Re: FW: Time Travelling to 1928? And Seeing Words in the Future!


Date: 2010-10-23 15:01:00

Posted a comment to the Charlie Chaplin movie scene: possibly there’s a medical explanation. It looks like a usual phone receiver held by this woman. I imagine she had a problem with a condition like logorrhoea and the doctor gave her a disposed of phone receiver and told her to speak to the phone receiver to canalize her uncontrolled actions and not distrurb the environment, and: best, “go to the circus where it’s loud and there are enough other crazy people”… At 11:49 23.10.2010, you wrote: >—–Original Message—– >From: Martyn >Sent: 22 October 2010 16:39 >To: Martyn Phillips >Subject: let’s all do the time warp again > >man in drag chatting on a mobile in 1928? > > > >also > > > > > >

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