We could have had free energy instead of Knights in shinning armor.

From: frankferg@aol.com

Date: 2010-07-23 04:14:02

    We could have had free energy instead of Knights in shinning armor.   Hi weourselves brothers and sisters,   Ambrose’s  repeat show of 7 16 2010  can be found on his web site : www.weourselves.org/…   Krugman’s Book can be purchased for $1.21 or looked into for free   www.amazon.com/reade… In Book Krugman tells us:   Truman had a plan for the US to be totally solar by 1965.   www.frankferg.com/we…     Carter a nuclear engineer who knew about free   energy tried to reduce dependence on imported   oil but was stopped by oil-embargo-energy-   crisis-stagflation.   Reagan called for elimination of Dept of Energy.   Billy Tauzin, a democrat-turned-Republican who   was chairman of the House Energy and Commerce   committee form 2001 to 2004,got a seven-figure   salary as a reward for suppressing free energy. Van Jones who had read Jeane Manning’s book Breakthrough Power   www.frankferg.com/we…     before President Obama was elected was ousted from White House by Dr John Holdren Chief scientist in WH and Sec of Energy Chu both plasma physicists with full understanding of Free Energy.   Sec Chu knows of Dr. Paul Laviolette’s extensive documentation of Free Energy Technology.   www.frankferg.com/ga…   www.frankferg.com/ga…   World Trade Centers were destroyed by a free energy weapon.   www.youtube.com/watc…   1 of 7 on Ambrose Lane Show.   Dr Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson on WPFW. We Ourselves 18th Jan 2008   Tags: 911 John Hutchison Judy Wood WTC Terrorism Energy Free   God help us all, Frank          

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