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a theory on steel turning to dust link to webpage  What Caused The 9/11 Steel To Melt? By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr 31, 2007 There are theories of exotic weaponry melting girders to dust and selectively melting vehicles in the vicinity of the fallen World Trade Center towers on 9/11. In this article I will describe how Aetheric Coronal Elements (ACE) did the damage. I do not believe ACE was used in the controlled demolition, but a large quantity was held in magnetic containment within the first tower that fell, and the destruction of the tower freed the ghost-like fire. There is a YouTube video clip showing the last standing girders of the first tower falling, dissolving into a curtain of dust. www.youtube.com/watc… There are a number of articles on Rense.com regarding the melting of cop cars, fire engines and other vehicles up to seven blocks from the WTC. www.rense.com/genera… In earlier articles regarding ACE, I describe it as the actual source of the sunlight warming our planet. It is the fire of the gods that Prometheus attempted to give to humanity. It is seen as ball lightning from time to time and is sometimes seen as a luminous cloud over the craters of erupting volcanoes. A couple of years ago, a seaside village north of Mount Etna was plagued by mysterious fires. Two hundred years ago, Roman tombs were found to be lit by inextinguishable lamps taken from the temples of the gods in Egypt and Mesopotamia. ACE was the power source of the Anunnaki. The terminologies used by those who gathered great quantities of ACE may be: Monopole Magnetics; The Magnetic Quantum Particle; Lightning in a Bottle; Ball Lightning and Swamp Gas. The simplest method to gather ACE is to construct a large Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator of alternating gold foil and kiln dried wood. This would be a larger version of the Ark of The Covenant. No ferromagnetic metals should be used in the accumulator. ACE is dangerous, as Spontaneous Human Combustion can happen. Its movements are unpredictable unless properly contained in a gold bottle. No magnetic fields should impinge on the bottle. ACE is an aetheric, or fourth dimensional substance. It is nearly always in an ionized state and operating as a magnetic monopole. It is the higher dimensional equivalent of third dimensional iron, nickel and cobalt, the main ferromagnetic elements. ACE is a the portal through which fifth dimensional energy is transmitted into the fourth, and in turn into the third dimension. Iron itself transmits fourth dimensional power into the third dimension and makes it possible to construct electric dynamos. ACE is attracted to iron and in sharing the same space, the iron rapidly heats to the point where it melts and in melting, it looses its magnetism, releasing its hold on the hot aetheric ghost. Depending on the type of steel in the girders of the WTC, the girders could melt and bend, or loose all electron cohesion and fall to dust. Wreckage of the towers remained hot for two weeks. It is likely most of the released ACE was in the tangled steel, and later followed drainage systems and pipes into the Hudson River, where it dispersed into the water creating a small rise in water temperature. One or two pieces of the ACE escaped the towers and caused all the damage to the vehicles as the steel (of the vehicles) attracted the ACE and then released the ACE at melting point. The ACE would have hopped from car to car causing the strange pattern of partial or entirely destroyed vehicles. The engines would have been especially attractive and there are reports of missing engines. The two pieces probably ended their trail of destruction in the East River. There may be damage done to the FDR elevated freeway as the rebar in the concrete could be dust now. There could be similar damage to the buildings in southern Manhattan. It is likely the missing bodies of the 3000 who died were burned by ACE both at “ground-zero” and near the melted cars. Tons of paper remained in the dust of the fallen towers. Paper does not attract or heat upon contact with ACE. The human body with its subtle magnetic field and iron in the blood attracts ACE. From the damage done to the vehicles it appears chromium, aluminum and tinted windshields likewise attracted ACE. Why would there be a large amount of ACE in the WTC? I believe research into ACE has been on-going since the discovery of inextinguishable lamps two centuries ago. Such a power source can be developed in a small facility in secret. Other than gold, research and development costs are low. The confiscation of gold from the American public in 1933 might indicate an important discovery regarding ACE before that year. Venture capitalists in the WTC may have been developing ACE as an alternative power source. Definitely the oil companies would see ACE as a threat to their hegemony. Maybe the developers of ACE felt safer in a large, important and imposing structure? There have been whisperings of “Lightning in a Bottle” being developed as a truly “green” power source. I was taught about ACE in the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek in 1971. It was called Zolar Power or higher dimensional energy akin to solar power. Actually both are from the same source. About the same time a report leaked about the discovery of the magnetic monopole. I saw no follow-up reports. Later I saw another article showing a photo of a magnetic quantum particle. Again no follow-up article. Research on this subject could be happening in many nations at minimal costs. It would not cost billions to develop ACE, but it would be good to know how to contain the fiery aether. Relate to solar energy and the precise quanta of red light that chlorophyll uses to make glucose and everything else in the plant and animal bodies is the potential to use tiny bits of ACE to directly supply energy at a cellular level. Considering that mitochondria, the furnaces of the cell that precisely maintain optimum body temperature, are a symbiotic bacteria in an animal/human host, was their function originally to act as hosts to individual atoms of ACE? The human body would be receiving energy from a higher dimensional source bypassing sunshine. Alchemically this is, “Seeing the Sun beyond the sun.” The original blueprints for the human body and all animal bodies probably included the ability to generate all energy and nutrients internally. ACE does provide the precise frequency of light/heat the body needs when in the proper setting. That setting may be provided by the mitochondria. By working with the precise energies the body needs, ACE may extend life indefinitely or similar longevity as the Anunnaki. With the Age Of Iron, the Kali Yuga, the Anunnaki died and human life expectancy dropped. The scarcity of ACE on Earth might be the actual reason we are in the Kali Yuga and living coarse lives at a lower frequency. In ages where ACE was abundant and in balance with the natural kingdoms, iron would not be used. Iron would soon fall to dust. Non-magnetic alloys would be used. It is possible in the long ages of Earth there were previous Kali Yugas when iron was used. With the return of ACE, all the smelted iron would return to the soil as rust. In ages where ACE was present on Earth, the elementals would have had a tool that would have made them more luminous and able to work into the physical. Gnomes and Dwarves deep underground are able to fashion marvellous crystals. Pixies and fairies would glow like fireflies, as they tended their plants and trees. Undines would illuminate the depths of the oceans. Sylphs would cause pleasant rain to fall on all parts of the Earth. The world of myth from before the Age of Iron would be reborn. Megalithic structures all date from before the Age of Iron and stone was the best material for structures when ACE was abundant. With ACE, stones can be easily cut. With ACE, stones can be effortlessly levitated. When those who decided that the WTC towers would fall, they may have known of the golden container of ACE, but may have not known about the results of releasing ACE. They may have been scared when iron girders rained down as dust. They may have guessed that all steel structures were threatened. They are correct, but there was not enough ACE . Maybe WTC Tower Seven had to be “pulled” because of ACE damage. With the passing of the Kali Yuga, our steel structures will be gone. Super tankers will be rust stains on the oceans fertilizing algae blooms. The weapons of war will be dust. In a future era, if 9/11 is remembered, it will be remembered as the first evidence of the end of the dark days of the Age of Iron. Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone © Copyright 2007 Educate-Yourself.org  All Rights Reserved.

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