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Date: 2010-06-20 21:57:18

Three interrelated issues mark our times: We have altered the planet with our chemicals; we are transforming agriculture with bioengineering; and we are contemplating the recreation of humankind through genetic technologies.   All three (issues) compel us to reexamine how we use scientific knowledge: will our new technologies be greeted with Ohurrahs¹ or a whisper of despair from the species that we have decimated, crops that are gene-contaminated and people who, though yet to be created, may yet curse us for our technological prowess?²  Dr. Marc Lappé   Marc Lappé close friend since college days now dead over 6 years.   Now in addition to all the genetic dangers to mankind Marc so courageously fought and sought to beat back we have BP’s corexant-oil brew with millions of gallons of corexant in the Gulf of BP.      BP’s corexant-oil slurry evaporates into our air proceeds directly to our blood and DNA via our lungs.     
EFFECTS ON HUMAN HEALTH of BP’s corexant-oil slurry
People’s health could be adversely affected by oils either when inhaling or touching oil products, or when eating contaminated sea food.
 When cleaning up oil products from the water surface or the shoreline, one must always take certain precautions. One needs to wear a face mask or filter mask be protected from inhaling vapors from oils. One also needs to use protective clothing to avoid getting in skin contact with the oil — and protective clothing means oil- and waterproof gloves and oil- and waterproof clothes that cover at least the front of one’s body, as well as strong rubber boots. The same safety precautions, in principle, apply to people who risk coming into contact with lingering oil on beaches — one should always avoid touching it, and in an acute phase one should be careful not to inhale vapors from oil slicks.
 As mentioned above, concentrations of petroleum contaminants in fish and crab tissue, as well as contamination of shellfish, could pose a significant potential for adverse human health effects, and until these products from near shore fisheries or aquiculture have been cleared by the health authorities, they could be banned from human consumption. However, oil-tainted fish and shellfish will usually taste bad, and that in itself will keep people from eating these products. 
  BP’s corexant-oil slurry will greatly increase lung cancer down wind and around the world once the slurry enters the jet-stream.               In a message dated 6/20/2010 3:59:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:   Pollution Can Change Your DNA in 3 Days, Study SuggestsTake folic Acid.     news. nationalgeograph 2009/05/090517- pollution- changes-dna. htm   ca.wordpress. com/2008/ 01/03/remedies- for-harmful- effects-of- chemtrails/

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