“Ban The Evidence!” (No discussion allowed)

I received this from Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez [abrahm@mindoutpsyde….] who has been trying to use forums to raise awareness of Dr Judy Wood’s 9/11 Qui Tam case and the evidence it includes. Apparently quite a few people cannot deal with this.

Dr. Wood and Mr. Johnson,


I have compiled a list of the places I have been banned / censored at, and this list is in text form and image form. This would make a great article if Andrew has time (I know you are super busy), because it would give more documentation and strength to the censorship surrounding Dr. Wood. Here is the text form, and the image form is attached:

Forums / Discussion Boards I (Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez) Have Been Banned or Censored At


1. www.Wikipedia.com (account blocked)

2. www.911oz.com (censored, only can post in small subsection of forum)

3. www.911forum.org/uk (censored, only can post in small subsection of forum)

4. www.forums.randi.org (banned)

5. s1.zetaboards.com/Lo… (banned)

6. pilotsfor911truth.or… (banned)

7. ae911truth.org (was silently removed from their petition)

8. forum.prisonplanet.c… (banned)

9. www.thescienceforum…. (banned)

10. tpuc.org/forum (banned)

11. waronyou.com/forums (banned)

…and more. These are just the ones which I could both remember and gather proof of. Click link below to download collection of screen snap shots.


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