The Sky is not Blue ( CHEMTRAILS article) by A Truth Soldier

From: danieltowsey

Date: 2010-09-05 08:03:41

The Sky is not Blue ( CHEMTRAILS article) The Sky is not Blue ( CHEMTRAILS article) By A Truth Soldier Okay, can you believe that anyone would ever write an article with a title like that? You might be reading this because your curious to see if the author is completely nuts. Will keep reading because your about to discover something absolutely shocking to the uninformed. I assure you that by the time you reach the bottom of this article and go to the links I will provide to videos and see my will understand why I wrote this and that I am not nuts. You will be absolutely shocked and horrified to discover that the information I am about to share with you is very real. You will learn about mad cow disease (which affected all creatures with a brain), also known as prion desease, and also morgellons are probably related. You will learn and discover what CHEMTRAILS are..that is the chemical spraying of our skies by 300 jets, twenty four hours a day that has been going on approximately since 1984. I will be posting this article on my danieltowsey.wordpre… site with pictures.. How observant are you? How often do you actually look at the skies and the cloudS up there? Like most people it is probably almost never. If you were born since 1984, you probably have never seen a clear very bright and dark dark blue sky. You would never know what that is and accept as normal the very pale light blue and almost white skies you now see all day long. Even when there does not seem to be any clouds at all. So our skies are now literally surreal So I am about to tell an absolutely surreal story that is shockingly real and your about to learn and understand what the real meaning of UFO’s is. Are you ready for this? You’ll even be able to go to the links I will provide to see actual NASA videos of UFOs in orbit as video-graphed by astronauts in the space station. So here goes..prepare yourself to go into orbit. Keep reading because this is all very real and is going to seriously affect everyones life on this planet. Everything I am about to reveal to you is easily confirmable by you.. Just go on-line and do your own research.. Do not take my word for any of this.. Please confirm it for yourself. Madcow disease and or prion disease was discovered in approximately 1984. Scientists soon discovered that this was the result of an infestation from an organism or life form that was not of this planet. The governments and scientists could not reveal their findings to the general public as not to cause mass hysteria and panic. The governments choose not to educate or inform the public of these findings. This prion disease was indestructible by heat, drugs, chemicals or sterilization..there was and is no know way to destroy it. Prion disease is actually very dangerous to all thinking life forms. Go to this link to learn more.… There were reports from many places on earth of mysterious cattle mutilations, especially in Argentina. The cattle were mysteriously lifted right off the fields they grazed on at night and were dropped back down with their only their brains and brain stems missing. My best understanding is that the scientists were flying around at night time with heat sensing equipment to find cattle that were infected with Prions as the Prion caused the cattles body temperatures to go way up. The scientists needed these specimens to study..some people claim seeing and hearing black helicopters… Or some believe UFOs..but remember UFO just means unidentified flying objects.. It does not necessarily mean alliens from other planets. It was long before the scientists realized the seriousness and danger to life on earth these alien life forms (which they called prions) from out space posed to us all. Overtime is was discovered that these were life forms that were water based and did not need oxygen to exist. I hope your still reading because it going to get allot better…you will never ever forget reading this article..I guarantee it. NASA discovered these life forms in orbit around our planet and studied them and began to understand how they could enter our atmosphere. NASA did not know why these life forms came or what might have attracted them here. I suspect it was all the radio microwaves we have been sending it outer space. Especially long ago when some scientist had what they thought was a bright idea to send out super powerful radio signals into outer space in hopes of getting a response from intelligent life forms that they believed we could communicate with. Will they got life forms alright. Just not the type they could communicate with. They attracted alien life form organisms. The link below will show you clearly what they looked like.. They actually looked like pac-mans from the popular video game. The Tether Incident & Space Station UFOs… So now I will get to the meaning of my article. It appears that the governments of the world came up with the extraordinary solution of spraying our out atmosphere with what is know as CHEMTRAILS with a cocktail of very very fine particulates of barium, aluminium and other unknown agents. To create a space shield around our whole planet. A space shield that would block these aliens life forms from entering our lower atmosphere. I could now try to prove to you that CHEMTRAILS are real but I do not need to do that.. There is an overwhelming amount of documented proof available on the Internet and you can go to a video site and search for `CHEMTRAILS’ videos to see for yourself. For those of you who need immediate undeniable proof that CHEMTRAILS are happening then se this video. www.project.nsearch…. You can go to my photo series on-line at these two sites and see very clear pictures of such at. Please check out pictures of CHEMTRAILS in and around Halifax Nova Scotia at… In this photo series below I photographed a second sun and I can not explain what that is.. Some say it is Planet X, Nibiru, The terminator, and many other names that are given to it. Planet X & CHEMTRAILS Sky on webshots community.webshots.c… So now we have skies that in the sunlight appear almost white from the CHEMTRAILS particulates. You see these very fine particulates get lit up by the sun and have turned our clear dark blue skies into a very pale blue sky. You might ask why is it that we can still see the stars at night if we are far from any cities light source. That is because the sun is not lighting up these fine particulates and blocking your view. The moon appears to have little effect at lighting up these particulates. As far as the CHEMTRAILS goes and why it is being done. There are many other speculations.. Such as chemical seeds to lower the worlds population. Which may also be very possible..There is proof that there definitely is an agenda by the New World Order to eliminate most of us.. Please read my article entitled `They want you dead is written in stone” I have written about the world depopulation agenda in many of my other articles. Operating out of the the UN World Health Organization and their CODEX alimentarious program. I assure you it is very real. Another possibility for the CHEMTRAILS or another included possibility is that the aluminium and barium metal particulates is to facilitate the H.A.A.R.P. Program which was a technology from the inventor Nikola Tesla HAARP is very real and can and does control weather and creates earthquake. The fine metal particulates fascilitates their ability to bounce their microwave beams off our ionosphere and target any location on earth with pinpoint accuracy thanks to portable on land GPS coordinate gathering equipment, where an individual with a small hand held unit enters the coordinates of the desired target. And also with the use of the very sophisticated satellites. I suspect that the Hubble telescope was intended for this purpose and possibly to observe this on coming planet x. Learn allot more about HAARP HERE here.… I told you you would never forget reading this article.. So are you going to look up at the sky now? . The Sky is not Blue.pdf

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