Antigravity – 2004 Interview with Eugene Podkletnov

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-12-19 13:48:35

Attachments : This chap seems to have “gone underground” since this was filmed – along with Ning Lee.   It’s interesting that this interview has been posted by AlienScientist – who is a 911 thermite sniffer – and I had to make a video about him almost 2 years ago. AlienScientist also claims to be a friend of Edgar Fouche, according to YouTube messages I received from someone claiming to be Edgar Fouche. He wrote to me (see below) after I commented on his YouTube channel (about 911) and I am pretty sure he deleted my first  comment.   I get the feeling that the anonymous AlienScientist is trying to “manage” the flow of information from people like Fouche and Podkletnov… I could be wrong…     efearfull Edgar Fouche – Flying Triangle I’m on OMF (Open Minds Forum) almost daily. Edgar Fouche – Special Guest. You will find a lot of answers to your questions there. Also >Area 51 > Edgar fouche /// And videos on antigravity and UFOs. Sent to: adjuk  Re: Edgar Fouche – Flying Triangle Thanks – I had to make a video about AlienScientist a year ago.I personally think he’s leading people away from the truth on certain issues. He started deleting my comments when I asked tough questions about his YouTube video. Then he deleted the video I was… I have found forums are too polluted now for useful discussion – too much anonymity which prevents open, honest clear discussion.I had to write a book about my experience with researching into what happened on 9/11 – which intimately involves black technology – and we know (roughly) how it works too. AlienScientist didn’t want to talk about this, it… (also available free on my website, when the fault has cleared)You can find the research of my friend Dr Judy Wood here:… website is currently experiencing technical difficulties 9:59 Add to Added to queue 911 – The Key Evidence – 1/2     efearfull AlienScientist – Edgar Fouche My name is Edgar Fouche, Author (Alien Rapture) and Guest on OMF (Open Minds Forum). You can find my book free on lucianarchy.proboard… I’m not going to get into a long debate, but AlienScientist is a long time friend. He’s smart, articulate, and a scientist. He has theories about many different things, just as you do. He makes videos about his opinions and posts them just as you do. It’s his YouTube Channel and he has the right to pull or delete anyone’s comments. The same right you have. Some of his stuff is far out, just as some of your videos are. A real scientist would NOT use their real name while they have a career without bringing harsh peer judgment down upon themselves. Live and let live. You, AlienScientist, and I will never know the real truth about many things. God Bless, Ed Fouche Sent to: adjuk efearfull Re: Re: Re: Edgar Fouche – Flying Triangle Edgar,Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply! I will try to read your book at some point. Thanks for telling us who you are.There is no need to debate. As we know, night follows day. Here are some facts:1) The WTC towers turned to dust in 10 seconds each – thermite does not turn steel to dust – nano, super, thermate, spray on – whatever.2) Hurricane Erin was closest to NYC on 9/11 at about 8am3) Dr Judy Wood, former professor of mechanical engineering has posted a forensic study of 9/11 evidence which shows characteristics of the Hutchison Effect in the evidence – here is part of… is essentially proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, an undisclosed technology was used to destroy the WTC – perhaps it is related to the technology which powers the TR-3B.We also know that John Hutchison was visited in 1983 by a team from Los Alamos National Labs – headed up by Colonel John Alexander (I have audio and documents which prove this).AlienScientist (whatever his real name is), will not discuss this evidence – instead, he promotes thermite – which does not explain the evidence. AlienScientist does not seem keen, as I am, to expose the link between Steven E Jones, Energy and 9/11. Steven E Jones coined the term “cold fusion” and Dr Eugene Mallove (now dead) mentioned him on 100 pages of his book about Cold Fusion “Fire From Ice”It strikes me as odd that someone like AlienScientist (and at least one of his supporters who declared himself an “enemy of mine” – whatever that means – when I said I didn’t see any point in debating with someone who was covering up evidence – as was proved by the video I sent you) does not want to talk about the weapon system that was used on 9/11 – as it is important to global security and understanding who is truly “running the planet”.We certainly will NOT find out much we:1) Ignore evidence2) Do not take others to task, who should know better, when they are helping to ignore or cover up evidence.So, yes, we can live and let live – absolutely – as long as we are aware of each other’s behaviour and who is ignoring and mis-representing evidence and who isn’t. I suppose I am in a much different position than you and AS – as I have never worked for the military and have no connections to them or the intelligence services. So this means I can do different things maybe.With best wishes and regardsAndrew JohnsonUK   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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