 Olympic games.Also, another signature of the Illuminati is the repetition of numbers… The Sichuan Earthquake began 88 days before the Olympics, its magnitude was 8 on the Richter scale and it happened on the 12/05/08= 1+2+5+8=8+8…As I have shown in a previous article, it seems obvious to me that the Air France 447 disaster was also a blatant example of a satanic ritual.But, are there any markers of this type of emotional energy extraction (satanic ritual) in the Haiti quake… Well, there are a few extremely suspicious signs. First of all: the epicentre of the earthquake happened at the town of Leogane that is one of the most important Voodoo towns of Haiti, it is the capital of Rara a Voodoo equivalent of a carnival (harvest/sun/Babylonian ritual)… But in the subconscious mind Voodoo is associated with Satanism. And it true that like all religions, Voodoo is derived from the sacrificial Babylonian religion that in its purest form can be considered the equivalent of Satanism. Leogane also contains the name Leo (no pun intended) that is associated with the lion and the lion symbolises the sun… That was associated in Babylonian times with the Illuminati and the reptilians but things do not stop there… The Haiti quake happened on the 12th of January the eve of January the 13th, the first day of the satanic New Year… All this tends to show that there is nothing natural about the Haiti disaster… You see, the thought-form that controls us feeds on our fear and on all emotions associated with fear and duality (hierarchy). All the suffering that occurred with this tragedy feeds the thought-form, the soulless beings and the Illuminati that are nothing more than extensions of the thought-form… Also, all the emotions that this tragedy bring fourth are channelled to the thought-form through the subliminal/symbolic signatures… We humans are no more than energy batteries that feed the thought-form matrix… Even if this tragedy is just a natural event (as it seems extremely unlikely) it has been ritualised (like the tsunami) to its extreme… The Hollywood telethon, organised by Illuminati stooges like Madonna was at one level a scam to steel the most money possible from the public. Do you think the money raised at such events goes to the people suffering on the group. You must be kidding. Most of it ends up in Swiss bank accounts and in the pockets of the Illuminati.But, it goes much further than that. Through the symbolism displayed, all those events act as channels to harvest humanity’s emotional energy. Therefore all the emotional and legitimate sadness expressed by the masses is channelled to the thought-form and its extensions the Illuminati, reptilians and all the rest… That is why all disasters whether natural or artificial are “ritualised” through the pathetic media, in order to feed the thought-form/matrix.Click here for an example of symbolism at the Haiti TelethonFor me, it is now certain that the Haiti earthquake was an artificially engineered satanic (energy stealing ritual). As I am writing this article, evidence is coming out that HAARP was active in the hours preceding the Haiti Quake.Click here for info on the HAARP activity before the Haiti quakeAgain, I might sound repetitive but all this goes much further than just a five sense bid for takeover by the New World Order…The ritual aspect in all this is done to feed the matrix with as much of energy of fear as possible. The symbols found in the Haitian earthquake act as subliminal signatures to channel all the fear and suffering to the creators of this tragedy: the Illuminati and their puppet masters the soulless beings. If we understand that we are dealing with powers that have technology thousands of years ahead of what we know about and that can manipulate space and time then we can understand that a great proportion of natural disaster are in fact not natural… The beings behind them are the same as those that are behind wars, events like 9/11, Satanism (Babylonian religion) that is responsible for the genocide of thousands of children each year in every countries of the world, the medical mafia that murders through poisoning millions of people each year…Even the (relatively rare) real natural disasters are ritualised through the “charity events” that follow them… These “charity events” have nothing to do with charity. They are there to harvest the sadness and despair caused by disasters through the use of symbols and mind control… The emotions harvested then go directly to the thought-form. The movie stars that host them are often nothing more than mind controlled stooges that are there to attract people. This energy harvesting is in my opinion the main goal behind world events… Five sense aspects like oil, money or control certainly play a role but at the lower levels. At the higher levels, the goal is to feed off our energy and emotions… Yes, the beings and the thought-form that is behind our reality can be considered as super psychic vampires that feed off our fear. But what can we do against this? Well: a lot.First of all we must realise that we are infinite beings that have created this thought-form by giving away our power to other people… In other words through Hierarchy and duality that are at the origin of all fear… Once we realise this we must stop giving away our power by taking control of our own life through peaceful non-collaboration with the system by refusing to participate in energy robbing processes such as politics and the pathetic medical system. Yes, we all have the power to heal ourselves and to control our own destiny. Secondly we must understand that a good proportion of our energy is extracted through subliminal means. Understand that there are subliminal signatures of the Illuminati in many aspects of your life and you can consciously refuse to give away your energy. (A subliminal stops working once the percipient it conscious of its presence).I also think that it is vital that we give by any means possible all the information we have in order to expose the system… And that even if people will laugh and call us “mad”. It is time that we have the courage to act to reclaim our infinity. That is why I will continue to expose the system whatever the costLoveLeo Posted by leo noury at 06:14   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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