FW: What is the Starchild’s main importance?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-01-18 10:46:38

I just received this and was discussing the importance of “Starchild” with someone. I was reminded of a video clip   The specific clip is at 2:05 in this,   www.youtube.com/watc…   In the part 5 clip, pause at 2 minutes 5 sec   Seeing the guy’s face and being stopped in his flow is quite something.The guy, deep down KNOWS exactly what he has in his hands, but his conscious mind can’t deal with it… It’s not often you get someone’s belief system collapsing in on itself caught on camera!! (You can also watch the prior clip to this with the Harvard guy www.youtube.com/watc…) From: Lloyd Pye Updates [mailto:lloyd@lloydpye.com] Sent: 18 January 2011 08:03To: ad.johnson@ntlworld….Subject: What is the Starchild’s main importance?    “What makes you think an obviously deformed skull is so d***ed important?” That question was recently hurled at me by an agitated skeptic who couldn’t understand why anyone would get excited about a skull Wackypedia assured him was a common deformity.   The answer lies in the critical difference between the words contact and disclosure. Contact will be when aliens make themselves known to us as physical entities, and we have dialogue with them and begin the delicate process of learning to coexist with them in a universe instantly grown uncomfortably smaller and shockingly more complex.    (Before any of you ask, No, I don’t see the only options being that we dominate them, a la “District 9,” or they try to wipe us out, a la “War of the Worlds,” or “Independence Day.” These are Hollywood’s fantasies, which leave out the middle ground where truth is inevitably found.)   Rather than contact, the Starchild Skull represents disclosure, which is the governments of the world (primarily the U.S.) being forced, or agreeing, to admit to alien reality. For six-plus decades governments have managed to keep a tight lid on the truth about aliens and UFOs, but their stranglehold seems to be loosening, their fingers pried open by the widespread dissemination of reliable information on the internet.   Disclosure is much less frightening to everyone than contact. To most governments, disclosure is merely an embarrassment they can overcome in a few months or years. The moment contact occurs, it changes everything–top to bottom, inside out. Disclosure also changes everything, but at a slower pace, a manageable pace, making it far more preferable to the always short-term vision of “the powers that be.” Given a choice, which they do have right now, disclosure is preferable.   So what kind of changes might disclosure bring? Because my hand is on the throttle of a vehicle (the Starchild Skull) that is solidly on track to bring us to the point of disclosure in the coming year, I have given this considerable thought. To me it seems obvious that disclosure will have powerful impacts over a wide range of cultural and scientific disciplines.   Which disciplines will be impacted? To what degree? Unfortunately, no one can anticipate impact or degree. It will all happen on the fly, as it unfolds, with surprises at every turn. But that’s only in the beginning, in the first few years, as ripples from the announcement spread across the entire globe and force thoroughly brainwashed minds to change, usually against their will.    Where I see the most profound impact is in the future, when the first “Post Disclosure Era” children grow up with the full awareness of alien reality, whether contact has been established by then or not. Those kids will grow into adults who will create entirely new ways of thinking about the human race, and our place in the grand scheme of life in the universe. Those fully-informed adults will transform their society, just as my own “Post War Era” generation transformed its society.   The changes we wrought were in many cases good (the invention of computers and all that goes with them), and in many cases bad (the unfettering of regulations on Wall Street and bankers, leading us into the economic disaster we face today). The Post Disclosure generation will produce similar successes and failures. Unfortunately, I can’t begin to predict those, I can only be certain that in the fullness of time they will occur. And thus we come to the rub, which is survival.   If contact occurred within the next few years, the world’s current leaders, and especially those in the U.S., would very likely precipitate a disaster by shooting first and asking questions later. That is the ethos our leaders, and we, have all grown up with. A confrontation would be all but inevitable, which is very likely why aliens give us such a wide berth in the area of social niceties.   However, if contact occurs a generation after disclosure, I believe the Post Disclosure leaders would be capable of handling it with grace and, very likely, success. They would be far more likely to guide us into a workable arrangement with any and all other entities that inhabit the universe around us. That next generation would very likely be given a seat at the Galactic Roundtable, or whatever organization exists to coordinate the activities of whatever beings are “out there.”   So THAT is what makes the Starchild so d***ed important. It represents the single best hope in the world at this moment of forcing the world’s governments (again, and especially, the U.S.) to tolerate disclosure and get the reality of UFOs and aliens out in the open for everyone to start digesting it in their own ways, in their own time. Religion will be slow on the uptake, and science much slower, but eventually they all will have to get on board with the new reality.   We need disclosure now, desperately, because today we are like small children, covering our eyes to pretend UFOs and aliens don’t exist. Someone needs to pull our hands away so we can confront our boogeymen and see them for what they really are–highly advanced beings who, if they intended to destroy us, would very likely have done it at the peak of the Cold War, when we were capable of wiping out nearly every form of life on Earth many times over. To me it seems far more likely that after contact these highly advanced beings would be more likely to help us fix all, or nearly all, of the persistent problems that plague humanity. That won’t make us their equals, by any means, but it will be a critically important step forward as we try to pull ourselves out of the enormous holes we are digging with gross overpopulation and staggeringly destructive global pollution.   Whenever we can work up the gumption to take our hands from our eyes and accept that we are not the be-all, end-all of the universe, we are likely to find that we are part of an interesting neighborhood, with good neighbors and possibly bad neighbors, but a neighborhood that will become “home” to us, and very likely allow us to make friends who can and will help us reach heights of accomplishment that we can’t even dream of in our currently befuddled state of collective ignorance.      Lloyd Pye   www.LloydPye.com
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