FW: Dr. Leonard Horowitz Framed in Illuminati Murder of Edward Harle

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-08-10 09:57:50

Healthy World Message – Online Message Center for Healthy World Distributing, LLC And Dr Len Horowitz #ygrps-yiv-435442539 { MARGIN-LEFT:0px;MARGIN-RIGHT:0px;} There is a weird mix of stuff in here – make of it what you will…. From: Kathy Roberts [mailto:weerkhr@pacbell.net] Sent: 10 August 2010 06:40To: Undisclosed-Recipient: ;@smtp104.sbc.mail.gq1.yahoo.comSubject: Dr. Leonard Horowitz Framed in Illuminati Murder of Edward HarleImportance: High   —– Original Message —– From: Healthy World Message To: weerkhr@pacbell.net Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 8:18 PM Subject: Dr. Leonard Horowitz Framed in Illuminati Murder of Edward Harle Home Dr. Horowitz 5-Step Healing Program Latest Flu News Medical Veritas Journal Catalog Videos Contact HOROWITZ FRAMED IN ILLUMINATI MURDER OF EDWARD HARLE:URGENT PERSONAL APPEAL FROM DR. LEONARD HOROWITZDear Friends and Healthy World Members,Immediately following the launch of i528Tunes.com, and InceptionMovieExplai…, our energy to “save the world with LOVE/528” ignited a conspiracy to frame me in the murder of Edward Harle! Yes. You read that right. And this is no joke.My involvement in Harle’s murder is intimated by Benjamin Fulford on behalf of David Rockefeller, who stands to lose most. Sherri Kane’s report in this issue is awesome, and potentially life saving to me. So I publicly praise her for her investigation, that may help extend my life, to watch this planet evolve in 528.This bizarre and “heavy” Healthy World News calls your attention to the foul play surrounding the death of Harle, a brilliant journalist, who predicted his murder by American banksters–“Godfather George H.W. Bush” and David Rockefeller’s gestapo–the CIA. Another Harle death threat came from Rockefeller-shill Fulford. Harle was, far and away, the world’s top financial industry whistle-blower. His reports, critical of the Illuminati, exposed “America’s gang of criminals,” which motivated his murder. This is not an isolated case. It is an advancing conspiracy threatening all independent journalists who simply seek to tell the truth. A sinister plot to kill off journalists, including the Illuminati’s own agents and “double agents,” is reported herein. In any case, I was “set up.” Here is my story, and Sherry Kane’s report. We shall not be deterred by death, and pledge to work from heaven if necessary.I am appealing to the Illuminati to lay down all weapons of disinformation, and mass destruction, in honor of the 528LOVERevolution. I appeal to scientific and religious leaders to study this unprecedented opportunity to free humanity from egoic tyranny.Kindly share all of this shocking intelligence urgently, worldwide, and pray for us, our families, and friends kind enough to offer support at this time of need.Aloha,Dr. Leonard HorowitzPS: Don’t overlook the news that Alex Jones is working for Homeland Security agents through sponsors American Biotech Labs and Clifton (Silver and Gold) Mining Company. This is a reality check for “InfoWar” devotees, and those who suspected such traitorous associations. This matter powerfully impacts public health and safety. It also dovetails into the aforementioned conspiracy, as Alex Jones’s website was used to post libelous material by the suspects in Harle’s murder. Have these men conspired to commit the murder of Edward Harle/Christopher Story?”Knighting Controversy” or Murder One? Journalists Exposed for Negligence, Fraud, and Libel in the Murder of Edward Harle (a.k.a., Christopher Story)A tainted list of alleged “Knights of Malta,” fraudulently compiled by Greg Szymanski (and/or Eric Samuelson), was added by journalist Benjamin Fulford to Edward Harle’s last writing.  Harle was the leading Bush-Rockefeller financial whistle-blower. Fulford is an infamous Rockefeller shill exposed here as a forger. Szymanski is a professional agent-provocateur. This article exposes members of the “independent media” most responsible for helping the Illuminati keep activists, and We The People, confused, impotent, and embroiled in scandals. Begin discovery by CLICKING HERE.Seduce, Discredit, Separate, Intimidate, Incarcerate, and Assassinate: A Look Into Edward Harle’s Murder, Benjamin Fulford’s Fraud, and Why the Truth Never Reaches The Masses by Sherri KaneEdward Harle’s murder, linked to Dr. Horowitz through libel, prompted this investigation of Horowitz’s accusers–“independent journalists” Benjamin Fulford and Greg Szymanski. Dr. Horowitz is the leading H1N1-H5N1 whistle-blower and humanitarian advancing a natural healing revolution. His leadership in the development of i528Tunes.com holds profound spiritual significance. So these bizarre allegations from agent provocateurs is an obvious act of desperation and evil. . . . To read more, CLICK HERE.Alex Jones Caught Selling Silver Sol for Homeland Security Shills:Dr. Horowitz Issues Public Health Alert in Defense of We The People   Many people know Dr. Horowitz formulated BigPharma’s greatest nemesis, OxySilver. This article presents stunning revelations, and hard evidence, Alex Jones’s sponsors are operatives in Homeland Security, intent on stealing OxySilver sales, and Dr. Horowitz’s intellectual property, including the 528 frequency enabled silver hydrosol industry. Stupidly, Jones’s advertisers committed provable consumer fraud, and a scientific forgery, to advance products that may be deadly.  CLICK HERE for more information. . . . Can Musicians Save Humanity From Extinction? What is this 528 Business of LOVE All About?An investigation into musical instrument tuning, and its affects on stress and mental illness, has revealed the standard frequency setting used routinely by musicians throughout the Western World was advanced by the Rockefeller Foundation based on military research into how to cause severe stress, and even “mass hysteria.” Alternatively, a shift in only four Hertz, or cycles per second, makes music naturally healing by vibrating people’s bodies in harmony with the heart of the universe. Mounting evidence says this is the “sound of LOVE,” and central to the rapidly accelerating Spiritual Renaissance. Read more by CLICKING HERE.How the Natural Health Products Industry, Under Attack by the FDA on Behalf of BigPharma, Can Defend Itself and Rebuke the FDA’s Overstepped Authority Here’s how award-winning author and film maker, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, is exposing corruption within the agency of “Federal Drug Addicts,”  to help stop the worst public health and environmental catastrophes in world history–the vaccine-induced cancer and auto-immune disease pandemics, childhood autism, and environmental crises, including the Gulf Oil catastrophe. Thus, the FDA serves “crisis capitalism”–profiting the drug companies killing more Americans today than any other cause.CLICK HERE to read more.INCEPTION MOVIE EXPLAINED: Why the Screenwriters of Hollywood’s Latest Blockbuster Chose “528” to Open the Vault to LOVE.  INCEPTION is a potent mind-twister. Having people question life in reality vs. death in dream states might be okay in an age of wherein depopulation was unimportant. But the fact is, Warner Bros., Murdoch’s “partners” in “crisis capitalism,” including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, George Soros, and David Rockefeller, have made it very clear they intend to disappear approximately 6 billion people within the next few decades. So people need to get used to death and dying as part of our new “reality.” CLICK HERE to read more. Scientists and religious scholars are hereby summoned to study the spiritual science and metaphysics of LOVE/528 to discern the Truth that shall set humanity free from egoic tyranny. WELCOME TO THE 528LOVERevolution!   DON’T MISS THE UPCOMING PREMIER ofThe 2010 Accolade Award-Winning Film Saturday Night, August 21, 8PM HealthyWorldAffiliates.com Banner

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