FW: Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Immortality By Arcady Petrov

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-05-24 17:32:26

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Arcady Petrov and other Russian scientists have learned how to send healing brain waves of certain frequencies to the body with the result that patients are able to regenerate diseased or missing organs and teeth. This information appears to be on all fours with the messages we receive about incoming photon energies from the Great Central Sun and their effects on our DNA and consequent  changes being effected in our bodies. There is also an interesting explanation of the mechanics of using mind generated wave form energies to communicate with the cells of our bodies. Arcady Petrov, in a lecture entitled The System of Development of Possibilities of Mankind, delivered in the Kremlin in November 2000 at the World Informationalogical forum. The lecture gave evidence of the healing and regeneration of human organs without operational methods. Results had been achieved by means of “bio-informative influence” in a centre in Moscow headed by Arcady Petrov. This fascinating information about human physical regeneration includes many testimonials of people who had regenerated good health, having suffered incurable illness. Evidence of the regrowth of organs and even a uterus that had been surgically removed are presented in a seven-video series. I list below the videos (thanks to Youtuber SVET) with some transcriptions. Arcady Petrov “Light of eternity” Part 1 www.youtube.com/watc… Regeneration, rejuvenation, immortality.  Arcady Petrov “Light of eternity” Part 2 www.youtube.com/watc… Testimonials re regeneration of a uterus and an ovary and other testimonies. The mechanisms involved concern wave genetics. The time has come when the human race has to change its existence to a conscious level based on the foundation of self awareness; self-awareness of mankind. Man must understand his place in the universe to establish the harmonic structure of the human role in the universe based on a logical perception of the world… Arcady Petrov “Light of eternity” Part 3 www.youtube.com/watc… Independent scientific investigators established that real physical regeneration was achieved immediately using Arcady Petrov’s technologies. Science says its not possible because its not supposed to be possible. The word evolution does not only bear reference to any global processes … but also to each individual person. And every single person goes through his own individual transformation…Virtually everyone is able to attain these skills… In our centre we have been developing specific trainings that teach some new parts of the brain, the neurons, to put it in the control of the stem cells the neurons are trained to operate by mutual consent… People open up to a new inner power. To be able to use, after a certain time, their mental power to effect real physical results. For example by means of this method one can correct the health of individual human beings. Specifically, in our centre we find that organs that were previously removed from the body by surgery, grow up again. That means it is sufficient to send these specific mental impulses to the areas of those chromosomes that are responsible for the previously removed organ, namely by conscious mental focussing. Through this impulse the rebuilding of that organ is initiated. To this day we have hundreds of people who have regenerated new organs which was also confirmed by standardised medical diagnostics. Even more, some people for example women who had lost reproductive organs before have not only restored these organs but also borne children afterwards. This shows that recovered organs fulfilled their functions properly. This technologies are apparently called ‘bio informative technologies. Some testimonials are to the effect that not only have organs such as a uterus been regenerated but the patient feel they have become younger by several years. Arcady Petrov “Light of eternity” Part 4 www.youtube.com/watc… Now a zone of immortality. Arcady Petrov says he doesn’t know what to call this energy. One happy person attests that her neighbourhood is “Now a zone of immortality.” Arcady Petrov says: ‘I do not know what to call this energy.’ Teeth regeneration…a woman gives a testimonial about her teeth being regenerated in a matter of weeks. Arcady Petrov “Light of eternity” Part 5 www.youtube.com/watc… One testament says: ‘I think I am a completely different person.’ One should not talk about a new medicine but about the ideas of a new world. The time has come for a new perception of mankind and their psycho-physical structure, their personality and the role of the human being in the universe. And, thanks to this new understanding at the level of physical reality man will gain new possibilities of self healing and self regulation of all processes of events of life…            there should be no fear that one could not apply this knowledge properly, furthermore this knowledge is in some sense the appearance of God. This light permeates into people and comes out from the soul and spirit with the impulse of a high consciousness. And when a person’s under the influence of such a grand and strong impulse I would say She purifies and enlightens. This means such people are already known by the eyes from a distance. Of course it is a big job, huge and complex. It is always the work of two people that is the clairvoyant, yes definitely, it is a two sided work. Otherwise the process cannot start at all or may start and end long with an uncertain outcome. No, there is no question. This is not unilateral work. The correcton of that diagnosis is necessary. This impulse is initially directed to the area of the chromosomes which (?) a genetic plan and it exists in the organism. It is within the DNA. This means if we take this area and give it an impulse of light which has by the way, a different nature, the opposite of the normal electro-magnetic polarisation, it then shapes up a hologram of the missing organ. That is, the impulse initiates the vitality of this process in the DNA and then the DNA begins to control it. First at the level of spiritual thought which is filled with the cells afterwards. It depends how good the extrasensory powers of the person in charge are. Either they can create the primary cell directly or the cell is, so to speak, generated from the spine or any … and then can be transferred by telepathy. Then the cells arrange a specific sequence in the form of spheres one after another. A specific code: One, three, five, eight. And the impulses act accordingly. Immediately after these stem cells have arranged one must implement a differentiation of these cells. The cells must receive a specialisation because each cell has its own specific task and carries out a special function in the organism. Just like with television. They have a director, an editor, there’s a playwright etc. everybody has their own special task even though they are working on a joint project. They prepare what is later given as information in the form of a video to reproduce in a central control room. Here it is the same. Each cell has its own specialisation and you have to initiate this specialisation. You do that by filling the cell nucleus, the plasma … with specific information which is also done by extrasensory powers…. When the virtual differentiation of the cells is already composed in favour of the stem cells, each with its own specialisation, only then the impulse for cell division and segmentation is given. Subsequently stem cells will emerge from each preliminarily differentiated cell. Arcady Petrov “Light of eternity” Part 6 www.youtube.com/watc… Discussion of holographic processes involved in regeneration and genesis After a restoration of an organ – the body starts to rejuvenate and regenerate their whole organism. This process starts slowly but then it accelerates. This process enables the body to regenerate indefinitely. Arcady Petrov suggests that this implies immortality and eternal life is available to all humanity.   Light of eternity Part 7  www.youtube.com/watc… Whole transcript minus the credits for this series of videos: The Trilogy of Arcady Petrov – ‘Creation of the World. This book tells us that all forms of life in the universe are inseparably associated with the origin of the existence and consciousness of man. And a man learns to understand his inseparable connection with the universe he will be immortal. Right here on Earth and in his physical body. Arcady Petrov insists that every individual can do what he and his students are doing… Which time signals do we still need to recognise the beginning of a new era?   Part 1: www.youtube.com/watc… Part 2: www.youtube.com/watc… Part 3: www.youtube.com/watc… Part 4: www.youtube.com/watc… Part 5: www.youtube.com/watc… Part 6: www.youtube.com/watc… Part 7: www.youtube.com/watc… Get a new e-mail account with Hotmail – Free. Sign-up now.

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