FW: PRG Update – November 9, 2010

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-11-10 18:24:53

Interesting, though again Mr Pope is presiding – just in case things get “out of hand”…? From: Paradigm Research Group [mailto:PRG@paradigmresearch…] Sent: 09 November 2010 17:29To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: PRG Update – November 9, 2010 Paradigm Research Group      PRG Update – November 9, 2010  Albert Hall and Oxford University
www.royalalberthall…. Nick Pope recently presented in one of the side lecture rooms at the Royal Albert Hall.  He was the first person to speak on the UFO subject at this legendary venue.  It was standing room only with about 300 attendees.  According to the ticket office, the event could have been sold several times over.   Robert Hastings, the author of the very important book UFOs and Nukes will be speaking at Oxford University on November 24. Like the extraterrestrial life conferences held at the Royal Society of London and the Vatican, these are notable markers the UFO/ET issues are breaking through the glass ceiling of the truth embargo. Denver Ballot Initiative
www.extracampaign.or… The proposed Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission received 20,162 (15.8%) votes in favor and 106,776 (84.1%) votes against.  Some thoughts.  Was this a national  referendum on the UFO/ET issue?  No.  Had it been passed, would the advocacy movement have touted it as a referendum?  Yes.  Will debunkers treat the loss as a national referendum?  Yes.  What really happened?   Jeff Peckman executed a two year activist project which generated a considerable amount of media coverage for the issue.  Over 80 examples of that coverage are archived at the PRG website.   He conducted himself in a very professional manner and raised public awareness. Passage of the Initiative would have been very difficult.   Polling results show about 50% of the American people believe the UFO phenomenon has an extraterrestrial origin.  That means the other 50% of those voting were highly unlikely to vote for the initiative.   Not surprisingly a majority of those who might have voted yes felt the matter of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race was best addressed at the federal level, which it is, only in secret fashion without public involvement. Jeff deserves great credit for two years of hard work.   Other similar initiatives are expected elsewhere in the nation for the 2012 election. Exopolitics World Network (EWN)
www.exopoliticsworld… The EWN welcomes Exopolitics Brazil and its administrator Wlad Taveira (Vostok). EWN Cities Initiative
www.paradigmresearch… Anyone who wishes to host a regular (such as monthly) meeting to discuss UFO/ET/Exopolitical issues can register their group with the EWN.  The city (and if needed the neighborhood) and host email address will be listed to help people connect with the group.   Example:  Exopolitics Los Angeles (Hollywood) – host email PRG Speaking Engagements
www.paradigmresearch… PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will present in:    Bradenton, Florida – November 13    Petaluma, CA – November 19    Lawrence, KS – March 18-20 PRG 2010 Fundraiser
www.paradigmresearch… [This is the third and final posting for the once-a-year fund raiser for PRG’s advocacy work to end the UFO/ET truth embargo.   Since typically only about one-third of even a directed group emailing gets opened, it was posted thrice.  Please pardon the repetition.] The United States economy is in serious trouble largely due to decades of bad policies.  That means most of you aren’t in such good shape either.   And you are also well aware that bad governmental policy is not confined to just the economic sector.   The levels of distrust, paranoia and lack of confidence in government and media institutions are at unprecedented low levels.  PRG believes Disclosure of the ET presence leading to the emergence into the public domain of ET derived technology is the key to turning things around.  It could lead to a technological/economic renaissance and an age of reform and restructuring.  The question is constantly asked, “When will Disclosure happen?”   The best answer is, “Disclosure is inevitable and soon.  But will it be soon enough?” PRG is presently $40,000 in debt primarily due to X-Conference 2010.  An effort is ongoing to find a major funder – PRG’s S. R. Hadden – to make new projects like Contact 2011 and the Citizen Hearing possible and allow for the expansion of ongoing projects such as the Exopolitics World Network Cities Initiative and the Fax on Washington.  Right now this effort is focused overseas as almost all funding sources in the U. S. remain frozen behind the truth embargo. Eventually major funding will turn up, but until then, your contributions are critical to keep things moving forward.   Information about contributing to PRG is at the above webpage. Much Thanks,Stephen BassettExecutive Director ____________________________________________ Paradigm Research Group4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814PRG@paradigmres…  202-215-8344www.para… .  .. . .. .. . . . . ..If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or you wish to update your profile, please click here.

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