FW: Chemtrails or Contrails? An analysis by G. Edward Griffin

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-08-23 21:09:05

  From: G. Edward Griffin [mailto:griffin@realityzone….] Sent: 23 August 2010 12:48To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Chemtrails or Contrails? An analysis by G. Edward Griffin   2010 August 23                                            from G. Edward Griffin

Chemtrails or Contrails? © 2010 by G. Edward Griffin This week, I had a chance to review some video clips to be included in the documentary now in production entitled What in the World Are They Spraying; An Investigation into Chemtrails and Geo-Engineering, which will be released by The Reality Zone. These included a series of man-on-the-street interviews in which people were asked what they think about the billowing trails of white from aircraft that crisscross the sky and fill it with haze. The most amazing thing to me was, not what they thought about them, but the fact that most people never though anything about them. They seew nothing unusual in this and aren’t much concerned. They think these are merely trails of harmless water vapor called contrails. Why should anyone worry about that?It was obvious to me that in any discussion of this topic, the first issue to be resolved is the difference between contrails and chemtrails. If everything we see in the sky is harmless water vapor, then why worry, indeed?CONTRAILS DATE BACK TO WORLD WAR IIContrails are not new. They were commonly seen in World War II behind bombers and fighter planes. These can be seen on the Internet in vintage newsreels and still photographs of combat missions. These trails look similar to what we see in our skies today, but there are several very important differences.True contrails, such as created by these planes, are composed of water vapor in engine exhaust that freezes into ice crystals on contact with very cold air. What we see are clouds of small ice crystals. If the air is not below freezing, there will be no trails.PERSISTENT CONTRAILS NEED COLD AIR AND HUMIDITYThe most important aspect of this effect is not the presence of trails but how long they last. If they form at all, the duration depends on the moisture content of the air. If the air is humid, crystals tend to linger. If the air is dry, they are quickly absorbed and dissipated. We can conclude from this that there are two conditions that must exist for contrails to linger over long distances: (1)The air must be below freezing, and (2) it must be humid. Moisture content in the atmosphere decreases as altitude increases. Air at high altitudes is called thin because it exists under much less pressure than at low altitudes. It cannot hold as much moisture. Higher altitudes are dryer than lower altitudes. Although some clouds may exist for short periods of time at 27,000 feet or even 30,000, that is rare. Most of them are below that level.CIRRUS CLOUDS NOT TO BLAMECirrus clouds are the exception, but they have unique characteristics that set them apart from aircraft trails. Officials sometimes claim that what we are seeing are cirrus clouds, so it is important to know the differences. Here are a few of them: (1) Cirrus clouds typically point in the direction of wind movement at their altitude, usually from west to east. Aircraft trails point in many directions in the same sky. (2) Cirrus clouds typically are thin and semi-transparent, whereas most chemtrails are thick and milky. (3) Cirrus clouds typically are feathery and fluffy from their inception – that’s how they start – whereas what we see today originates from aircraft as billowing plumes. Once these differences between cirrus clouds and chemtrails are understood, it is impossible to mistake one for the other. WHY WERE THERE CONTRAILS IN WORLD WAR II?Let’s apply this knowledge to photos of contrails in World War II. We know that these flights had to be in very cold air with high humidity. Since many of these missions were conducted in Europe during winter months, the requirement for cold air was easily met, even at low altitudes.Some bombers were capable of flying as high as 30, 000 ft., but they were not pressurized, so those altitudes were avoided because of intense cold and the effect of low atmospheric pressure on the crew. Bombardiers used optical sights to pinpoint their targets, and that also required low altitude bombing runs for accuracy. The typical combat altitude for World War II bombers was 21,000 to 27,000 ft, sometimes much lower. High humidity is common at the low altitudes of these bombing missions, and so it is no surprise to see genuine contrails in historic photographs and films, especially during winter months. HOW ARE THE TRAILS IN TODAY’S SKIES DIFFERENT?The trails that are seen today are different from these contrails in several ways. Today, they almost always are seen above 34,000 feet where the air is very dry. At these altitudes, true contrails are quickly absorbed into the dry atmosphere. In many cases these trails are seen in desert or near-desert areas where, even at ground level, there is not enough humidity to sustain the vapor. All of this means that trails at high altitudes stretching from horizon to horizon are an entirely different phenomenon. They cannot be mere contrails, and we have to ask the question: What in the world are they spraying?PATTERNS OF FLIGHTLet’s look beyond the physics of temperature and moisture and take a few moments watching these trails in the sky. Since they leave huge plumes behind them, it is easy to track their patterns of flight. Most of them are in straight-line travel, but any airline pilot will tell you that a significant number of these patterns are contrary to normal flight paths and even against FAA regulations. We have videos in our collection showing chemtrails making 90 degree turns, reversing direction a full 180 degrees, and even flying in S-shape patterns. These are not military maneuvers, and Commercial planes do not fly in these patterns. so we have to ask: What in the world are they spraying? RESIDUE FROM THE SKYThose in denial can usually concoct some near-plausible explanation for everything mentioned so far, but there is no escaping the reality of a chemical analysis of rain water, snow pack, and plant absorption of compounds of aluminum, barium, strontium, and similar metals that are extreme hazards to the environment and health. Some of the compounds are natural to the soil, but not in the high levels they now are being found, almost always immediately following several days or weeks of spraying. Even if we ignore the soil samples, finding high concentrations of these chemicals in rain water and snow pack, which now is a matter of record, is beyond any explanation except that they are coming from the sky, and we must ask again, and again, and again: What in the world are they spraying? Click here to order the DVD   This message originally was sent to a subscriber to Unfiltered News at the following address: ad.johnson@ntlworld…. If this is not your address, that means it was forwarded to you by a friend. IF YOU ARE NOT A SUBSCRIBER but would like to become one (it is free), click here. IF YOU ARE NOT A SUBSCRIBER and do not want future issues, please make that request to the person who sent this to you. The sender is identified at the top of this email. IF YOU ARE A SUBSCRIBER and would like to change your receiving address or cancel your subscription, click here: click here

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