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  From: Anthony Beckett [mailto:anthony.m.beckett@go…] Sent: 13 April 2010 11:09Subject: Elections 2010: Mother of Gary McKinnon to stand in the UK Parliamentary Elections www.exopolitics-leed… Elections 2010: Mother of Gary McKinnon to stand in the UK Parliamentary Elections Posted Mon, 04/12/2010 – 13:32 The mother of computer hacker Gary McKinnon is to stand in the UK Parliamentary Elections in Blackburn, Lancashire. Janis Sharp will stand in the constituency that is currently held by a man who is using anti-terror legislation to extradite her son to the United States – the UK Secretary of Justice Jack Straw MP. Janis is standing on the issue of declining civil liberties in the UK – an issue which affects everyone in the UK but more visibly her son Gary. She chose Blackburn is because it is the Parliamentary seat of Jack Straw MP who…    used the Queens Prerogative to bring in the extradition treaty – despite saying he wouldn’t  meets regularly with the United States Attorney General regarding speeding up extraditions  as Home Secretary refused to extradite General Pinochet and a suspected IRA terrorist  is spearheading trial without jury in the United Kingdom Janis arrived in Blackburn on Friday afternoon and met with supporters of her campaign which demands that Gary face trial in the UK. I spent the morning travelling round the Blackburn constituency with another supporter of Gary McKinnon called Oliver. We soon collected the required signatures from supportive constituents who want Janis to stand in their ballot. By the time I met up with Janis and her team in a café in Blackburn’s Old Market a few hours later we had all the documented support Janis needed for this short 4 week leg of a 4 year campaign. This is the campaign to overturn the decision to use anti-terror laws to send Gary to the United States potentially for the rest of his life.   News Media Coverage In recent news stories about Gary the media rarely mention the UFO angle to the story.  When they do they rarely discuss his motivation for hacking into NASA Goddard and a US Department of Defense classified computer network. Gary is one of thousands of concerned people around the world who believe that the United States is suppressing technologies that could improve the lives of every living human being on this planet. Gary differs from most in two ways – i) he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and ii) he illegally hacked into US government property looking for evidence of UFOs. (An easier task than most would have suspected considering the machines he accessed had not been securely set up with a secure password – other than the publicly available password for a default operating system installation. Despite this security lapse one US prosecutor accusing him of committing “the biggest military computer hack of all time”).   So why did he do it? He believes that the United States is suppressing free energy technologies and even evidence of extra-terrestrial beings interacting with planet earth. The suppression of advanced technologies which would help provide the entire human race on earth with food, shelter and security is in many peoples eyes a crime against humanity.  The evidence he found while he searched on the classified government computers included apparent photographs of unusual aerial craft and the digital ‘airbrushing’ of these craft from subsequent versions of the photographs. However, it is the text documents that Gary uncovered which are perhaps more revealing about why a nation would wish to so severely punish the ‘UFO Hacker’. While the mainstream media only scratch the surface and see a ‘UFO fan’ they are missing the humanitarian intention behind Gary actions.  According to his testimony he discovered a document containing the names of ships in an inventory which appeared to be classified / unacknowedged craft. He also discovered a list what was termed ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers‘. Just what is a non-terrestrial officer? By definition that means quite literally an extra-terrestrial officer. But aliens? Many believe that what Gary stumbled upon is direct evidence of the secret space program within a private United States military computer network. The secret space program is a long suspected military program running covertly behind the scenes and using the most advanced technology available. The kind of technology that a country such as the United States would not want to share with the rest of the world. While NASA is pushing the technological boundaries in the unclassified world – that is technologies that are already shared with the rest of the world – the behind the scenes, ‘black world’ space program would be free to use the most advance proprietary technologies – free from the glaring eyes of foreign powers. And if anyone ever noticed one of their craft in operation it wouldn’t matter because thanks to 60 years of science fiction films the average unsuspecting witness will now believe that if its an Unidentified Flying Object it must surely be piloted by little grey men – even if they don’t believe in aliens! Of course, seeing is believing isn’t it ?!   Classified Advanced Aviation Technology In 1991 several mainstream aviation industry publications, such as Aviation Week and Space Technology, began discussing black world aircraft with some even citing claims that the aircraft utilised an exotic propulsion technology. Claims were made about an aircraft called the TR-B3 “Black Manta” which was described as being a flying wing design with the appearance of a black triangle. The black-budget project Aurora – which appeared in an government audit – was also claimed to be a replacement for the (now decommissioned) SR-72 “Blackbird” spy-plane. The Aurora craft too was believed by the Aviation industry to be an flying wing design type design which could out perform all conventional aircraft. This even reached popular culture when it featured heavily in an early X-Files TV episode. The truth is certainly out there but what is the truth? Alien spacecraft or covert military technology (or both)? The above table from a report on The U.S. Combat Aircraft Industry 1909-2000 (RAND’s National Defense Research Institute 2003) simplifies the white world technologies as it stood in the year 2000. Ten years later the most advanced aircraft in the US – the F117A Nighthawk (Stealth Fighter) and B2 Spirit (Stealth Bomber) utilise technology which was developed in the early 1980s over twenty five years ago. Development precursors of the Nighthawk stealth fighter had crashed in the 1970s and with no frame of reference to identify such a unique aircraft witnesses had quite honestly (and accurately) called them UFOs. In later years upgrades have made improvements but these aircraft, which are the most advanced aircraft that have been disclosed, yet they are still powered by jet-engine based propulsion technology that we are all familiar with.  It is interesting to note that the media reports of black triangles using “exotic propulsion” began to appear in the post-stealth Technological Revolution era. So what was the next technological revolution? Unmanned drone aircraft such as the RQ-1 Predator – or something else? There is another side to this story. One that delves beyond the need and reliance on fossil fuels and the “rearward acceleration of matter”.    A New Propulsion Methodology Dawns It was the physicist Thomas Townsend Brown who in 1921 discovered a phenomena that would open the door to the development of propulsion by electronic means. He discovered quite by accident that his charged particle accelerator would produce a kick when he turned it on. After a while he realised that this was a not due to physical movement in the device but was a electronic effect that occurred even with solid state devices (i.e. devices with no moving parts). The effect became known as the Biefield-Brown Effect and by the 1940s Brown was successful propelling disks attached to wires around a testing rig in his laboratory. In 1956, the aviation trade publication Interavia reported that Brown had made substantial progress in anti-gravity or electro-gravitic propulsion research and that top U.S. aerospace companies had also become involved in the research. In his book “Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology” physicist Dr Thomas Valone demonstrates how he believes this technology may have been used to enhance the performance of the B2 Spirit (Stealth Bomber).    World War Twos Biggest Secret Towards the end of world war two the Nazis had been pushed back into the Rhineland and the Axis power was left with very limited access to fossil fuels. Germany itself has no oil reserves and therefore it was in the Nazis strategic interest to invest resources into overcoming this obstacle. Propulsion without the need for consuming fossil fuels would clearly have been an important avenue of scientific inqury. It was around the end of World War II over the Black Forest in Germany that the Allies reconnaissance missions and bombing raids began experiencing the ‘Foo Fighter’ phenomena. Reports came back of small orbs and objects only a few feet in diameter that flew close to the aircraft and effected the engines and on-board instrumentation. Nick Cook (editor for Janes Defense Weekly), in his book “Hunt For Zero Point” gives an account of an Allied intelligence gathering mission which reported details of this phenomena back to the Allies top brass. In the 60 or so years since the Second World War it has become clear that the Nazis where developing saucer shaped aircraft and may have even been flying manned versions of them by the end of the war. The research Joseph Farrell has been pivitol in making sense of the advanced technologies under development by the Nazis toward the end of the war, and their subsequent relocation to the Americas; reaching Argentina with escaping Nazis rather then directly to the United States under operation Paperclip. In Farrells new book “Roswell and the Reich” he argues that the crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was very likely the crash of a flying disk of a technological lineage that went back to Nazi occupied Poland and the torsion field physics experiments with the Nazi Bell device – rather than from outer space.    The John Searl Story In the same year that something crashed in Roswell an Englishman named John Searl was experimenting with rotating magnetic fields as an attempt to subtly harness the energy of the atom when he reportedly – and dramatically – discovered a levitation effect associated with it. By the mid 1960s John was working with a team of people and were routinely flying wooden framed saucer shaped ‘levity discs’ around the United Kingdom. John was left in obscurity for decades until his work was repeated in the last decade. Someone or something did not want Johns technology – now called the Searl Effect Generator – to be widely known. Many other individuals around the world have privately developed technology to tap into what in the modern times we call zero point energy. John Searl was one. The Canadian John Hutchinson is another. Nikola Telsa was the pioneer – as a result he suffered more than most. Put the pieces together and you have a clear case to demonstrate that, not only is there an exotic propulsion methodology available in physics that can counteract gravity by manipulating fields, but this propulsion technology is known about and used in covert military circles – and they don’t want to share it with you! Gary McKinnon, in his attempts to learn about UFO technology albeit illegally, was looking for what many others had done legally and scientifically yet also suffered as a consequence. Is that what Gary found?   Illegal and Unconstitutions Acts of Government Most people do see that the United States are seeking a punishment which does not seem to fit the crime. In a way Gary McKinnon is a whistler blower and like many whistleblowers he is facing a long time is jail. The extradition of Gary McKinnon has only been made possible after the UK implemented a new extradition treaty with the US wherein the US did not need to provide contestable evidence.  It has not gone unnoticed that because the military industrial complex is unconstitutional and illegal it cannot hide behind the law. Formed in 1947 by executive order by President Harry Truman effectively created a satellite government to manage the UFO issue – which came to a head in that year. With no executive oversight by elected US presidents (other then those already part of the military industrial complex such as George Bush Sr) this is truly a system of corrupt misappropriation of power that president Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address. There is help in exposing this should the case end up in a US court. Stephen Bassett, PRG Executive Director, has offered to testify at a U.S. trial as an expert witness regarding the existence of a government truth embargo as well as the existence of classified documents regarding extraterrestrial-related phenomena and technology.   From A Police Caution to Extradition Gary was eventually tracked down and arrested under the Computer Misuse Act by the UK National Hi-Tech Crime Unit in 2002. Gary was given a caution by the UK Police. At that time Computer misuse was not an extraditable offence and carried a maximum sentence of six months. The United States government indicted Gary later in 2002 but it wasn’t until June 2005 when the UK had implemented a new extradition treaty with the US that Gary became subject to bail conditions.   What happens now Three weeks after the UK Parliamentary Elections there will be a Judicial Review of Gary McKinnons extradition case. The review to be held on May 25th and 26th will consider the strength of medical opinion that the Asperger’s Syndrome sufferer will be likely to crack under the strain of a US trial and likely imprisonment. A ruling can be expected to follow two weeks or so later. Since the general election will have taken place then Gary’s fate may be determined by the election result. If opinion polls are to be believed and Britain has a conservative government it may well play to Gary’s favour. The while the standing Labour government are pushing for extradition, the opposition Tories have tabled debates against the US-UK extradition treaty and have called for its reform in support of McKinnon. The Liberal Democrats have also backed Gary. A hung parliament is also a distinct possibility. With Janis bringing the campaign the to Secretary for Justice’s doorstep just maybe all political parties will acknowledge the injustice of a one-way extradition treaty and work in everyone best interest in the United Kingdom.  by Anthony Beckett 12 April 2010   For up to date information of Gary McKinnon and Janis Sharps election campaign

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