Hidden Ultra Advanced Propulsion and Energy Technologies: What A Sorry and Pathetic Situation

August 9, 2010


Perhaps the most disturbing aspect about my UFO sighting is the fact that the advanced technology behind it and other such objects is still hidden.  It could be that millions of other people who have also witnessed these highly unusual events feel the same way I do.  I sometimes think about the millions of people who were brushed off by scientific, military and government officials without considering that gee, if we had this kind of technology in the private sector, we could create jobs, clean up the environment and actually give billions of people a new outlook on life.  Actually, some real hope for their children’s future.


At this point of my life, I really don’t care who or what is out there flying these things, I just want the secrecy behind this technology to end.  And I don’t really care to hear arguments that this technology is too dangerous for humanity. That phony argument is what the keepers of this secret will use against humanity.  The truth may well be that because of greed and their lust for power, the keepers (insiders) will continue to hide this advanced technology.  This is a very sorry situation if it is true and we think it is true because of its use at the World Trade Center.


I think that a lot more people would now agree that the destruction that took place at the WTC on 9/11/2001 involved secret advanced technology. I think the use of this technology had to be a very calculated risk for the perps because the secrecy of this technology (as we now know) needed to be absolutely maintained.  I tend to think (believe) that certain New York insiders in this conspiracy probably wanted a relatively quick and easy clean-up.  This apparently backfired because some unknown contamination was apparently part of the process.  Given the effects the events of that day had on the US and world economies, it may be a long time until the disgrace of this sorry event is "covered up".  (But I pray some form of real justice will eventually take place in my lifetime.)


Early this year I wrote my local congressman, F. James Sensenbrenner, a message that I would be interested in his help to release at least something (Advanced Technology) from the military so as to really stimulate the economy.  Here is part of his reply in letter form:  


"I understand that you believe we should stimulate the economy through investments into advanced technology. Your observations on various technologies are noted."


Of course he refused to acknowledge what those technologies were, like advance propulsion and energy systems.  Here is part of what I wrote.  Note, I hold nothing back here:   


"About forty years ago, after my Air Force days, I observed a stationary object which was to later fly away – at great speed – to the southeast of my location.  Obviously, since then, millions of others have witnessed these things and have realized that there certainly must be someone who owns some form of this apparently very advanced physics/technology.  Some people – I tend to be one of them – wonder if perhaps the Pentagon (and the military industrial complex that Eisenhower mentioned in his farewell speech) have some of this very advanced physics/technology locked up in secrecy, i.e. classified technology?  Since my research leads me to think that the answer is yes, the question has always been: Shouldn’t someone in Washington be trying to get at least something released/de-classified and into the public sector so that more meaningful and lasting jobs can be created?  Is there anyone out there in Congress working in this area – to that end?  If taxpayers should be getting some form of ‘return on their investment’, shouldn’t someone in Congress be a champion for the people in this area.  Or is it a case of being too afraid to confront these people?"


However he refused to acknowledge in words what I was really suggesting – that he or someone champion this cause.  He goes on to say:


"However, I have reservations with the notion that more government spending will provide the economic stimulus this economy needs."


I guess he got that part right, as they (not Sensenbrenner) did a good job of "stimulating" banksters! 


Of course, none of this was acknowledged by the good congressman except: "Your observations on various technologies are noted."  But were they really noted, or was it a message akin to that famous line in Doctor Zhivago, "Conrad, your attitude has been noticed!"?  (Just kidding Congressman Sensenbrenner!)   


Perhaps this is a stretch, but I found this interesting: www.jsonline.com/bus… .  A red flag that some stuff does get "seeded" into universities?  (Recall in the book by the late Col. Philip J. Corso – The Day After Roswell – where Col. Corso claims it was his job to seed alien UFO parts into the private sector.)  But who knows?  Perhaps it’s like a death wish to acknowledge this stuff has been and is still being slowly seeded into the private sector.  Note that I have mentioned before that perhaps the only stuff that is allowed to filter down is the technology that maintains our earthly "enslavement" and makes sure the humanity stays physically earth-bound – well at least apparently not beyond earth orbit. 

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