Lloyd Pye/Starchild in Spain

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-07-02 08:33:25

This is translated by Google translate   www.laopiniondezamor…     The child of the starsThe American researcher Lloyd Pye search Zamora Starchild support for its project, which studies a human skull with alien DNA  VOTE THIS NOTICE             The researcher Lloyd Pye holds the skull of the “child of the stars’ found in El Paso, Mexico. Miguel Rodriguez PhotoImage Gallery: Starchild ProjectThe Starchild skull or child of the stars with the naked eye is deformed, with the basins of the very pronounced eyes, barely able to support his bony bridge and small nose with the back of the structure, occipital and parietal bone, flat without the concavity that has a normal human head.   The thickness of the bone is much thinner than a normal skull, but hardness, according to research carried out by the American Lloyd Pye, is twice as high, “something completely unusual, and not human,” qualifies. But the appearance of the skull is not only to ensure Pye argues that the famous skull is a hybrid between human and alien. “The appearance is an important point, but many scientists argue that only a child born with a congenital deformity, but when we have made DNA analysis we found that an important part of recovery is impossible,” says the scientist who custody now the skull and jealously guards in the safe of a bank in Texas. The latest tests at a laboratory in the United States which, for safety, he explains, can not reveal the name, have brought to light are not two, as believed so far, but three beings involved in the design the child of the stars, “we have been able to ascertain that the child is a human is on the maternal side, and two parts that are not and come from two different beings,” says Pye. “My” theory, says with caution, because it is aware that no compelling scientific evidence substantiating his words, is that 900 years ago, the date on which dates the skull in question, at least one alien came to earth and made alien sperm in a woman, “but they could not mate because they have the same genitalia, so the most likely to be conceived by genetic engineering,” says the researcher.   The theory underpinning the scientist is that for centuries the aliens come to Earth and abduct women who use surrogates mode, “I’ve talked to hundreds of women throughout my research I remember how they were abducted , then became pregnant and four, five or six months they are coming back into to get the child, is always the same process. Then, eight or ten years to return to earth to show his son. ” The testimony, he says, are not large or well known because people are afraid of public ridicule, and thus also justifies not join all women who remember some of his ‘journey’ and abort after a few months for no apparent reason.   Lloyd Pye has washed up in Spain in order to win support to produce two documentaries on his project and has also participated in two conferences, one on alien presence the past 26 and June 27 in Madrid and another on July 3 at Alicante, International Congress of radio frequency intelligent universe and consciousness.   Information compiled by Andrea Rodríguez, José María Calvo Sadia and Judith   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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