Re: Ike’s great-granddaughter, outs secret Mars colony project??

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Date: 2010-02-16 13:20:53

well, funnily enough just came across this interview…   — In Cognoscence@yahoogro…, “Andrew Johnson” wrote:>> I don’t know what to make of this. I> id=217&Itemid=60> don’t regard Webre as being honest – not since his> involvement and deliberate muddle-up of 9/11 research. Another name he’s> hooked up with, Andrew> Basiago> produced a 41-page document about “Life on Mars” – based on only 1 rover> photo (there is a much more diverse range of evidence to be studied)> >> leblower-Laura-Magdalene-Eisenhower-Ikes-greatgranddaughter-outs-secret-Mars> -colony-project> > The article below mentions Basiago’s “Mars Anomaly Research Society” -> You can be a> lifetime member for $100 – website looks heavy on ads. and thin on content.> > I wonder if Laura has ended up with the wrong people… I dunno….> > _____ > > > > Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s great-granddaughter> > In a public statement> > , Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,> great-granddaughter of former President> Dwight David Eisenhower> (1890-1969), has exposed her attempted recruitment from April 2006 through> January 2007 by a secret Mars colony project.> > Ms. Eisenhower’s account of her targeting by time travel surveillance and> attempted manipulation by trained intelligence agents attached to a Mars> colony project were revealed in an interview> 12-and-the-ancient-game-recruitment-to-mars-and-sophiamagdalenevenus-by-laur> a-ma.html> , and in an extensive written statement> > at Ms. Eisenhower’s website.> > Ki ‘ Lia, a Stanford-educated> artist, futurist and colleague of Ms. Eisenhower, has provided a> corroborating first hand witness account of her and Ms. Eisenhower’s> attempted recruitment into a secret human survival colony on Mars, available> at Ki’ Lia’swebsite> .> > The alleged purpose of the secret Mars colony was to provide a survival> civilization for the human race on Earth in the event of a planned (such as> HAARP or bio-weapon induced) or natural cataclysm (such as by solar flares)> that might depopulate the Earth. > > In revealing these secret Mars colony plans, Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia have> emerged to join a growing cadre of independent whistle blowers> Bot–Andrew-Basiago-is-predicted-planetary-level-whistleblower-for-Mars-life> -and-time-travel> disclosing secret technologies and> extraterrestrial-related covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence> agencies and corporate entities. > > The revelations of Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia corroborate independent> whistle blower revelations made by lawyer Andrew D.> Basiago of covert U.S.> government surveillance of political persons of interest using secret time> travel technology. Their allegations are also consistent with disclosures> made by Mr. Basiago that twice in 1981 he teleported from a CIA facility in> El Segundo, CA to asecret U.S. base on Mars> histleblowers-independently-report-teleporting-to-Mars-and-meeting-Martian-e> xtraterrestrials> , first by himself, and then a second time in the company> of CIA agent Courtney M. Hunt.> > > enhower,_official_photo_portrait,_May_29,_1959.jpg> > White House: Former U.S. Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower> > Laura Magdalene, extraterrestrials and the Eisenhower legacy> > Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, who> has resided and traveled independently in over 20 cities in the U.S. and> abroad, has developed a wide knowledge base in frontier health, natural> systems, alchemy, metaphysics and ancient history, and also has degrees and> certifications in science, wilderness expedition leadership, natural healing> and building. She is a mythic cosmologist, global strategist, clairvoyant> healer, Earth advocate, and artist.> > In introducing her Mars colony revelations> recruitment-to-mars-by-laura-magdalene-eisenhower.html> , Ms. Eisenhower> writes, “My great-grandfather President Ike, who was also the Army general> who led the Allied Forces to victory over Hitler, battled evil corrupt> powers on Earth and took on some of the most challenging scenarios in> history. As I grew up, I could sense that I was completing this battle that> has ancient roots. When Hitler died and the Nazis lost power- the entities> including those that were ET/Extraterrestrial did not. They continued to> find hosts and create agreements with people who were a part of the races of> the patriarch and Global Elite – who want to run things through fear> tactics, control and the suppression of Sophia or the essence of the Divine> Feminine.” > > > interview> 12-and-the-ancient-game-recruitment-to-mars-and-sophiamagdalenevenus-by-laur> a-ma.html> with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower> > Listen to the full, in-depth 2-hour radio interview with Laura Magdalene> Eisenhower by Alfred Lambremont Webre by clicking> view.mp3> here.> > > Time travel: How Laura Magdalene Eisenhower was targeted by the secret Mars> colony project> > In her statement, Ms. Eisenhower details> > how Agent X, her principal “handler” from the secret Mars project,> eventually confessed to her that “He knew a lot about me from numerous> sources that overlapped with one another – from Freemasons, Knights Templar,> to this hidden branch of the government that was behind creating this Mars> mission. They understood me based on remote viewing and time travel devices> and they also seemed to recruit people from the Freemasons and Knights> Templar who were well aware of the Magdalene path. They seemed to all be> connected, but someone was taking advantage of it all and trying to stay one> step ahead of how nature may have unfolded as far as us coming together into> Union. I did not know he was an agent until months into the relationship and> I later found out that it was them who sent him to find me and it was all a> set-up.”> > Ki’ Lia, who has worked as an accomplished, innovative, and> multidisciplinary design consultant with many renowned pioneers,> corroborates the background of how Ms. Eisenhower was targeted as a subject> by a shadowy group behind the secret Mars colony, using time travel and> exotic targeting techniques.> > Ki’ Lia states> , “After> years of friendship, in the spring of 2006 in Washington, DC, I met her and> her new romantic partner, who I will call Agent X. He claimed to know> himself archetypally as Joseph of Arimathea/Osiris/Orion and affiliated with> different, interlinked secret societies, e.g., Knights Templar and> Freemasons. He and Laura quickly formed an intimate relationship, and I> helped conduct a ‘Divine Union’ rites of passage for them.”> > She continues, “Agent X revealed that his group had identified her through> her bloodline, as the matrilineal great-granddaughter of 34th U.S. President> Eisenhower (and the Allied Commander who defeated Hitler). As well, they> knew her as a unique reincarnation of Magdalene/Sophia/Isis (ever since she> was young, many psychics have recognized her). He also said his group was> interested in her twin sons, who they knew as Romulus and Remus (founders of> Rome) and the hero twin archetypes in the Mayan prophecy.” > > Ki’ Lia writes> , “They> had a list of male partners, who she could be with in possible time lines,> and he was one of them. They targeted her (especially her heart) and these> men through electromagnetic or psychic weaponry, and indeed many men tried> to destroy her throughout her life. Agent X admitted that he (as well as his> parents) was implanted with a chip and had a multiple personality disorder,> which involves very sudden robotic and abusive behaviors. This is the> typical profile of someone who was subjected to well-documented MK-ULTRA> experiments and multi-generational occult ritual abuse.” > > Ki’ Lia concludes> , “Their> data about Laura and her partners were seemingly gathered through a time> viewing device (which they had called ‘Looking Glass’ or ‘Orion’s Cube’ or> possibly through remote viewing or even time travel – all part of their> cadre of top classified technologies (already disclosed in increasing black> projects literature).” > > Time line of the secret Mars project> > Ms. Eisenhower, who is the mother of twin boys, writes about the evolution> of her relationship with “Agent X” during this period of attempted> recruitment into the secret Mars project. She states> > , “August, 2006. The plan was that I would move to Raleigh, NC, and we would> live together and figure this entire thing out, as [Agent X] kept convincing> me that my vision and mission would not go unnoticed. So we made the move> happen. Upon arrival things drastically shifted. Mars would always come up> again, and I was not feeling like it was safe. I felt that it was a mission> being created from a hidden agenda that wished to disrupt our union and have> control over it – to be used for their plots in the grander scheme of> things, to assist in re-seeding a civilization there. I could just sense it> because his behavior often changed and fluctuated greatly from connection> with me, to panic and intensity about these missions.” > > Ki’ Lia documents Agent X’s organization of the secret Mars project. She> writes ,> “My science and business background wasn’t extensive, but as a quick> multidimensional learner, I could immediately spot key alliances and best of> breed technologies. I had made links to significantly wealthy people for my> various ventures, but I continuously questioned why the heck with all their> connections would they want me involved. Well, Agent X recognized my> leadership and visionary skills, and wanted funds coming through his> intimate allies, in order for him to achieve some equal footing with his> senior advisers.” > > > Dreams and the secret Mars colony project> > Ms. Eisenhower explains the role of her dreams in breaking away from the> attempted recruitment by the secret Mars colony project.> > She writes> > , “Over time the Mars issue became louder and louder. Ki’ Lia and [Agent X]> were working on plans to make this mission happen, but she realized his> plans were dubious based on my observations and she could only try> investigate more. She and I would talk more and more and I would fill her> in on what I was seeing. It was clear he was being mind-controlled. I even> had dreams and premonitions that something was way off and in one dream I> got taken up by chains into a ship and a voice told me I had to make a> choice about being with them or staying on Earth – and that they wouldn’t> harm me but they would certainly control me.” > > In the dream, Ms. Eisenhower states> > , “I chose Earth and fell out of the ship and fell into the ocean and was> all alone in darkness. I tried to reconnect with the ship and flew up into> the air to just communicate to them and understand things more, but thunder> and lightning obscured my ability to see the ship and I fell back into the> water. Then some crazy alignment happened and all these planets were> surrounding me: this organic light filled my being and I knew I made the> choice for Gaia which connected with my deep awareness of what I am here to> create. Plus, I naturally have adverse reactions to being controlled in any> way, so I knew it was my only choice.” > > Ms. Eisenhower continues, “I told [Agent X] the dream and he was nervous,> but we stayed together and I continued to observe him while feeling a broken> heart deep inside. I knew I was losing him to them.”> > Ms. Eisenhower writes> > , “I said I did not want to go to Mars even if there were Earth> catastrophes, and I felt confident especially after that dream, but he said> I had to and if I didn’t they would kidnap me. His behavior got worse and> worse and he was dealing with all kinds of death threats and there was no> way he was able to pull out of their grips or stay on Earth with me.”> > > Ki’ Lia> > The secret Mars project and the Divine Feminine> > > In the aftermath of breaking away from the secret Mars colony project after> January 2007, Ms Eisenhower writes, “Ki’> Lia and I discovered that in> order for [the secret Mars colony] to have their matrix of control, they> wanted the Magdalene-Isis and Osiris seeding of Mars, or the power of the> Holy Grail, which means ‘royal blood.’ After so many readings throughout my> life confirmed this as my identity, not just essence – it all started to> make sense but in a way that was hard for me to want to communicate or own> up to, except for within. I knew my energy field, heart and intention was> strong enough as a personification of the Venus calendrical path (which> everyone can access) to help regenerate Gaia and Mars and shift us into the> positive 2012 Awakening of consciousness.”> > Ms. Eisenhower states, “I knew this would lead to the liberation from the> controls that have kept us imprisoned for so long.” > > Time travel political surveillance of U.S. presidential persons of interest> > A lawyer in Washington State and president of the Mars Anomaly Research> Society, Andrew D. Basiago has revealed the> existence of a secret DARPA time travel program in which he was a childhood> participant, that included the identification of future persons of interest> utilizing different forms of quantum access beginning in the early 1970s.> > On a November 11, 2009 Coast to Coast AM> radio program, Mr. Basiago publicly stated that this DARPA program involving> time travel was identifying future persons of interest, including those who> would serve as U.S. president, and then informing such persons of their> destinies. Mr. Basiago stated that in the early 1970s, in the company of> his late father, Raymond F. Basiago, an engineer for The Ralph M. Parsons> Company who worked on classified aerospace projects, he was present at a> lunch in Albuquerque, New Mexico at which future U.S. Presidents George> H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were guests shortly after they were informed> that both would one day serve as president.> > He also stated that in the early 1970s,> the DARPA program, Project Pegasus, had identified future Presidents Jimmy> Carter and Bill Clinton utilizing time travel technology and that when Mr.> Basiago met future President Barack Obama in Los Angeles, CA in 1982 when> Mr. Basiago was attending UCLA and Mr. Obama, then a student at Columbia> University, was visiting former classmates at Occidental College in Los> Angeles, a statement made by the ally of Mr. Obama in the anti-apartheid> movement that had introduced them revealed that Mr. Obama, then age 20,> already knew that he would one day be President.> > Mr. Basiago revealed that the reason> Project Pegasus was able to identify Mr. Carter, who was then Governor of> George, in 1971, as a future U.S. President, is that the program was in> possession of a copy of the Universe Books edition of> Exopolitics: Politics, Government and> Law in the Universe by Alfred Lambremont Webre, a book that this reporter> would not write until 2005, but which bears a quote on its front pages of a> statement made by President Jimmy Carter. > > According to Mr. Basiago, Mr. Webre’s book> Exopolitics was, among other written> works, physically retrieved from the future by Project Pegasus and brought> back in time to 1971 or a prior time. At that time, 1971, Mr. Webre was> General Counsel of the New York> City Environmental> Protection Administration and had been placed under time travel surveillance> by the U.S. government.> > Thus, there is historical precedent for the covert political surveillance,> via remote sensing in time, of a person of interest like Laura Magdalene> Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of U.S.> President Dwight D.> Eisenhower.> > > > U.S. secret bases on Mars and intelligent life on Mars> > Ms. Eisenhower’s and Ki’ Lia’s account of a secret Mars colony designed as a> survival civilization for the human race is plausible within the context of> independent whistle blower evidence regarding a secret U.S. presence on> Mars.> > There is now independent whistle blower evidence of secret U.S. bases on> Mars. Mr. Basiago, formerly involved in secret research and development> projects undertaken by a U.S. defense agency, has verified his secret> teleportation to U.S. bases on Mars, and to meeting intelligent Martian> extraterrestrial life. > > Mr. Basiago confirms> histleblowers-independently-report-teleporting-to-Mars-and-meeting-Martian-e> xtraterrestrials> that “the United States has been teleporting individuals> to Mars for decades and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that> he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had> teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.” Mr. Basiago has also> publicly confirmed that in 1970, in the company of his late father, Raymond> F. Basiago, he met three Martian astronauts at the Curtiss-Wright> Aeronautical Company facility in Wood Ridge, New Jersey while the Martians> were there on a liaison mission to Earth and meeting with U.S. aerospace> personnel.> > Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia appear to be following a trend of whistle blowers> predicted by the Web Bot project. A September 15, 2009 report> Bot–Andrew-Basiago-is-predicted-planetary-level-whistleblower-for-Mars-life> -and-time-travel> using Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) of data> collected by the Web Bot predicts that “It is very likely that the> ‘whistleblower’ who had been described in previous ALTA reports (see 1309)> as emerging out of the period of the [coagulation] of the> [government/officialdom of the USofA due to financial structure collapse] is> a person by the name of [Andrew D. Basiago].” The ALTA report predicted> that a trend of whistle blowers would follow Mr. Basiago’s initial> revelations.> > Public investigation and a return to the Divine Feminine> > As whistle blowers of a secret Mars colony project, Laura Magdalene> Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia ask for a further, public investigation.> > Ms. Eisenhower writes> > , “All I ask is that this be further investigated. There is still much to> uncover and piece together. It is crucial that the truth is revealed and> that world leaders disclose their files related to any cover-ups of ET and> UFO relations, and have the ethics and integrity to look deeper into the use> of technologies such as ELF and HAARP. I hope that citizens of this planet> embrace with an open mind, their true origins and relationship with> Universal Society and share this information with others.” > > Ki’ Lia asks> that> “serious investigations be made into the real agenda and cover-up — of the> currently existing Mars colony as a survival plan for a planned or foreseen> disastrous 2012 Earth time line.” > > In her in-depth interview> 12-and-the-ancient-game-recruitment-to-mars-and-sophiamagdalenevenus-by-laur> a-ma.html> , Laura Magdalene Eisenhower calls for a return of the Divine> Feminine. > > She writes> > in her public statement, “The archonic patriarchal energies have had a> manipulative hold on the life-force and creativity of Gaia for thousands of> years, personified as Sophia the Goddess. Our Mother Earth is more powerful> than these lower energies though, but to instantly break free of the> dysfunction would mean a mass apocalypse and the re-establishment of a new> creation. To let go and lose awareness would result in being taken away on> an agenda that has been in the works, with the intention of re-seeding a new> civilization on Mars under the selfish control of the Global Elite-> therefore leaving the Earth to atrophy and self-destruct.” > > Ms. Eisenhower states> > , “The Mother energy loves us though beyond our comprehension and is patient> and determined to create global transformation, regenerate and re-unite with> Heaven, through the cycles of nature and the path of Venus.” > > Ki’ Lia states> , “I/We> call every single person of every age, race, faith and background to stand> up for the Truth… of our loving and laughing eternal soul nature. Our> collective and internal reunion with the Divine Feminine and Masculine. Our> power of consciousness to heal, travel and manifest instantaneously. And our> magnificent galactic heritage and destiny. We must rebuild our civilization> and restore our lost Paradise, Atlantis, Shambhala, Eden or Heaven on> Earth.”> > Laura Magdalene Eisenhower can be contacted through> 2?ref=mf&v=wall> The Return of the Divine Feminine(Facebook). Ki’ Lia can> be contacted through> 2012> Paradise on Earth (Facebook). Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia have a joint> online group at> 2?ref=mf&v=wall#!/group.php?gid=33534447021&ref=ts> Ascending Earth 2012> (Facebook). > > _____ > > Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the> facade? Then…>> > What happened on 9/11?>>

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