FW: Update – Elements of Fakery in the Jerusalem UFO video?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-02-06 16:15:42

It’s amazing what’s going on –  bear in mind 2 of these videos were on ITN, which makes it more significant re the game-playing.   More from Guy below   (Note to Nick J – looks like you were right…)   I think the initial “Buz” is very infectious until some one looks closer and properly analyses these types of video, had me going for a while too!   Here is a bit more (in italics) relating to this hoax from another source if it helps you in future?   The genuine stuff is few and far between….     There are at least two additional, “different” Jerusalem temple
mount alleged UFO YouTube videos, from different angles, but
they both seemed to be digital fakes or hoaxes.

Note that in the second video of this supposed incident, that
the video is edited by a box that no longer shows the man
standing to the right, nor the whitish wall in front of him:

See: tinyurl.com/6gw5fbr Then there is this video, supposedly produced in response of
skeptical comments on the first youtube video link Galinas
:See: tinyurl.com/4aweesa This video is from a much closer perpective to the Temple Mount,
but the “UFO” shown seems relatively smaller, and centered
exactly over the Dome, before zipping upward at a slight angle,
which is significantly different from the original video taken
from a distance.

Now look at the video linked to below, which uses a pair of red
lines on the original video to show how the wall line in the
foreground wobbles, but the red line on the horizon of the city
lights does NOT, indicating a fake horizon, above which the
inserted digital artifacts have been placed to create the fake

Additionally, a search of haaretz.com found no reference to this
story at all. Judge for yourself, is my advice, but I’m pretty
sure these videos are of an orchestrated digital fake. Someone
is playing games, again.

See: tinyurl.com/662h575

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