Numerology of Latest (False Flag) Terror Alert

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-10-08 14:28:02

I think it’s really funny that they have these terror alert levels – and they regularly report them – all the “terrorists” need to do is watch the news, then attack on a day when the alert is “low”. Mind you, I guess it’s the terrorists that are in charge of the “news” really….   9/11 truth Switzerland : Europe False Flag Terror Alert Severe Posted by on 2010/10/3 17:10:00 “Current intelligence suggests” a Mumbai style attack is being plotted in major locations in Europe, says Paul Cruickshank, a terrorism expert interviewed by CNN, but his informer Theresa May who is supposed to have access to the “intelligence” stated that they do not have enough information, which would account for them not having enough intelligence, but sarcasm aside they are not stupid (neither is Cruickshank even if that is the stage played at the time), but the message is:You should be afraid, Al Qaeda is plotting an attack where Germany along with France and Britain may be the main targets, even if Germanyhas not been well briefed about such plot with the not enough information for such attack.If this does not make sense to you don’t worry, it is not supposed to, for just as long as national security is the reason to keep secrets from the population, for just that long it will be tempting and possible for those in charge of national security to paternalize its population at best, or to disregard the law with impunity and turn against its population at worst.Does mean we should not be afraid about terrorism? Far from it, terrorism exists although it is usually perpetrated as a self inflicted wound to justify wars or policy making.Just as a CNN reporter was able to interview the by then most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden just a few weeks before 9/11, just the same CNN appears to spin the fear of a big attack while having access to the actual agenda that is fragmented into not enough information, this selective intelligence from the terrorist experts and chiefs of state that CNN interviews somehow let both the reporters and the authorities wash their hands. Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May is after all just the secretary.The first October Surprise happened to be plotted by people who believe in astrology, numerology, and magic which are usually dismissed by the status Quo mainstream population , but just as the Ossetia War was triggered at the moment the Olympians inaugurated the Beijing Olympic games the 8 of August of 2008, 8 8 8 , it should be pertinent to watch for the secret clubs of the deceivers and murderers to try something the 10 10 10, or just the 10 10 for that matter.October is the month marked in history massacres and bizarre events, t month of a happy trigger for Nazis in WW2, mass murder like Odessa , Nemmersdorf, Mexico 68 and even the Chain Saw massacre to name only a few Halloween tricks and treats.October, Osiris is betrayed by Scorpio.On September 11/12 1307 a plan was sealed in France by Philip IV and Pope Clement V to betray Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Temple, the Knights Templar, on Friday October the 13Th of 1307. Some knights were burnt for the spectacle while most were kept as as a needle, (or rather as Rosicrucian thorns) under the Mason’s Scottish Rite hay, the Pope gave the property of the templars “most banks” to his other wing the Knights Hospitaller of St. John or Knights of Malta.911 months before September 2009 ( 9 – 9) The Thammasat University Massacre took place on October 1933.This massacre in turn took place 911 months afterthe Mountain Meadows Massacre of September 11, 1857.Also the Zong Massacre of 1781 took place 911 months before the Mountain Meadows Massacre.There are 911 days between September 11 2001 and the Madrid train bombings, which in turn took place 911 days before the 9TH anniversary of the Waco Texas massacre and 911 days before the 11Th anniversary of the Oklahoma Building Bombings. The later 2 are the 9Th and 11Th anniversaries of April 19 1995 and April 19 1993 respectively on 2010.There are 911 weeks from the Waco massacre to the first week of October 2010.You can find a good date calculator at this linkIf the truth movement is the real target, a situation to watch out for is a massive cyber attack, the internet would then be replaced with a censorship controlled internet for “national security”, so back up all information, articles, sites etc….Hopefully though, exposing is preventing.      Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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