Gulf Oil Rig Explosion/Slick

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-05-05 07:57:39

  Several people have sent messages about this – see below     From: justin Sent: 04 May 2010 20:58To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: oil slick in case u missed this sounds pretty serious  best justin…   From: Lloyd Pye [] Sent: 05 May 2010 05:43To: Lloyd PyeSubject: FW: Oil Rigs Do Not Blow Up Don’t miss this one…..the commentary from Tom in Colorado is fairly short but powerfully meaningful. I think sabotage has to be put high on the list of what happened. It really doesn’t make sense for a rig with such a great safety record to go down in flames as quickly as it did. Something is just not right with that explanation of “accident”…..   From: John Pursel [] Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 7:30 AMTo: Lloyd Pye; Ted Causley; Jack LundbergSubject: Oil Rigs Do Not Blow Up There is something fishy with this disaster. Long ago I worked in oil refining. Safety devices are everywhere and yet on this rig none were set off. This rig is massive so whatever blew it had to be something other than oil. The fire is on the deck. The flotation legs don’t burn. So the fire would have burned out leaving a floating wreck. So how did it blow up?I’m I missing something?John**************************** >From the comments:Tom in Co. says: May 1, 2010 at 9:22 am This just doesn’t make sense, if the well was just cased and cemented that would leave the well totally isolated from the down hole formation fluids. It might be possible that they did not control down hole pressure and some oil (and more importantly gas) was circulated up ahead of the cement slurry, but even that would give all sorts of obvious signs that would have set off alarms. There are panic buttons in several places on the platform that would have automatically shut in the well on the seabed, but none of them had been activated. The oil and gas was 18,000 feet deep, it does not blow out instantaneously. The well would have to displace thousands of gallons of fluid in the wellbore first. So a highly unlikely and sudden explosion occurs on a state of the art drilling rig, on the eve of Earth Day, just a few weeks after an announcement of increased offshore drilling. I think that the investigation of this disaster should also include a background check of everyone involved just to be prudent. — Tiroch Equipment Inc.
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From: Kathy Roberts [] Sent: 05 May 2010 02:12To: Undisclosed-Recipient: ; The Gulf oil rig explosion – on the scene photos…   The Gulf oil rig explosion – on the scene photos Posted on May 1, 2010 by Anthony Watts Regular WUWT commenter Jimmy Haigh, a geologist by trade, sends along a PDF that is a compilation of on the scene photos taken right after the explosion and in the following two days. I’ve converted it to web format. These were taken by people on the scene during the rescue and firefighting operation. There’s also a narrative, done by a person “in the know”. You won’t find this at AP or Reuters.  

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