FW: BBC distortions re. attack on Gaza flotilla

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-05-31 16:42:36

—–Original Message—– From: Belinda McKenzie [mailto:b.mckenzie@btinterne…] Sent: 31 May 2010 11:57 To: ‘Belinda McKenzie’ Subject: BBC distortions re. attack on Gaza flotilla Forwarding this email from Elias in Germany with a question to us in UK re. our corrupt BBC and tacking on my usual plea – PLEASE JOIN IN WITH THE HOLLIE GREIG PARLIAMENTARY CAMPAIGN!! I’m aiming to have covered all 649 MPs by end of June, so far only 70 out of my mailing list of 2000+ Enlightened People have signed up for this!! THANKS if you already have and I do understand why some of you can’t because of your own delicate situation. But that still leaves many able-bodied & minded folk who could help so what’s going on??! I’m wondering if it’s because we’ve been subject to a disinformation campaign ourselves via surprise surprise the BBC, and also via a couple of the other Hollie websites purporting to be the ‘Official’ ones but casting doubt on crucial elements of Anne and Hollie’s story. Anne and Hollie would like everyone to know that they have never even met the people who run these sites and the only site they fully endorse is www.holliedemandsjus…. Belinda —–Original Message—– From: E Sent: 31 May 2010 10:30 To: Belinda McKenzie Subject: Hello Dear , I just watched the BBC coverage on the massacre by the Israeli IDF on the humanitarian flotilla. The BBC coverage is appalling. I could not believe my eyes: It provided to the most rabid Israeli officials ample time to deliver their lies. It did not interview any of the organizers of the flotilla. It did not mention that the convoy includes 35 European parliamenterians, a Nobel Prize winner and Holocaust survivors. It did not mention that it received the backing of eminent world figures. It did not mention that the attacked ships were in international waters. It did not mention that the blockade of Gaza is illegal. I wonder whether there is an organization in the UK dedicated to combat the propaganda system of the BBC. I send you my kindest greetings. E

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