FW: Important to understand about Starchild

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-11-10 18:25:03

  From: Lloyd Pye Updates [mailto:lloyd@lloydpye.com] Sent: 09 November 2010 19:23To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Important to understand about Starchild    I receive a large number of emails similar to the one below. I can’t ignore them because questions like this are at the heart of much of the negative criticism about the Starchild Skull and me. Also, if I do ignore these kinds of queries, the blog trolls who live to pick me apart will have a feast at my expense, generating even more complaints for me to cope with.   It’s a never-ending cycle, so let’s use this example to try to clear up at least some of the misconceptions out there about the Starchild Skull and what I’m trying to do to bring its case to a rapid and definitive conclusion.   Hello,   I was wondering why don’t you mention the sources or the various labs that did recent (2010) analysis to the DNA. Don’t take me wrong but if you’re honest then you aren’t very good at demonstrating honesty and willingness. Just publish your damn sources so it can be corroborated by others, as simple as that. I’ll give you a simple example:   – “…the head of a large genetics lab in the U.S.”  a poor choice of words when you should have named the lab itself and/or the geneticist, you showed ease when talking about Trace Genetics back in 2003, so what’s different now? For the common person it clearly seems as speculation on your behalf. I appreciate your comment on this, thanks!     We don’t reveal our lab or our geneticist because the scientific mainstream’s “mafia” that is in charge of forcing all scientists to toe a conservative line would have his job and put the lab out of business for “taking sides” or “advocating” on behalf of someone trying to establish UFO or alien reality. That is one of the most serious offenses a mainstream scientists can make, along with supporting bigfoot or other hominoids in any way.   Once we had enough money to pay the Trace Genetics group in 2003, they were then EMPLOYED by us, earning their money, doing their jobs in a normal way. In that case there was nothing the mainstream mafia could say. Everyone is in business to make money, including the mafia members who maintain their careers on grant money. The problem is that the geneticist now helping us, and the lab he works for, are doing so without being fully compensated for their services because they understand what they are dealing with in the Starchild, and they know compensation will eventually come.   Another problem is that our geneticist does not have a COMPLETE genome in hand so that it can’t be doubted by skeptics. All he has now is a PARTIAL recovery (about 30,000 base pairs) representing a tiny percentage of the entire 3 billion base pair genome. That small amount is highly INDICATIVE, but it is not DEFINITIVE. Only the full genome recovery will be definitive in the way it must be to satisfy mainstream skeptics.   I work steadily at raising the money needed to carry out a complete genome reocovery so we will have the definitive proof we need, and when we have the money to pay the lab and the geneticist, THEN it will be safe to reveal their names, just as we did during the DNA testing at Trace Genetics in 2003. And, of course, after the complete results are in hand, all documentation and films of the process will be submitted for analysis by others who will want to replicate the results to verify them.   As much as we all might wish otherwise, there is no way to accelerate this process, no way to cut corners. If there were, I would have done so long ago. You can’t imagine how tired I am of responding to doubts like the ones you’ve expressed. I want this ordeal finished more than anyone anywhere.     With that said, let me assure this list that we are now deep into the process of arranging a new DNA test using equipment that can recover from a few hundred thousand to a few million base pairs. This will be a HUGE step forward for us, and we’re awaiting the results with baited breath. The answer won’t be available before I return from Europe on Dec. 1st, but we are confident of a result before Christmas.   At that point we will be in a MUCH stronger position in terms of presenting a compelling case to investors, and for quieting so much criticism on the internet. So do keep those fingers and toes crossed for us!     😉         Lloyd Pye   www.LloydPye.com
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