Compliance and Acquiescence Disorder – CAD

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-11-03 17:25:51

Attachments : Please repost on blogs, websites etc   www.checktheevidence…   “Compliance and Acquiescence Disorder” – CAD   By an Individual Free Thinker (Andrew Johnson, ad.johnson@ntlworld….)   The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), published by the American Psychiatric Association,  has recently included a diagnosis of something termed Oppositional Defiant Disorder which it  defines as “a recurrent pattern of negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behaviour towards figures of authority”. Though this is included in a section entitled “Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence”, there is at least that word “usually”.   However, it has become clear over the last few years, that many intelligent individuals have started to exhibit the symptoms of another form of “mental disturbance/disorder”.   In simple terms, it manifests itself as a loss of independent thought. Typical symptoms include blindly following authority and believing everything one is told or believing what is shown on TV. Additionally, sufferers have a tendency to accept, without question, the opinions of those who give the appearance of being “experts”.   People suffering from this disorder usually watch too much TV or read too many newspapers. Their understanding of many topics commonly discussed in the media is generally shallow. In some cases, for those sufferers who have completed further or higher education they seem to experience an apparent difficulty in applying their usual analytical and research skills outside of their main area of study. They seem to exhibit a kind of “fear” and have a specific reaction when they are presented with certain types of information. This reaction is perhaps best described as Evidence Denial Disorder (EDD). This comes about when they are shown evidence which, under circumstances which would not challenge authority or an entrenched view, they would more readily examine and study without an immediate (usually negative) reaction . Some examples are given below.   Scientists who fully understand the laws of gravity, how things burn and even have a good grasp of chemistry and nuclear physics have failed to notice steel girders turning to dust – believing instead, they just ‘burned down’ – because a few news reports and some official-looking documents said so.…   This is probably in part because their mental disorder has also been suffered by many scientists and ‘experts’ the world over. When the steel turning to dust is shown to these experts, a combination of EDD and CAD kick in – possibly induced by Fear of Loss of Employment (FOLE). EDD can sometimes manifest as a form of tourettes syndrome – especially in internet media – where strings of insults are “fired” at those challenging the EDD sufferer to explain evidence (of the steel turning to dust).   This is therefore symptomatic of an additional related disorder – Herd Mentality Disorder – HMD. Sufferers of this disorder forget that Science is based on the study of evidence. They believe instead, in specific cases, that the truth is established by consensus and that evidence can be liberally ignored to allow conclusions to be made even though they are completely wrong or inappropriate. They think that EDD will create “harmony” and “unity” among a group of researchers, for example.   Also, people suffering from this disorder are averse to intellectual challenges. For example, they are unable to study the evidence and come to the realisation that a number cures and non-toxic treatments for cancer have been suppressed for about 70 years. Their compliance and acquiescence prevents them from doing research thoroughly enough to establish this and FOLE will often come into play here.   Similarly, EDD/CAD sufferers are not able to process data relating to the idea of non-human entities interacting with us. All evidence pertaining to such ideas is automatically filtered and/or rejected without it passing through the normal cognitive processing centres of the brain (“cognitive dissonance”). For example, study of DNA evidence – which would normally be quite acceptable in the study of a establishing family lineage or whether a person was involved in a crime, is suddenly not acceptable as a way of proving something.   This leads these people to live in a false limited reality – believing they have unlimited freedom. They fail to see the severe boundaries which are being externally applied to their freedom and so possibilities for the expansion of their consciousness are routinely shut down – usually without the person realising that this is happening.   One has to wonder if the spread of this disorder has come about with the administering of vaccinations, many of which have toxic substances in them. Vaccines are directly injected into the bloodstream – thereby bypassing many of the body’s natural defence mechanisms. It is possible that this causes brain function to be adversely effected – causing an increased risk of manifestation of any or all of CAD, EDD and HMD.   The internet has been something of a “battleground”, where those sufferers of CAD, EDD and HMD often participate in forums, using anonymous handles, and insult those people who focus on presenting evidence and asking HMD sufferers to explain the anomalies. When an EDD, CAD or HMD sufferer is moderator, they too may remain anonymous and then either delete or lock threads where evidence is being presented and CAD sufferers are being challenged.   Compliance and Acquiescence Disorder (CAD) can be taken advantage of by those with False Authority Disorder (FAD). FAD results from an inflation of ego and a propensity for exaggeration, or fear mongering or over-assertion of one’s personality. FAD increases the tendency of those suffering from it to ignore evidence (a variation on EDD), “bend the truth” or outright lie – in an effort to improve their standing among CAD sufferers.   The polarisation between those still able to think independently and focus on evidence – wherever it takes them – and CAD, EDD and HMD sufferers seems to be increasing – perhaps as it is realised just what is at stake.   Please note, that this article has been written by someone “affected” by EAA – Evidence Analysis Affinity. If you think you might be suffering from CAD, EDD or HMD, then you probably will have a negative reaction to this article – if this has exacerbated your condition, then please accept this apology and realise that your recovery will only be possible if you study the evidence before coming to conclusions.   (Final note: Does this article show that anyone can come up with an abbreviation and a plausible description of something that appears to be a “disorder” when in reality, it is just completely fabricated. The only difference in its presumed validity seems to be where you read it.)   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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