Chemtrails Over Britain Ireland, And France From Phil Morris (UK) – 3/4 September 2005

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Chemtrails Over Britain

Ireland, And France

From Phil Morris (UK) – 3/4 September 2005

Our friend Philip Morris, of Cuddington, Cheshire UK, has been most observant of the skies over his home. He has sent, and referred us to, some of the most damning evidence for chem-trails over the UK and western Europe to date. Here are his own words with an extensive list of those "experts" in Britain, and elsewhere, whom he has consulted with. We must laud a man who does his "homework" before speaking out!

"All UK government depts :

Met Office
Sir David King

Plus CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and NASA officials.

have written to me to say that these are just ‘water vapour’."


Oh sure, we blieve that. And for anyone who also believes that these trails in our skies are "JUST" water vapour, I have a lovely bridge for sale (cheap!) in Brooklyn, New York! (JC)


The Met Office/MOD/DEFRA/CAA and several TV weather forecasters have all denied in writing and by e-mail to me that chemtrails exist, yet a respected BBC TV weather forecaster says:


Date: 1/22/04 11:29:10 AM GMT Standard Time

From:… (Philip Eden – e-mail address included because it is public)


[ Phil (Morris)


You should be aware that aircraft condensation trails cannot form in the upper troposphere if there is insufficient moisture there, which is the case 80-85% of the time over the British Isles.


Kind regards

Philip Eden ]




In which case what is coming out of planes across Cheshire and large parts of the UK and especially visible on the Crewe-Euston railway route most days of the week?


I am not a conspiracy theorist in any way, and can only comment on the the health symptoms I believe have affected me and my family and friends here and in Southport where I lived for 2 years where this stuff is clogging the skies most days of the week:


Head Pains

Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Painful Earache


Lack of concentration

Sinus infections

All year round flu symptoms but without the actual flu


From and e-mail Phil sent me on 3 September 2005.

Look at the English Channel here yesterday,




From and e-mail Phil sent me on 4 September 2005.

The dense white haze west of Ireland below is now hitting Cheshire, it is all pure white unnatural looking white haze, and planes have now appeared from the W leaving sawtooth trails through it, as they fly out of the haze, the trails stop dead!



Please note that dense haze west of Ireland (blue oval). Can you see that it doesn’t resemble the pure white of the natural clouds? It’s a smokey grey colour, rather like the masses of chem-trails over the English Channel and much of northern and western France (blue oval). 
This close-up is of the relevant portion in the upper left of the "full view" frame seen before. Theblue circle surrounds that dense smokey haze previously mentioned by Phil Morris in his e-mail. The red arrow denotes the direction of drift for this ugly "cloud". The grey haze can also be seen to contain an intricate pattern of parallel lines, which may be chem-trails. Could the goal, perhaps, have been to "dry up" that rainy appearing area in the far upper left?

This writer has frequently observed chem-trails laid in advance of mid-latitude rain storms coming into Northern California. The predicted rains subsequently dried up…either bringing us far less than expected, or none at all. I have to wonder if there was a connection in this case as well.

In any case, the entire mess seems to have made its was to Cheshire and the Lancs only a day or so later.

Here we have a closer look at the English Channel, southwest England, and northwest France. The patterns somewhat resemble the sort of web a drunken spider might weave! It is impossible to believe that there could be this much commercial air traffic over so small an area in so short a time. Another thing to consider is the fact that ordinary jet contrails CANNOT BE SEEN FROM ORBIT without powerful telescopic lenses. Examples of contrails photographed from the Space Shuttle areHERE.

We have established that the lines seen above are NOT jet exhaust contrails. So, that leaves the fact that "they" are spraying something on large populated areas, without the informed consent of those living beneath. AND, as Phil Morris showed us in his letters, "they" are actively LYING about the nature of the phenomenon.

This frame, from a different day, is provided for comparison with those seen above. As we say in America as a sort of joke in the workplace, "Same Sh*t, different day".

What makes this one truly different, though, is the area within the blue circle. There is something there which is very unusual here. Let’s move on to the zoomed frame, which is next then, and find out more.

Yo Ho! Now it becomes obvious…As SOME of the jets involved here approached the English coast (Just east of the Isle of Whight and west of Brighton), they TURNED AROUND and made their way BACK out over the sea. Now, does anyone believe that commercial airliners behave this way? There is something very fishy in all this, and real fish have nothing to do with it!

We’d like to thank Phil once again for sharing his photos of this most disturbing phenomenon taking place over the whole of western Europe.


For a longer essay on this Chemtrail phenomenon, and more contrail vs. chemtrail comparison photos, please click HERE. (Large Graphic File – Long Download For Dial-Up Users)

When someone wants to argue with you that chem-trails are mere contrails, ask them "Where does all that MASS comes from then?" That’s the key point in dismissing the contrail/ice crystal argument. MASS.

Imagine an old car that is burning oil due to bad piston rings. The blue cloud belching from its tailpipe IS nasty, but there isn’t that much of it, and the cloud will dissipate rapidly. Can this car, by driving down one road through a small town, create a heavy blanket of smoke over the ENTIREtown? Of course not; there isn’t enough MASS in that old car’s exhaust. The same principle applies to chem-trails. Jet exhaust, known as a contrail, doesn’t contain enough MASS to account for the phenomenon we call chemtrails.

At the end of the day, it’s up to YOU to draw your own conclusions.


© 2005 Jeff Challender


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