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From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-09-15 09:01:06

Attachments :   axisoflogic.com/artm…   Truth and the Twin Towers – Both Bite the Dust ( 5) Print This ShareThis By Cathy Garger Axis of Logic exclusive Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010 Dedicated to the angels with beautiful hearts and clipped wings, the emergency responders who toiled for days, giving their very lives – quite literally – often suffering debilitating diseases and disorders, dying slow and painful deaths for doing nothing more than trying to save the lives of 3,000… lives that had, for the most part, already been vaporized into fine dust.     The Beginning of Enlightenment  Unless you’re a reptile or psychopath totally devoid of conscience, I’ll bet anything that September 11 is an anniversary you’re unlikely to ever forget. Much like a soldier with PTSD, horrible images and gut-wrenching visuals come flooding back. And on these anniversaries, endless, horrendous freeze-frame pictures and video scenes playing flash back movies of real life horror scenes incessantly bombard our minds.   The single most horrific event imaginable took place nine years ago today and the nightmare was repeated so many times that, in our deepest recesses of brain functioning, the tragic memories will never leave us. These very images from the Big Apple were used to perpetuate wars without end in endless carnage and death-by-internal radiation poisoning upon entire populations – invasions, occupations, and genocide… waged against fabricated “terrorist”, “radical” or “insurgent” enemy groups wherever natural resources – goodies-to-be-coveted by barbarians hiding between the red, white, and blue – have been found.   Like soldiers who witness gut-wrenching horrors in battle, we, too, can count on being shell-shocked for the rest of our lives. By watching in full color the horrid beginning of a never-ending war on humanity, all of us who were 5 and older that particular September 11 are likely to be traumatized forever. And if you’re a bright person with a sharp, questioning mind, today you will watch with gut-wrenching disgust the news stations repeating the vile lies about cold-hearted Muslims who hate our freedoms. Thus, after nine years, no doubt you are sick and tired of the governments’ lies… falsehoods repeated and reinforced regularly to cement the lies in our deepest level of consciousness.   And the controllers have mighty good help with this, as the media works hand in glove with those in power to ensure America never discovers what really happened.   For longer than I care to share, I was one of those trusting lemmings. But eventually, after smelling something foul in the “official” rendition of the events of September 11, I began researching that day in earnest. After watching Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, I became a LIHOP (Let it Happen On Purpose) disciple, and then, upon further study, moved to the far more disturbing MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose) with an even darker, macabre sense of reality beginning to set in.   Soon thereafter, I became a member of the new Scholars for 9-11 Truth group. I did so hoping to work alongside others seeking to discover THE truth, THE definitive answer as to what exactly had pulverized two 110-story skyscrapers into little more than powdery dust. In an effort to absorb wisdom from so-called “experts,” I followed every word out of the mouths of these degreed individuals. And, as I did not discover till much later, most of these scholarly “experts” just so happened to be “retired” federal employees.   Fascinating, isn’t it, how these so-called 9-11 “experts” possess backgrounds in Army/Marine Intelligence, a weapons laboratory associated with the Department of [Advanced Fusion] Energy, Air Force space weapons, [directed energy weapons] plus a plasma and space engineering scientist [advanced energy technology] brought in later. These pillars of the 9-11 “Truth” community also included professors, an aged movie actor, and more than one “Man of God” as poster boys for Scientific Truth. Apparently, if you plan on creating a Movement designed to hide the weapon? It only makes sense to hire career men in these areas – all the better to sprinkle magic thermite dust all over the place to cover up the actual evidence.   Mind you, I did not recognize any of this initially as I’d never before even heard of the term “controlled opposition”.   Over a couple of years, however, certain things became obvious to those of us beginning to sniff the explosive stench of “super-thermite”. In essence, numbers of the curious and outraged grew, as an ever larger, more aware populace sought both answers and justice for the deaths of not just 3,000 in New York City, but rather, millions of innocents… including the deaths of Afghans and later, Iraqis, killed in the post-September 11 fabricated “War On Terror” via radioactive poison gas dispersed with gusto via NATO and US Uranium weapons.   So What’s All This About Controlled Opposition?  Like other growing citizen movements from the 1960s to the present day, after a few years those running the show apparently deemed the ever-growing numbers of 9-11 truth and justice-seekers in need of some “management.” The resulting operation, labeled the “9-11 Truth Movement”, sprung up initially out of big cities like New York, spreading eventually to large metropolitan areas throughout the US and beyond.   Official 9-11 Truth meeting content, discussions, films, speaking events and actions were pretty much cut from a cookie cutter mold from city to city: Let’s get a petition to the NY Attorney General’s office demanding a real investigation. Let’s wear our black t-shirts and stand at strategic street corners holding pre-printed 9-11 Truth signs. Let’s stage a 9-11 March. Let’s talk about put options and Larry Silverstein telling the firefighters to “pull” Building 7 (i.e. controlled demolition). Let’s table wherever crowds are gathered, passing out materials and selling our sanctioned books, CDs, and bumper stickers. Let’s discuss ad nauseum how 19 freedom-hating Arabs on suicide missions from Allah couldn’t fly small Cessna planes [never mind Boeing passenger jets] and how a certain janitor reportedly heard explosions in the North tower.   Although the 9-11 Truth Movement shtick was changed a bit here and there to reflect occasional new developments, the bottom line was always that the [doctored] “Truth” Americans would hear would be uniform throughout the nation. And at “Truth” events from Vermont to Vancouver, you would always be greeted with a cordial handshake from a bright, articulate individual wearing a black t-shirt and a smile, eager to guide you into Official 9-11 Truth-dom.   And although I’m embarrassed to admit it now, like many 9-11 activists and researchers years ago? I, too, was once sucked right into the teachings of the “Truth Movement” operation without as much as a clue.   The Operation’s Structure Becomes More Evident  It takes some time, but when one is paying enough attention, it eventually becomes obvious the “Truth Movement” is managed from the top, with a nationally organized central “Headquarters”. Yes, a southern organizer one time “slipped” and used that word in referring to her 9-11 Truth organizational contact to whom she reported. Thus, the kind of headquarters we’re talking about is not one you could visit, but rather… some sort of Spook Central with armed MPs out front.   No doubt, Truth Headquarters has a knack for selecting outgoing and inordinately bright and professional representatives and training them how to “guide” the 9-11 Outraged. With a slick, focused website and contact information for locations throughout the US, it’s not hard to see this is a well-organized deal. After talking to several such contacts in different cities, the pattern became crystal clear. Eerily, regardless of which city, these black shirts chant the same mantras, deliver the same explanations, quote the same saviors, and posit the standard WTC destruction theory without a moment’s hesitation. Why, from coast to coast, these contacts even send you the very same films, burned on homemade CDs, sometimes with stickers or a book if you’re lucky – mailed to you – for free!   Great way to capture the Truth seekers’ names and addresses, eh? Sure glad my tax monies go to fund such a worthy educational cause.   In fact, the more one meets these black-shirted organizers and authors of books filled with 9-11 lies, deception, and mis-direction, it becomes beyond obvious these minders of the Empire have a clear and specific agenda. In fact, once during a newly forming 9-11 Truth meeting, Webster Tarpley was talking to us on the speaker phone in the midst of Israel bombing the hell out of Lebanon. I later found it fascinating, at a 9-11 Truth event featuring a presentation by Tarpley centered around the fact that Cheney masterminded 9-11, (not dummy Dubya) that Tarpley’s wife and the wife of the local Truth organizer were both sitting together, all close and chummy.   Lesson Number One: when your gut feels uneasy? Pay attention.   These 9-11 Truth conversations were nothing if not predictable. Without exception, no organizer would ever (as in never) venture to share other, alternative, thermite-free theories. One time, a group leader became more than a bit distressed when I kept trying to chat about other plausible (i.e., non-thermite) ideas. I can still recall the pained expression on his face when he tried his best to be patient and diplomatically agree with one of my points: “Yes, all that talk about missiles at the World Trade Center is a really interesting theory, sure, and I tend to personally believe it might be true. But…” (and then he moved towards me, and whispered, as if about to share some top secret insider knowledge) “if we talk about these things, we will lose credibility and hurt The Movement. So let’s just try at first to stick to safe things – things people will understand.”   I wish I had a dollar for every Truth agent who admonished us not to “hurt the Movement”. This slippery agent out of Miami brought condescension to a whole new level of low by implying that preserving “the Movement” is more important than discovering exactly what went down. Thoughts of Jack Nicholson in the courtroom sprang to mind as he bellowed at Tom Cruise: “You can’thandle the truth!”   Preserving the single, unified “Movement” was THE primary mission with which they’d been tasked. Actual Truth, the honest discovery of what obliterated the twin towers as the goal, you say? Ha! In fact, the real goal of this professional op is Preservation-at-all-costs of the single-bullet (or, rather) single-thermite theory.   Behind the cordial facade at the Truth meetings and “expert” speakers’ presentations? These guys (and gals) are downright brutal. In fact, those who refuse to tow the line and regurgitate the dogma of the Official 9-11 Truth “Movement” are publicly trashed and subject to a steady onslaught of character assassinations that follow one around the various yahoo groups, forums, and blogs. Posts authored by anyone daring to challenge the “Official 9-11 Truth” Gospel-According-to-Los Alamos are banned from blogs and ridiculed publicly, like public floggings in village squares centuries ago.   Unfortunately for the free-thinking, anyone who dares challenge the Darlings of the “Truth Movement” are routinely slammed, ridiculed, or labeled in some manner of lunatic-ization. Whether called a whack-o, traitor, or dis- or mis-information agent, the message is clear. If one holds a theory or provides evidence other than the doctrine of the “controlled demolition” operation, he or she is marginalized by more than a few goons… whose job duties are limited to slam dunking anyone who dares not keep sacrosanct the doctrines of the Almighty God and Savior of Thermite.   The Tidy Movement Begins to Unravel  Eventually, when bright minds started researching and publishing things that did not quite “fit” with the Official 9/11 Truth Movement’s rendition of Truth, major drama ensued as the Scholars group was sharply divided into those who believe in Thermite and those who entertained other ideas. Those with other ideas were never mentioned on the national “Headquarters” organization website, for Thermite-only was their gospel.   But it wasn’t until September 11, 2006 that bells and whistles started going off for me. For it was on that day I met Dr. Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds at a 9-11 “Truth” event in Washington, DC, along with “patriot” Colonel Robert Bowman (Ronald Reagan’s Space Wars directed energy weapons guy). I introduced myself to Reynolds and Wood, but not without caution. I had read all over the Internet they were “dis-info” agents, so I approached them with reservation, curious to find out for myself why they had resigned from Scholars. After hearing how their research has been undermined, however, what I had been absorbing as Gospel Truth all suddenly started collapsing in rapid free-fall style.   After the meeting, I learned more in a few months than I had in years spent following the coat tails of the positioned “controlled demolition” experts. After examining more WTC pictures and those of controlled demolitions of other buildings, one thing became clear as the blue skies that September, 2001 morning: New York’s majestic skyscrapers clearly did not merely explode a la controlled demolition, but rather, were somehow otherwise pulverized into a voluminous quantity of fine dust powder… quite unlike any known conventional demolition event that preceded it.   It soon became apparent that whoever was being attacked most “energetically” for the crime of possessing views other than 9-11 “group think” were the very researchers worth listening to.     Those who started speaking out about the “other ideas” camp and refused to swallow the thermite pill were courted for various purposes. Yet this time, it was easy to see how free thinkers were being set up to go on radio shows, initially glorified, only to be slammed later in the interview. Eventually, there was no denying this pattern. By comparison, those in the controlled demolition camp were afforded a slick PR machine, complete with frequent speaking opportunities, and TV, radio, films, and print media limelight.   The alternative researchers with “other ideas”, however, remained in obscurity with no posse, no PR machine, and no funding.   Yet despite the relative anonymity of the independent researchers who have not yet exactly been catapulted into awareness of the general population? Rest assured… they, too, will one day have their day. All throughout history brilliant – albeit solitary – souls who dared hear the beat of a different drum were, at the time, made out to be as unstable, their theories or works declared inferior or unsound. Sadly, these researchers have been ridiculed mercilessly for their crime of thinking outside the box and challenging the Official 9/11 Truth Movement’s approved theories. Now, as we all know, it is typically these very same free-thinkers, ostracized during their time, who were – and still are – centuries later seen as the true geniuses they actually are.   Let’s not forget Vincent Van Gogh, the world renown artist, whose work was not valued nor appreciated in his day and sold only one of his paintings in his lifetime.   Coming to Grips  Getting to this place of waking up and smelling the stench of controlled opposition was not easy. It is difficult when we not only have to face head on the horrors of the perpetrators, but, too, the deceit of many in the opposition groups who posed as friends. Developing bonds with these characters can be painful when the truth behind their real mission eventually comes out. There are indeed a few such charlatans I let into my world, only to learn afterwards their concern about me was anything but benign.   Luckily, my antennae that tracks phonies finally sounded when two such “pals” were reluctant to share details about their families and lives, as friends typically do. And when one of them actually asked me outright for a written list of all my projects (so he could “get to know me better”) my inner alarm started to sound. These betrayals were perhaps even more difficult to bear than learning that the POTUS and his shadowy backers had carried out the whole deal in order to manufacture justification ad garner support from Americans for the illegal invasion, destruction, radioactive poisoning, and theft of resources – and poppy income in the Middle East.   Admittedly, this inner work is not easy. Discovery of such horror is likely to put even the most chipper spirits in a mighty dark state of funk. And what was nearly impossible to come to terms with was trying to figure out what kind of monsters would commit the mass murder of thousands of their very own? And then I remembered my college courses in psychopathology.   What suckers we were to believe the lies of supposed “Truth!” Eventually we came to realize those with lofty careers in Intel do not leave their line of work only to retire as “whistle blowers” and “patriots”… exactly the same way that that advanced energy weapon scientists do not pursue such careers merely to spend the rest of their days pushing explosives and controlled demolition, such as the kind of “Truth” Dubya told us about the “operatives” who planted explosives in the towers.   I swear I’m not making this up. On September 15, 2006, President George W. Bush, in the Rose Garden at the White House told reporters at a press conference:   “For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.”   So as we can see, Americans generally have no clue that not only do those in power lie, but so, too, do those who pretend to rally against the liars in power. These charlatans who hide behind choirboy images and “patriot” personas are specially trained how to speak with forked tongue… taught to keep the actual truth at bay and bring to their knees anyone who dares think for herself.   Eventually it becomes quite apparent that those who, er, “used to” work in high places for the feds were the ones with one agenda and one agenda alone: they would explain their theories, attempt to fit some science around them, declare the single, definitive method used to fell the towers – and Voila! Mission Accomplished! But this was not being done solely by the usual “Movement” characters alone. Over time, others chimed in to tell us Yes! It was Generation IV nukes! Or, look the other way – It was definitively, positively the instrument played by angels up in Alaska!   Professional Truthers like to neatly wrap things up for us. Once a weapon is named, then we can all go back to sleep.   This Weapon? That Explosive? What the Hell Difference Does It Make? If you say you know which precise weapon was used, you’d better have more than a theory and be able to provide some evidence, some proof of concept.   The difference with one independent researcher who split from our scholarly group, Dr. Judy Wood, for example, was that she presented evidence – in photos and words – leading us to consider the possibility that directed energy weaponry was used at the WTC. Note that Dr. Wood never stated which type of weapon was used. From her work we also learn why other methods were implausible to explain the pulverized dust. In essence, Dr. Wood presented evidence for us to consider, and simply asked the reader to open his own eyes and decide what happened for himself.   In addition, there were many other things (other than pulverization of the towers) upon which Dr. Wood and another researcher, Andrew Johnson, began to report on. These include fascinating experiments conducted by John Hutchison which demonstrated some proof of Nikola Tesla’s concepts, making a clear case for certain types of advanced energy phenomena discovered at Ground Zero.   Then, there’s spectacular intrigue and mystery reported on Dr. Wood’s website that’s better than anything out of Hollywood. It involves the not so little matter of a fusion scientist’s murder – a fellow who dared dispute the Los Alamos Weapons Lab-trained head Truth Movement’s fusion scientist’s work. And then, too, is another murder – this one of a grad student who just so happened to have worked as Dr. Judy Wood’s assistant in an experiment designed to debunk work of the Truth Movement’s fusion scientist regarding the glowing of aluminum. Even more intriguing? This now dead student was the nephew of the fellow who replaced the murdered scientist as Editor of an advanced energy magazine.   Sometimes what goes along with manufactured “Truth” is anything but pretty.   Fascinating research has also been brought to us courtesy of Dr. Wood involving Hurricane Erin. Traveling up the Atlantic coast since September 1, 2001 and becoming closest to New York City’s twin towers on September 11, 2001, Erin was tracked in an experiment conducted by NOAA (National Oceanic and Administrative Administration) and a NASA satellite “spacecraft”- outside the awareness of the American public.   Perhaps equally as fascinating? The Langley Research Center recorded Hurricane Erin taking a sharp turn away from the Big Apple, according to their experts at NASA’s spy facility. Some may call this an amazing coincidence. Others may want to read about the various roles played by satellites. Hint: They can do more than track storms.   Someone please tell me this. Since when do the weather people ever fail to tell us when a hurricane is headed for the US coast? And when in the world have they ever failed to tell us when a hurricane is heading straight for the Big Apple, particularly since New York City is not exactly a place where hurricanes normally strike? And why is it that Dr. Judy Wood, an unpaid independent researcher, picked up on Erin – and the space experiment taking place that day in a satellite over the Atlantic off the NYC coast when no one on the morning TV news stations did?   All of these oddities, lies, and omissions surrounding the “Truth Movement” are indeed disturbing. And while some merely throw up their hands and say, “So what? Who cares if it was thermite – or nukes – or advanced energy weapons, for that matter? What difference does it make if we ever find out what method they used to obliterate the towers, as long as we know who done it?”   The answer, dear reader, is both simple and critical to understand. While explosives and mini-nukes have often been named as the smoking gun for the murder of not merely 3,000 but actually, the lives of millions in Afghanistan and Iraq… these methods can forever be conveniently attributed to “operatives” planting them in the towers. There are certain exotic weapons, however, that only those in power in one nation could have used while not alerting its own air defense. This precisely points the finger (and, most appropriately, our middle one) directly at one nation – and one nation alone.   The gig is now up and the perpetrators know it. They have proven already they will go to any means necessary… and by that, I do mean any means necessary to preserve the carefully orchestrated facade that individuals from other nations were responsible for the hits in the Big Apple.   Whatever you do, don’t take my word for any of this. I did my homework and so you must, too. Review the resources below and decide for yourself. And if you’re disturbed by all this? Whatever you do, make some noise.   Could 9-11 be carried out again? To borrow a quote from one of the Movement’s most beloved choirboys, “we’ve done it before and we will do it again if need be.”       Resources:   LIHOP and MIHOP courtesy of Nico Haupt   Reliable source of all things decent, honest, and true, President George W. Bush agrees with the Truth Movement that explosives were planted in the towers merln.ndu.edu/archiv…   Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate? www.drjudywood.com/a…   Thermite Hypothesis – Consider the Science www.drjudywood.com/a…   Physical Effects and Pictures of Advanced Energy www.drjudywood.com/a…   The works of Andrew Johnson, Alternative Researcher with “other [good] ideas” www.checktheevidence…   Timeline: Fusion trashing, independent researchers, the 9-11 Movement’s Advanced Energy Choirboy, and 2 murders www.checktheevidence.co.uk/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=162&Itemid=60   Dr. Judy Wood’s Grad Student Science Researcher Murdered michaelzebuhr.blogsp…   Murder of Cold Fusion Scientist Who Stood Up to Dr. Steven Jones murder http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/JJ/JJ7.html   Learn more about Disinformation – What is it? How’s it used?

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