FW: People Are Fed Up! What We Saw in the Gulf

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-06-05 22:28:18

  From:   Sent: 05 June 2010 03:08To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: People Are Fed Up! What We Saw in the Gulf This is what will finally bring change to the world and the oil cartel.  People are simply fed up!View a web version of this email. Dear Gina, Check out the video update from Executive Director Michael Brune in the Gulf.
watch video of mike brune in the Gulf Tell President Obama we need a bold campaign to move the U.S. Beyond Oil. Executive Director Michael Brune was down in the Gulf again this week. He said that if we all saw what he saw — pelicans struggling to fly under the weight of globs of oil, dolphins swimming through oil slicks — we’d be storming Washington D.C. calling for leadership and action.And that’s exactly what we’re going to do — we’re launching a bold new campaign to move our nation Beyond Oil.Tell President Obama we need a plan to move America beyond its dependence on oil over the next twenty years.

Watching the largest environmental disaster in our nation’s history unfold has been infuriating — it’s clear that there is no quick fix to clean up this mess. We need to make sure this type of disaster never happens again.Are you fed up? Sickened by what you’re seeing in the Gulf? This is the time to join together and help break our nation free from Big Oil’s stranglehold.The Sierra Club will be holding rallies and events, running ads, and engaging people all across the country to generate a movement to move Beyond Oil. We have never needed President Obama’s visionary leadership more than we do right now — it’s time to stop letting the oil industry call the shots, and to start embracing clean energy.

We have never needed your help more, either – can we count on you to ask President Obama to deliver a visionary plan to move us beyond oil? Once you’ve emailed him, we’ll give you the tools to get 10 of your friends involved as well.We already have many of the clean energy solutions necessary to create a 21st-century transportation system that will move us Beyond Oil.It’s time to be bold. This is our chance to create a cleaner energy future. We need to seize it.Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment, Sarah HodgdonSierra Club Conservation DirectorP.S. Can you get 10 of your friends to join us on this ambitious campaign? Forward this message to spread the word If you do not wish to receive future emails like this, click here to be removed from this type of email contact. Update My Profile

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