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Aug 20, 2010





Recently, I was having an e-mail discussion with someone and the work of Laura Knight Jadczyk came up. I was reminded of her discussion of “cassiopea” in the history of the Earth. I have not read her book about this, so I do not know all the details, but it made me think of how many different ET groups people have claimed to be in contact with or have some knowledge of. The purpose of this short article is merely to “collect” some of these references and not judge them one way or the other. They are included below with a short description.


But as an “adjunct” to this, I felt I must include a discussion of someone who does seem to have had contact with some other form of “alien” or higher consciousness. This is UK icon and “avant garde” actor, songwriter, singer and artist,  David Bowie (real name David Jones).


I stole the title of this article from the lyrics of David Bowie’s modest 1985 hit “Loving the Alien”. I find certain lines in this song to have particular resonance and the whole song has a certain “feel” to it which I find both uplifting and disconcerting at the same time.  Perhaps this is partly because, for me, it has a certain nostalgia attached to it, as it was released in the middle of the time I was at University. It is meant to relate to organised religion, but the use of the word “alien” seems rather odd to me. The video linked above (assuming you can view it) is rather surreal with some images which appear to be almost “random” and rather bizarre. Perhaps the video shows Bowie at his enigmatic best. In recent years I had something of a renewed fascination with David Bowie, following my discovery of new information relating to UFO/ET subject. I then thought of the songs in which he mentions the themes of space, extra terrestrials and so on. Indeed, his first commercial success was released in 1969, entitled “Space Oddity” – presumably the title was an altered version of the Stanley Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, based on Arthur C Clarke’s novel.


In the light of what we know now about the reality of extra terrestrials and their appearance in our skies (and on the ground), reviewing the lyrics in some of Bowie’s songs really can make one wonder. In “Starman“, Bowie sings “There’s a starman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’ll blow our mind.” Though the title of his 1973 hit “Life on Mars” is seemingly a metaphor for something else, it is an interesting title nevertheless. Perhaps the most interesting lyrics of all are contained in “Oh You Pretty Things“. Here he sings “Homo sapiens have outgrown their use” and “You gotta make way for the Homo Superior” (some people know this song because it was a hit for Peter Noone, formerly of Herman’s Hermits).


David Bowie is the main subject of a fascinating timeline – about his life and various “UFO” events – a set of pages I discovered about  6 years ago, now only available in the Internet Archive (with some photos missing, unfortunately). It includes a mention the very unusual film The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) in which Bowie starred as an “alien castaway”.


Alien Rock by Michael Luckman discusses the “ET Experiences” related by many well known pop and rock artists such as Elvis and Jimi Hendrix.


I tentatively suggest that Bowie has had some kind of communications with “intelligent non-human consciousness”. When one studies this idea more generally, it seems that other people have too – there are some things which are discussed which seem to go beyond mere imagination or fantasy. In some cases, physical evidence appears to be available to substantiate some of the claims made (such as the hardware built by Wilbert Smith, for example).


Generally speaking, it seems there is an effort to muddle up, cover up or discredit those discussing or providing information about higher consciousness or those interacting with it. To me, there seems to be a strong effort to discourage or prevent people from experiencing it – or, when they do, there is then an effort to manage their perception of it. (e.g. what is common to all religions? It is the mystical experience. So, “let’s muddle up the mystical experience in a religion so that no one can understand it or fully appreciate it”.) In more than a few cases, it seems that western society encourages a “depression of consciousness” along with a general ignorance of things (e.g. it is not cool to be a “geek”).


Over the years, I have learned that there are a number of ET groups that are reported to be communicating with us and guiding us or even manipulating and controlling us in various ways. Here is an incomplete  list


Wilbert Smith in the 1950’s under the direction of “The Boys Topside” built at least 3 items of hardware under their “direction”. These are documented in the research of Grant Cameron and I included them in a presentation about Disclosure that I compiled.


Recently, when I was at a conference, the Aetherius Society had a table next to mine and I chatted to 2 members of the organisation and they were very nice. They follow the teachings of George King – and they mainly seem to be concerned with generating and directing positive energy, from what I can work out – and they seem to just “get on with it”.


From the (rather lengthy) list above, there are “bits and pieces” in all of them that I have found interesting and other elements seem to require strong discernment. I’ve tried to spend my time “getting a view of the field” rather than concentrating on one area.


So, we have a bewildering array of  information to examine – and here, the task of “sifting and sorting” is seemingly much harder than with other topics because, by definition, the study of this sort of material stretches our human understanding to its limits.


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