USAFFEKC10 – What did his “Chemtrail” video show?

In July 2010, the video below appeared on YouTube, posted by a user with the name USAFFEKC1O . A few days later, the original video was deleted (but it had already been reposted by others).

The poster originally claimed he was "disclosing" the chemtrailing but then later changed his story and said he was "having a laugh" and he was just filming the "ordinary trail" coming from the plane in front.

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The truth is, the video is real and unedited but the title was created to poke fun at the chemtrail people. All this video shows is a couple of KC-10’s flying in formation. When I saw the contrails coming from the lead KC-10 I pulled out my video camera knowing I was going to pull this prank and the pilots played along. So there you have it. It’s just a prank on all the chemtrailers.sorry,


@USAFFEKC1O Too late, Tim. I’m  sure that your actually situation is very hard and I know…. tankerenemy 

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Questions Sent to USAFFEKC10

Hi there,


I  noticed you have updated your chemtrail videos and wondered if I could post your answers to the questions below on my e-mail list:


1) Are there any security issues relating to your filming during a KC10 flight (regardless of what is coming out of the back of the plane?


2) Can you reveal any details about the flight you were making? (Departure point/destination and purpose)?

3) As a pilot Do you have an explanation for this video, taken a few years ago (start at 40 seconds into this, and replay as required)



Hopefully the phenomenon is obvious to see.


4) What is the correct explanation for the apparent on/off spraying? (I think I might know what it is, but I’d like to get your explanation to confirm)


5) Only partly related – were you aware that Hurricane Erin was closest to NYC at 8am on the morning of 9/11/01 – having moved up from Bermuda (9/7/01) more or less in a straight line and then it made a right-hand turn on the 12th:



Please check NOAA and Hurricane Centre archives for verification.


Many thanks for your interesting videos!


Andrew Johnson


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