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Andrew Johnson (ad.johnson@ntlworld….) – May 2nd 2010…

Recently, a film/DVD has been released about the life and work of John Searl – with the eponymous title of“The John Searl Story”. This film/DVD was recently discussed on the US talk radio show “Coast to Coast AM”. I listened to this broadcast, with Bradley Lockerman (who, I think, financed and produced the film) and John Searl himself.

Following a previous discussion about the Searl story, with someone I know quite well, I was somewhat skeptical of some parts of the Searl story and so listened with interest to the broadcast and, afterwards, I watched a copy of the DVD that someone loaned me.

In listening to the “Coast” broadcast, one of the key points, for me, was raised by a caller – when Searl was asked about others reproducing his technology – and why he had not encouraged this.


Searl basically said that he cannot reveal how his technology works (fully) because “terrorists might get hold of it”. I have heard this sort of issue mentioned a number of times in relation to free energy technology – and my opinion of such remarks changed in 2008, when it was disclosed by Dr Judy Wood that the eevidence found in the destruction of the WTC tied up closely with a set of evidence produced by the experiments of another free energy researcher – John Hutchison. Clearly, John Searl and other free energy activists and researchers – and, in fact, everyone – need to be made aware of what happened on 9/11…. i.e. terrorists already have the technology – and they have already used it!

A look at the key evidence at the WTC site which proves something extremely unusual happened.


I think Searl is like many other inventors in that he has stumbled across something important, but making it into something which is usable or commercially viable is beyond his ability – perhaps because he doesn’t have the practical wherewithal to make it a reality, or he does not have what it takes to work successfully with a competent team to successfully develop something. Additionally, perhaps, if his team ever did or do get close to something, they would be “shut down” anyway. This has happened time and again – and, though we know there are similar devices to Searl’s which work – and are real – they will never go into mass-production because the energy/oil/industrial military interests cannot allow this to happen – and many in the science community do not believe we can exploit vacuum energy.

In the case of this particular video, which covers about 50 years of experiments and research, there is only 1 working model shown. This particular model also appears to stop – it doesn’t keep "going and going" as he previously claimed. This model was developed by a wealthy philanthropist who is clearly a good mechanic – and yet it still needs energy input to get it going – and it stops.

To me, it looks quite similar to a Bedini motor – and John Bedini can be seen demonstrating this and he explains how it works in another video.

(And there is also a commercially available product – the renaissance battery recharger)

In the “Searl Story” video, I also noticed that the Vear Compton interview near the end appears heavily edited after he said "nothing was going to happen" – it cuts and goes off onto something else – this is not a good sign.

To me, the whole “Searl flying disk” issue is rather incredible – we have about 7 or 8 stills, but no films of disks flying – despite all the press attention he speaks of. With all that effort expended to make and build a disk, no one thought to take an 8mm home camera to film it – flying off into space? Why don’t we have more stills of it? (Apparently several disks were built and flown, according to Searl’s own words).

I certainly know the underlying ideas that Searl is trying to exploit are valid – but what is shown in this film leads me to believe we will not be getting anything of value out of John Searl. Even taking him at his own words, he cannot pass anything onto anyone else "because it will be stolen by greedy people" – which brings us to the catch 22 situation – “the technology cannot be shared because it’s too world-changing – and it will be stolen”. Which, again, brings me back to the destruction of the World Trade Centre…

Also, take a look at the opening caption in the film it says: "The claims made by this inventor are open to debate." and "Here is the evidence as it was presented to us". Overall, I think Searl is a good man, but he is being driven by his dream as much as anything else….

To be brutally honest, I think it would be far better just to make a video of a number of clips like this:…


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