Tying Recent Events into a larger Picture

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-01-07 13:23:46

Attachments : This page has tied a few things together… Make of it what you will (I just found it very interesting – also, “The Core” was aired on national TV here a few days ago.   www.goroadachi.com/e…   Jan 05: So what could birds ominously falling from the sky in Arkansas and seemingly all over the world… Jan 02 Arkansas game officials probe mystery of falling birdsJan 03 Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas RiverJan 04 ‘Stress event’ blamed after birds rain from skyJan 04 Louisiana Latest Place to Rain Dead Birds …have to do with the Royal Wedding coming up on April 29? Sounds absurd, but the answer is “everything.” More or less. Which also implies some serious “earthshaking” or as I’d like to call it a “Birthquake,” per my previous declaration… …the cosmic significance of the Royal Engagement and Wedding which will be one of the biggest events in 2011. So significant is it, in fact, that you are going to find that it’s quite literally ‘earthshaking’, big time, this one. A preview of the preview flashed in the October 8, 2009 episode ofFlashForward… …in which a flock of crows falls from the sky at the time of the mysterious “Global Blackout” event during which people all over the world have “flashforward” visions of their lives as they will exist on April 29, 2010 AKA “FlashForward Day.” In 2011, April 29 = Royal Wedding Day. No earthquake there per se, but for that we go to The Core… a bona-fide “Underworld” movie also containing a fairly long bird collision/death scene during the opening sequence which takes place in London and woven into the whole scene is a double-decker bus which at one point flashes the magic number “429” as in “4/29” or “April 29”! Add to these the fact that The Core as a whole tells a story of extreme earth changes caused by a secret military “earthquake machine” dubbed “Project DESTINI” (Deep Earth Seismic Trigger INItiative)… I think you can see why (though this is only one ofmany reasons) I’ve been emphasizing for months now the potentiality of the “Big One Birthquake” (San Andreas Fault, US west coast, Ring of Fire, and so forth) for 2011 in conjunction with the “Day of Destiny” (4/29). [Note: In case you’re wondering, I started paying attention to bothThe Core and FlashForward, highlighting them repeatedly down in the Underground/STRUG restricted area, back in November. Pattern-wise we were very much ahead of the curve on this.] To top it all off, in Arkansas and apparently most other places which had similar incidents of birds falling from the sky, they were mostly “Red-winged Blackbirds” scientifically known as Agelaiusphoeniceus. As noted by a reader, “phoeniceus” stems from the same root as “phoenix”! The phoenix embodies that which “Rises from the Underworld” a la the Chilean mine rescue where a capsule/elevator dubbed “The Phoenix” miraculously brought up all 33 miners out of the abyss safely as the whole world watched… multicontextuallyforeshadowing the Wedding/Rise of Prince William (among other things) who in turn is simulating the Resurrection of King Arthur, interchangeable with the Rebirth of the Phoenix. (See previous posts for all that.) It was a major “pentagrammic” event… (Note: “Core”/”Kore” is another name for Persephone the Greek goddess of the Underworld and is closely associated with the pentagram.) We are quickly approaching the next such pentagrammic point – the first one of 2011 – coming up around January 8th. While I’m not expecting the “Birthquake” there (or on April 29 for that matter), we should see an unmistakable “signal” that should continue the ongoing pattern/communication. [Permalink].. Dec 26: An important postscript on the solstice eclipse… The Moon turned blood-red exactly (and necessarily for any total lunar eclipse) 180 degrees away from the solstice Sun so as to become in effect the ‘torch of Orion’ at/near the Galactic Anticenter or the intersection of the Galactic Equator and the ecliptic (see picture above). It’s where the Sun annually finds itself on the summersolstice, ~June 21, the date of Prince William’s birth in 1982 from the lunar womb of Diana (= Roman moon goddess) which was also marked by a partial solar eclipse. Viewed from London or anywhere along the Prime Meridian, this particular solar eclipse would have produced a precise alignment and/or greatest eclipse during culmination at the meridian or when the Sun reached its highest point in the local sky. London in this way was a ‘Chosen City’ that day… for the ‘Chosen One’ Prince William, born there that day at 9:03 pm (DST). His fiancé Kate Middleton was also born with an eclipse on January 9th that same year (1982) – a total lunar eclipse, like the one we just had on the winter solstice. Combined with the observations included in the previous post (Dec 18), it should be enough for you to start sensing the cosmicsignificance of the Royal Engagement and Wedding which will be one of the biggest events in 2011. So significant is it, in fact, that you are going to find that it’s quite literally ‘earthshaking’, big time, this one. But anyway… [Permalink]   Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?www.drjudywood.com/    

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