FW: LLoyd Pye – New interview video on Hominoid Research / A recap

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-12-27 23:25:33

  From: Lloyd Pye Updates [mailto:lloyd@lloydpye.com] Sent: 27 December 2010 21:51To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: New interview video / A recap of 2010    A new interview video with me is now available from Richard D. Hall of Richplanet.net. It was taped immediately after my lecture in Edinburgh, Scotland, in late November. We chatted for 35 minutes. What makes it of interest is that its focus is not on the Starchild Skull, but on my other work regarding human origins and hominoids.   What we discuss is gleaned from the 20 years of non-Starchild research that put me in position to become its caretaker. Surely many of you must wonder “Why him? Why was he chosen for this historic job?” This will help explain that to you, at least partially. The other big part of it was, as always, plain old-fashioned luck….being in the right place at the right time to meet the right people to make things happen.   Let me say up front that I felt as bad as I look in it. I was fighting an infected molar root, the pain of which was keeping me from sleeping well, and I couldn’t take pain killers or my brain would be fuzzed when I had to lecture. Thus, what you’ll see is me making the best of a rather difficult situation.   As the interview starts, I had just walked off the stage after speaking for nearly 2 hours in a freezing Edinburg gymnasium. My voice was shot and I was chilled to the bone, as was everyone else who attended. I’m not looking for a sympathy vote, I’m just explaining why I seem at less than my optimum best. I’m fine now, all systems fully recovered, A-OK.   blip.tv/file/4561237     That interview culminated the most eventful and dramatic of the 12 years I’ve been dealing with the Starchild Skull. Last year at this time I was seriously wondering how I might be able to grind out yet another year of trying to convince mainstream science to take a serious look at the Starchild. Then in January, almost a full year ago, I was first contacted by the man who would become our life saver: our geneticist.   By March he had recovered the Starchild’s elusive nuclear DNA. Within weeks he had determined that parts of its genome were not found in the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) mind-bogglingly complete log of coherent base pair strings. That made it clear, beyond any doubt, that ultimately we could establish the Starchild was not typically human, with the strongest likelihood being that it was a human-alien hybrid.   By May we had a man interested in investing the few millions we needed to do all that has to be done to transform the Starchild’s historic potential into an undeniable reality. He was 81 and in frail health, and perhaps the excitement of this venture caused him to have a massive stroke just before he could formally seal a deal with us. Several weeks later he died, never having regained consciousness and leaving us to try to find another investor to help us change human history forever.   In the last half of the year I’ve traveled to Europe twice, lecturing in Malta, Zurich, Oslo, Edinburg, and here in the States in Huntsville, AL. My next lecture will be in late February at the UFO Congress in Arizona, one of the biggest and best events each year in the U.S. They always have a large number of outstanding speakers, and this event seems to be quite special, so I urge you to consider attending it if you can.   Last but by no means least, here at the very end of the year our geneticist informed me that he’s hot on the trail of a major breakthrough that will boggle all of our minds. I can’t tell you what it is yet because his initial results have not been confirmed. However, he has been solidly on target with everything he’s said up to now, so I have no reason to think he’s heading up a blind alley with this one. As he told me at first, and now has reiterated: “Hang on, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”   His new discovery about the Starchild’s genome will be a game changer, as the slang goes in sports, which you’ll understand when it is confirmed and I’m able to announce it. This list will be the first to know, but it’s the kind of huge news that will also go out to the mainstream.   So that’s it for 2010, and I can assure everyone that 2011 will be the most historic year ever in the world of UFO-alien research, and in the field of alternative knowledge as a whole. The Starchild Skull will hone the leading edge of our research like nothing else ever has. That means everyone on our side of the debate will be having a very, very…..   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!        Lloyd Pye   www.LloydPye.com
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