Infinite Energy – But not for the Masses…

In this presentation we will attempt to look at:

  • What do we mean by “Infinite Energy” “Free Energy”?
  • What some people have said about free energy devices
  • Tesla Reproductions-Palsness
  • Wilhelm Reich
  • Cold Fusion — Dr Eugene Mallove and Steve Jones
  • John Hutchison’s experiments and Batteries
  • Water Powered Vehicles
  • Bedini Motors
  • Magnetic Motor Reproduction (Howard Johnson)
  • Bruce De Palma and the N-Machine
  • Death of Inventors
  • Dr Steven Greer and his “Energy Projects”
  • Why we have not got widespread use of Free Energy
  • Weaponisation of the technology


Global BEM – 2012 Version

2010 Version


Sorry about the audio level variation – several sources of audio and I wasn’t able to get all the levels equalised – I tried. 

Audio of speaker’s voice improves after first 10 minutes (I forgot to switch on my voice recorder!)

Part 1: 
Youtube Version
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