FW: NEW video–More Hutchison Healing Gulf with Frequencies *update*

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-11-16 23:19:14

  From: cara.fay@gmail.com [mailto:cara.fay@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Cara FaySent: 16 November 2010 05:55Subject: Fwd: LINK!!..NEW video–More Hutchison Healing Gulf with Frequencies *update* New video. And new Sterling Allan article… Sterling is doing a superb job and really is the only news outlet to feature the latest reports.It was such an honor to finally meet him and be mentioned in his articles as well.John and Nancy were in Bayou La Batre just recently….now in route to the next place (Ground Zero) – Grand Isle, updated article now features the latest video &  the Michael Jackson EARTH SONG video I shared with Nancy & John H (and everyone else I knew!) that I found back in June – thanks to Gulf resident Denise Rednour whose poignant video of images of ‘Farewell the the Gulf of Mexico”, alerted me to it. She is featured in the latest gulf video as well.I knew the human (grassroots vs govt & bp) intention & efforts would be a big part of helping restore this tragedy –   when Nancy told me at that time, that the work they were doing in the lab was similar to what the video at the end portrayed  – I was floored.I was so moved and blown away and completely believed that their work with the frequencies would indeed help instigate that restoration.Just with what has happened in the last couple of weeks and again with the update from Nancy the last couple of days- seeing the results – all I can say is WOW.This is really manifesting. I think WE as a collective & this technology may indeed be the 100th Monkey.As Joel Garbon just mentioned in the Abundant Clean Energy Conference I just attended. – (Mother Earth) is in need of crutches…right now – until we can ascend and ‘function on our own’ – this technology and tools are needed to get the healing and restoration started on this planet, that is so desperately needed as the ‘old’ infrastructure is crumbling before our very eyes.Thanks Nancy for reminding us of this song again.The fruition is here…the healing has begun!And we are just getting started here!Here is the original video to see if u haven’t already, that Sterling featured in this article from my friend Steve Colbern’s tests….pesn.com/2010/11/06/… first two articles are listed at the bottom of the  articleMore incredible progress is coming up. I speak with Nancy almost daily… They now have a full time doc filmmaker following their work for the next week so we will get more updates on Clean The Gulf YouTube channel.www.youtube.com/Clea… for sharing this incredible story….Thanks all~Love~ Light ~Peace~Cara– Cara Fay702-987-4600 c

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