FW: UK MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplemnent) Distrubutor – Home forcibly

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-12-22 22:36:50

 Derek Ellis sells MMS – a simple and effective treatment (essentially one of the oxygen therapies, as I understand it).   Trading standards have now tried to use strong arm tactics against him. Apparently someone has made a complaint against him – but he is not allowed to know who….   Read the story below. From: mms@alternativeconce… [mailto:mms@alternativeconce…] Sent: 22 December 2010 18:05To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: Derek ELLIS under ATTACK———you have a right to know Dear Friends, On the 17th of November 2010, 19:00. Approximately 10 to 15 people from various, local government departments, which included officers from trading standards and police entered my home under the force of a warrant issued by the Barrow In Furness Magistrates court. This action is based on the premise of certain infringing goods and Regulation 23 of the General Safety Regulations 2005 www.legislation.gov…. stated on the warrant issued to me. At the time I was not home; My wife was at home alone and the above officers forced entry to our home by preventing my wife from closing the door. Thankfully my 19 month little boy of was sleeping and was not subjected to this totally unnecessary, irrational, behaviour from the very people who present themselves as the caring protectors of individuals within society. As I engaged in dialogue with the officer from the trading standards, Mr Eamonn Quinn from the Ulverston, Trading standards office, I asked the reason for his presence; I was informed firstly, there has been a complaint from a person who bought a product from my web site www.alternativeconcepts.co.uk ( which is currently unavailable will details about this incident will be there soon). I was then, informed, later this complaint was from Trading Standards Central office, and then again, from a person, of whom I have no details. Through the fear of protecting my wife and son from the potential danger from these individuals i directed them to the MMS solutions stored in my garage they claim are in infringement. All items were seized, along with my computer and mobile phone. The computer is the only item which has been returned. My mobile phone has not. So please do not try to call me on it, please call 07831550765. I cannot support the actions of these organisations that will go to these lengths on the strength of ONE CONPLAINT. It is incomprehensible and completely unjust that such extremes are within the guidelines of Trading Standards. Imagine a business man coming to your home, forcing entry because you complained about their product, imagine how unacceptable this would be. Imagine owning a business and a customer complained about your product, you can expect Trading Standards to seize all your products, computers, imagine the damage to your business, your livelihood, your personal well being yet this is what has happened to me. I would like it to be known publically that I find it completely unacceptable, unjust and irrational behaviour from the above agencies that have entered my PRIVATE home through the use of force because there is a complaint; one complaint from an unknown individual. The social structures and organisations like the Trading Standards who openly claim, safer stronger communities are principle functions designed to PROTECT individuals within our society from criminal elements of consumer goods is now very debatable and the competency of those who are in public office, using public money is uncertain based on the events above. I think, this is a very clear example why this country is bankrupt and local authorities employ individuals who do not care nor have experience to spend public money. Our current television and newspapers continue to tell you and me, we have a massive debt. You and me do not have debt. Local authorities and banks have debt through irresponsible spending, mismanagement, fraud, incompetence and the inability to produce free competitive values for all in society. Our council taxes are rising, yet the forced value is reducing, we are paying more and receiving less, we are working harder and resting less. When you compare this, to the amount of tax which provides the very generous salaries of £100,000 plus to local authority senior heads which are non completive, employ thousands of people they do not need and provide the worst services within society, it is clear why our financial structures have failed. Please excuse me I have gone of the point, as you can read I am extremely upset about this whole situation and hopefully when the facts are presented, based, on solid science, WHO statistics and documents, substance amounts, hazards and risks, mixers and substances, official independent documents, ADR, REACH, CLP and the EPA data then this matter will be completely seen from a whole new context. The issue of this warrant is a very clear example of how neither REASON nor communication was attempted from the trading standards to resolve an alleged single complaint regarding this solution. Who will protect the innocent? Who have not defrauded or used force against any single person, I base my core principles on being honest, my family and producing objective values so these values can be exchanged freely between all people for whatever reason they choose to benefit from them. On the 17th November 2010 my life changed forever, I am now made to feel that I am the criminal, the killer of life, values and peoples happiness. The Trading Standards will now attempt to show through the dishonest uses of Non sequiturs and out of context facts and statements that I am a criminal who has no regard for people’s health safety and well being. For those of you who know me, you will know that I am none of the above and it is to you, that I write this letter to inform you I will no longer be able to provide the water purification solution, which I have never conducted this as a business as many of you know I have always provided my knowledge and support so that people can safely engage through free choice in the areas which they choose. However I need to now focus on protecting my wife and little boy from irrationality which is legally allowed to operate within OUR society. My whole ability to live productively, feed my family and pay my way through life is now, I fear, in grave jeopardy due to these people entering my place of employment with a warrant, without regard for the embarrassment or implications that this has caused which may result in the termination of employment from a company that I have produced and provided values for more than 12 years. If I am to be a criminal for helping others, then my ability to feed my family will be destroyed. It will be destroyed in the public interest because Mr Quinn at Trading Standards claims to operate from the premise of safer stronger communities. As demonstrated in these events, agencies and individuals can, without regard to honest objective law, which protects individuals and earned property from force and fraud, can terrorise, steal and use force against anyone whom they believe will pose a threat to others without verifiable evidence, facts or basis. These are the very same principles we can observe from history e.g. Nazi Germany before the Second World War. Is history repeating it’s self? We have spent Billions of pounds and lost 100’s of innocent British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the 1.5 + million innocent citizens in these countries who work like you and I to support their, families are now dead because of lies and dishonesty expressed by the British government. Weapons of mass destruction deception are a clear example, of which, after ten years have never been found. If our leaders, past and present that use dishonesty, fraud and deceptions to invade other countries and claim monies through bogus expenses and are legally exempt from their actions and responsibilities then our local social structures will also be protected and exempt from crimes, fraud, force and deceptions committed in our name. Our future, our children’s future will be doomed if this nothingness is not prevented by hard working people like you and me. I can assure you, I will do EVERYTHING in my ability to prevent these social crimes being committed and not prosecuted in front of the public. This is you and me, we are the public. What do I ask of you? · Please send this email to everyone you know who uses MMS water purification solution on your contact lists and everyone who does not. · I am looking for help in the following areas:- · Legal cost, donations, which will be returned if not used. · Legal guidance from honest individuals. · Qualified Chemist, scientist and other professionals in regulatory areas. · Honest media who can present facts in context, and not use deception, collusion. · Psychologist · Language Linguist · Video cameraman and editor. These unjust actions most be prevented from happening in our society; our freedoms must not be lost to these individuals in government agencies who exist through force or the threat of force to justify their existence. Who hide behind subjective laws created only for the purpose of uncompetitive individuals gaining favourable advantages which they would otherwise not gain through MORAL AND ETHICAL principles. We are reputedly a democracy and we can choose our HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WELBEING. I must also state that not all of our public servants are lazy and dishonest, in fact, the largest majority are hard working and really make a difference to people’s lives. However, there are small proportions who are destroyers of values and happiness through their irrational, life threatening harsh actions. My email address is ellis_derek@hotmail…. Thank you for your time Important Definitions infringing goods = goods which are made in infringement of a copyright or patent Non sequitur = 1. a statement having little or no relevance to what preceded it, 2. a conclusion that does not follow from the premise. (This word should be understood over all others. Once understood, dishonest destructive individuals will no longer be able to trick your mind or use statements out of context to defraud you and make the innocent guiltily.) Premise = A statement that affirms or denies something upon which an argument is based or from which a conclusion is drawn. Context = 1. The part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning. 2. The conditions and circumstances that is relevant to an event, fact, etc. The facts are if the trading standards operate from a premise of SAFER STRONGER COMMUNICTIES when why do they knowingly allow poisons in our drinking water? This can be supported with evidence! Also Trading Standards should be investigating known chemicals, which HAVE DOCUMENTED evidence to cause genuine health concerns. Top 20 Food Additives to Avoid this list in minor.. Name E # Usage Facts you need to know Allura  Red AC E129 Food coloring in snacks, sauces, preserves, soups, wine, cider, etc. Avoid if you suffer from asthma, rhinitis (including hayfever), or urticaria (hives). Amaranth E123 Food coloring in wine, spirits, fish roe. Banned in the U.S. Avoid if you suffer from asthma, rhinitis, urticaria or other allergies. Aspartame E951 Sweetener in snacks, sweets, alcohol, desserts, ~diet” foods May affect people with PKU (phenylketonuria). Recent reports show possibility of headaches, blindness, and seizures with long-term high doses of aspartame. Benzoic acid E210 Preservative in many foods, including drinks, low sugar products, cereals, meat products. Can temporarily inhibit the function of digestive enzymes. May deplete glycine levels. Avoid ifyou suffer from asthma, rhinitis, urticaria or other allergies. Brilliant  Black BN E151 In drinks, sauces, snacks, wines, cheese, etc. Avoid if you suffer from asthma, rhinitis, urticaria, or other allergies. Butylated Hydroxy-anisole E320 Preservative, particularly in fat-containing foods, confectionery, meats. The International Agency for Research on Cancer says BHA is possibly carcinogenic to humans. BHA also interacts with nitrites to form chemicals known to cause changes in the DNA of cells. Calcium benzoate E213 Preservative in many foods, including drinks, low-sugar products, cereals, meat products. Can temporarily inhibit function of digestive enzymes and may deplete levels ofthe amino acid glycine. Should be avoided by those with hay fever, hives, and asthma. Calcium sulphite E226 Preservative in a vast array of foods-from burgers to biscuits, from frozen mushrooms to horseradish. Used to make old produce look fresh. In the U.S., sulphites are banned from many foods, including meat. They can cause bronchial problems, flushing, low blood pressure, tingling, and anaphylactic shock. The International Labour Organization says avoid them ifyou suffer from bronchial asthma, cardiovascular or respiratory problems and emphysema. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) E621 Flavor enhancer. Has been known to cause pressure on the head, seizures, chest pains, headache, nausea, burning sensations, and tightness of face. Many baby food producers have stopped adding MSG to their products. Ponceau 4R, Conchineal  Red A E124 Food coloring. People who suffer from asthma, rhinitis or urticaria may find their symptoms become worse following consumption of foods containing this coloring. Potassium benozoate E212 See calcium benzoate. See calcium benzoate. Potassium nitrate E249 Preservative in cured meats and canned meat products.

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