FW: Hollie Greig plot thickens as police raid her house!

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Date: 2010-06-15 17:08:04

Attachments :   From: A1DAVEDI@aol.com [mailto:A1DAVEDI@aol.com] Sent: 15 June 2010 06:16To: DavidCurrieCc: abuse@sunmedia.caSubject: Fwd: Hollie Greig plot thickens as police raid her house! In a message dated 6/14/2010 9:56:12 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, A1DAVEDI@aol.com writes:   Hollie Greig plot thickens as police raid her house! Sunday, 13 June 2010 18:10 Added by PT Editor maysaa jarour 0diggsdigg UK. June 13, 2010 ( Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) – In our previous story we discussed the Shropshire Police raid on Hollies house whilst she was away on holiday. However there now appears to be something more sinister going on here that obviously connects with the Paedolphilia ring in Aberdeen. Why would police spend so much time in the house and then remove her computer and who would have sparked this activity. Have the Grampian Police and Shrophire Police gone beyond their jurisdiction and is this a massive cover-up for the many people there were accused of Paedophilia in Scotland. Are they so worried now that they will try any tactic to get this story out of the limelight……on the contrary….doing what they are doing draws more attention to the case and clearly show that the police are in gross neglect of their duties in investigating a major Paedophile ring in Aberdeen involving the Sheriff of Aberdeen, Police, Headmaster, Social Services/Welfare (including Hollies carers and many more. Have the Grampian Police now got the Shropshire Police to do their dirty work and when will Mr. David Cameron and Scotland Yard insist that the Scottish Government carryout an immediate investigation into the sordid case? And why isn’t the investigation now extending into England after the involvement of the Shropshire Police? There are some deeply suspicious goings on that must now cast doubt of the ability of the Coalition to arrest control of this country and fix the deep routed corruption that is obviously taking place both in the Grampian Police Force and now the Shropshire Police Force. One should also extend this corruption to the Aberdeen City Council/Aberdeen Health and Welfare Departments and also the Shropshire Council. Shropshire Health and Welfare Departments.Hollie was gang raped from the age of 6 for 14 years by her Father, Her Brother and the satanic group under the leadership of Sheriff Buchannan.We have also observed a major cover – up by the First Minister for Scotland, Alex Salmond, Cabinet Secretary, Kenny MacAskill and the notorious Lord Advocate, Elish Angilini.Since this was revealed into the world media (except the controlled /gagged UK media) we have had a general election. It is therefore time to draw attention to those currently in power and remind them it is their duty of care to follow up on the Hollie Greig case and the murder of her Uncle Robert. This is not simply a case of not having enough witness’s (which is totally untrue) because other children were also abused and raped. It is not just a simple case of the suicide of her uncle but rather that of murder (based on his autopsy report).So let’s name and shame all those currently in office who should immediately set up an open and transparent inquiry into this terrible case. Hollie was so brutally raped that she was bleeding both back and front whilst at the same time was found to have a sexually transmitted disease none of which was passed on to her mother Anne. The headmaster of her school knew of the medical problems and said nothing…..it transpired that he was also part and parcel of the problem.So here are those currently in power who are directly responsible for taking steps to not only investigate this satanic case but also to ensure it does not happen again. The big issue here is that they all must surely know and continue to remain silent.Rogues GalleryFirst Minister for Scotland – Alex Salmond (knew of the situation and did nothing)Cabinet Secretary – Kenny MacAskill (knew of the situation and did nothing)Lord Advocate – Elish Angiolini (knew of the situation and did nothing)List of those currently in office who have the duty of care to investigate this matterDeputy First Minister/Cabinet Secretary for Health & Well Being – Nicola SturgeonMinister for Children and Early Years – Adam IngramMinister for Public Health and Sport – Shona RobisonMinister for Community Safety – Fergus EwingSolicitor General – Frank Mulholland So let’s look at exactly what is going on in Shropshire and see what questions remain unanswered:This is a letter from Robert Green (who is looking after Anne and Hollie Greig) to Stephen Chandler, Assistant Director of Adult Social Care in Shropshire Council: To: Stephen.chandler@shr…: Hollie GreigDate: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 11:04:59 +0000   Dear Mr. Chandler,I have some questions to put to you in relation to the break-in and raid on the home of my clients, Hollie and Anne Greig on Thursday 3rd June. In view of the many serious criminal implications surrounding the wider case of Hollie Greig and others connected to it, I would advise you to answer as honestly as you can.On what possible grounds did Shropshire Community Services declare that Hollie Greig be deemed a missing person?I understand that the break-in was begun at approximately 15.00 hrs, that there were around six people involved and that the raid was terminated some time after 18.00hrs.Were any personnel from Community Services among the break-in team and if so, could you provide the identity (ies)?Why did it take so many people to search for Hollie in such a small house and why were they there for so long?Why was Anne Greig`s computer removed?Were any other documents taken from the house and if so, why?If documents were removed, were any of these forwarded to Mr. Greg Lance-Watkins, about whom you have already acknowledged as being one of your contacts in this case?Are you aware that this individual is operating from a government-restricted line?   Shropshire Community Services has a duty to protect the interests of vulnerable persons such as Hollie Greig. In what way would this obligation be consistent with the unwarranted violation of their home and the appalling state in which it was left after the raid?The alarm and distress caused to Hollie and her mother by this cruel and malicious conduct was very considerable and those responsible for this shocking incident, whoever they may be, will be held to account. I was present when Hollie and Anne returned to their home after being locked out. I do not believe that there should be any place in publicly-funded services for individuals who display such contempt of human rights, particularly when Hollie and Anne Greig have been victims of some of the most horrific crimes imaginable.Finally, were you personally responsible for this, or were you simply “obeying orders”?If the latter is applicable, who gave the orders? Robert GreenLay Legal Representative for Hollie and Anne Greig As you can see this was a most outrageous act and as Robert pointed out certainly borders on a breach of human rights. This type of activity is common in Palestine (as carried out by the Israeli almost daily) but one would assume that British Police and the Shrophire Authorities are a little more civilized, but obviously not.It was Mr. Stephen Chandler who once headed a committee last year called :TRANSFORMING ADULT SOCIAL CARE: THE PERSONALISATION AGENDA Some of the background punch lines for this agenda were as follows: * Our Health, Our Care, Our Say* Putting People First* Transforming Social CareIn one paragraph it stated the following: There is an increase in public expectations. Older people, disabled people and people with mental health problems rightly expect both equality of citizenship and support which places dignity and care at the centre of any intervention.This expectation extends to greater choice and control over the support thatthey might need. These expectations cannot be met through traditional approaches to delivering social care services. A fundamental change in AdultSocial Care is required in order to ensure that the needs of each unique personcan be met in a way that suits their personal and individual circumstances. Thisnew policy is referred to as “Personalisation”.Well Mr. Chandler you certainly placed dignity and care in Hollie Greigs case!!You certainly did not use a traditional approach to Hollie Greig and you certainly did use fundamental change in order to meet the needs of each unique person…..wouldn’t you say that Hollie is a very unique person and even more so with what she had to endure under the eyes of the United Kingdom Police and Judicial System. I would like to remind the Scottish Government and their corrupt Legal System that this case will no go away. Despite your attempts to scuttle the entire Hollies Army we are all up and running again and in a more organized way than before.To Sheriff Buchanan in particular, we are onto your trail and you have nowhere to run. I would strongly suggest that you step down without delay and face your maker or Hollies Army will drive you out of Scotland.Peodophilia is rife in Politics, The Legal System, Education, Social Welfare & Care, The Church and almost every corner that you turn. It is rife at senior levels of Freemasonry and it is time for our Prime Minster to show true grit and commence proceedings against this cult that contaminates the UK.Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/6/2010   Add this page to your favorite Social Bookmarking websites Quote this article on your site To create link towards this article on your website,
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