FW: Greer/Hoagland Interview

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-08-12 19:48:35

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Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer
Show air times (US time zones):11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern and 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern Special Interview with Richard Hoagland Dr. Greer will be having a special interview with Richard Hoagland, New York Times bestselling author, former NASA Consultant and Investigator for The Enterprise Mission – a public policy research institution. Mr. Hoagland will discuss his latest research and how it fits in and impacts CSETI’s mission. Richard Hoagland’s web site: www.enterprisemissio… Listen to the archived shows at:www.worldpuja.org/ar…   UPCOMING EVENTS! *  *  * Ambassador to the Universe Training
in Mt. Shasta, California!
September 5 – 11, 2010Register by August 15! Registration and details: www.CSETI.org/progra… *  *  * Contact – Countdown to Transformation
3-Day Conference in Rio Rico, Arizona!
October 2 – 4, 2010Registration and details: www.CSETI.org/contac… *  *  * Ambassador to the Universe Training
in Joshua Tree, California!
November 7 – 13, 2010Registrations being accepted. *  *  * Schedule of All Events: www.CSETI.org/progra…Email coordinator@cseti.or… for more information. To Unsubscribe from this Email Updates list, please reply to this email and put UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject line. CSETI Web site: www.cseti.orgDisclos… Project Web site: www.DisclosureProjec…: PO Box 4556, Largo MD 20775 USA  

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