911, Hutchison Effect and Hurricane Erin – Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson on Edge Media TV

On 25th Feb 2010, Theo Chalmers, on his "On the Edge" Programme discussed 9/11, Directed Energy Weapons, The Hutchison Effect, Hurricane Erin and Dr Judy Wood’s legal case against NIST’s contractors.

On the show, they included a number of images of John Hutchison’s metal samples which I didn’t supply and weren’t discussed with me before and copies were not sent to Dr Judy.

Although you may say "no harm done", the key images which were NOT shown, were, I feel, the ones which "brought things together". They were slides 85 – 90 of the images I sent (archived here in the JPGs folder and in the PPT file)


This meant viewers were not able to see the WTC evidence and Hutchison Effect evidence side by side.

Though I saw on the list some new images had been added, I assumed some or all of my original ones would have been kept and those "new" images may augment our presentation. Sadly, the Hutchison Effect images on their own just look "odd" and so the visual link to the WTC evidence was not shown.

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Thanks to Theo, Graham, Jamie, Charlotte and others at Edge Media.

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