John Hutchison and Tom Bearden

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2010-12-30 13:18:33

Thanks to Nick J for sending me a DVD with this on. It is from a 1996 video called “Above Top Secret, Part 2” I had not seen the Hutchison Effect footage before – which is probably from the mid-late 80’s. I am interested in this clip because it proves Tom Bearden knows about John Hutchison’s work and experiments – so Bearden likes knows something like it was used on 9/11 (see below for what he wrote about in his 2005 “Oblivion” book though)…   Afghanistan, Iraq, Al Qaida, and Intended Muslim JihadThe international terrorists are also being subtly and not-so-subtly manipulated, mid we will see the anti-American polarization in the MidEast continue and Intensify. Many foreign Arab fighters are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Their number and organization — and centralized coordination — will continue to increase.There are still serious nuclear proliferation problems to be faced in North Korea, Iran, and elsewhere. Iran has defiantly announced it is resuming uranium enrichment and nuclear power plant development. Short of a few ineffective sanctions or attacking Iran, it seems that little can be done {xliv}. However, clear signals from Israel emerge that eventually such will not be tolerated, and Israel will strike if necessary.6 North Korea remains defiant and almost certainly already has a small number of nuclear weapons. Pakistan and India — both nuclear powers — continue a stand-off and are often eyeball to eyeball. With the alliance of India to China and Russia, that “eyeball to eyeball” confrontation could be aggravated at will.Israel is extremely concerned about the path Iran is taking to achieve a nuclear weapons capability. The Israelis, having purchased several hundred “bunker-busting” bombs from the U.S., at some point may conceivably take out the Iranian nuclear facilities to prevent an unacceptable Iranian nuclear knockout threat against Israel.The MidEast situation will further heat up, not lessen, over the next two years. It’s called bleeding the U.S. dragon — and it is indeed economically bleeding us.The intent of our foes is also to deliberately bring substantial factions of the Muslim world to a state of Jihad against the United States, necessitating additional commitment of U.S. forces out of country, and increasing the already-pressing 6 E.g., see full page ad, by FLAME (Facts and Logic About the Middle East) in U.S. News and World Report, Mar. 28, 2005, p. 69, entitled “The Holocaust: Sixty Years Later: Has the spirit of Auschwitz been revived?” Quoting: “If Iran isn’t stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons, there can be little question that, with or without the approval of the United States, Israel would have to preempt and, just as it destroyed the Osirak nuclear plan of Iraq in 1981, would destroy the Iranian nuclear installations — by whatever means it might take.” CCI…… mie si i a in on I lie U.S. Quite simply we h,ie inn on I ,,l lumps necessary toContinue our worldwide tasks and missions. Unless ;i di.ill Is leinsliliiled, wc arc also seriously challenging our reserves and National Guard, Ans di.ili imposed is likely to reinitiate an intense polarization inside the U.S. over the war and America’s foreign commitments.Claiming that America had declared war against God and his messenger, Bin Laden has called for the murder of any American, anywhere on earth, as the “individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it. ” {xlv}.In an American national television interview from Afghanistan, Bin Laden stated his intention to kill innocent civilians as well as military, without hesitation {xlvi}:”It is far better for anyone to kill a single American soldier than to squander his efforts on other activities… We believe that the worst thieves in the world today and the worst terrorists are the Americans. Nothing could stop you except perhaps retaliation in kind. We do not have to differentiate between military or civilian. As far as we are concerned, they are all targets.”       Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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