BBC Radio 5 and Local BBC on Cattle Mutilations

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-11-08 13:59:07

Thanks to Felicity for this info – I have saved the audio (only 3 minutes long) here:   www.checktheevidence…   Of equal interest, there was an interview with John Challis (Boycie of Only Fools and Horses), on radio 5 live this morning at just before 7am.  He was talking about living in Shropshire and being interested in animal mutilations and you-know-whats.  He has interviewed a lot of farmers who have experienced the phenomenon.  It’s on play it again at 57.08 minutes and the documentary itself will be on Inside Out West Midlands tonight at 7.30pm.   Could be worth alerting everyone to this?  With Sky, even if you live outside the West Midlands you can still record it as all the regional BBC1 channels are available.……   Thanks, Felicity.   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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