FW: Great visual graphic, and two reminders

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-12-19 11:08:04

  From: Lloyd Pye Updates [mailto:lloyd@lloydpye.com] Sent: 19 December 2010 01:07To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Great visual graphic, and two reminders    Today I received a wonderful visual graphic about the scale of everything. It goes from the range of too small to imagine, which I do think is possible to reach, up to the scale of how far we can possibly know at present, which I think is not absolute and will be up to future generations to determine. We can only know what we can know now, and this graphic is one of those things that I always put in a “Keeper” file for possible later use. I suspect a lot of you will do that with it, too.   When you pull it up, there will be a scale bar below the screen. A circle is in the middle of the scale. Move it all the way to the left and then slowly move it all the way to the right. You’ll see what I mean. An incredible amount of work has gone into producing it, but its value is terrific.    primaxstudio.com/stu…   The reminder is to try to find time to view the 80-minute video wherein I explain the entire Starchild backstory, up to the latest DNA revelations. It’s filmed in Hi-Def, edited brilliantly by people who really know what they’re doing, which makes me come off sounding better than I ever have in any previous video.   If you want the best information about the Starchild, or if you want someone else to know about it (maybe friends or family who feel you’re nuts to think aliens could possibly exist), this is a good way to suggest that they try to examine the issue from your perspective. Trust me, it can get a lot of monkeys lifted off of a lot of backs….   🙂   newparadigm.no/web/guest/interview-Lloyd-Pye   Also, the newly revised eBook is pure dynamite. The feedback I’m getting about it is awesome, some of the best I’ve ever had. So don’t miss out on it. 47 pages packed with photos and illustrations, and the absolute cream of crucial information about the Starchild skimmed off for perusal and digestion. The interview and the eBook make for a powerful combination of evidence that we’re solidly on the right track with the Starchild, and absolute proof of its genetic origins is not far away. Check out the eBook’s hundreds of details and you’ll see that for yourself.   www.starchildproject…   If I don’t write again before Christmas, I wish to all of you the absolute best of Holiday seasons! Enjoy!!!!      Lloyd Pye   www.LloydPye.com
  Starchild eBook: www.starchildproject… Starchild paperback book: www.starchildproject… Everything You Know Is Wrong: www.lloydpye.com/eyk… Mismatch (hi-tech spy thriller): www.lloydpye.com/fic… A Darker Shade of Red (football novel): www.lloydpye.com/fic…
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