FW: Stop Wirral PCT from decommissioning homeopathy!

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-03-09 13:46:49

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From: Louise Mclean [mailto:louise4writer@google…] Sent: 09 March 2011 12:13To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: Fw: Stop Wirral PCT from decommissioning homeopathy!   —– Original Message —– From: Cristal Sumner To   Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 11:46 AM Subject: Stop Wirral PCT from decommissioning homeopathy! Hello All   I am just emailing to alert you to threat to commissioning in the Wirral, which feeds to Liverpool services at the Old Swan as of 1st April!  We just received notice on Friday of a public meeting this Wednesday.   If you have colleagues, patients that are in the Wirral or surrounding area, could you please encourage them to attend and/or respond to the consultation…details are below!  Sorry to those who have received this email more than once as it has been sent to patients, doctors, supporters and homeopathic organisations.   Kind regards Cristal   From: Cristal Sumner Sent: 04 March 2011 18:10To: jburry@britishhomeop…Cc: admin@mobiletraining…Subject: Stop Wirral PCT from decommissioning homeopathy! Public meeting 9th March 6.30pm   Dear Friends   Homeopathy is under threat in the Wirral.  I have emailed you as you live or work in the area and would encourage you to attend a meeting just announced on the 9th of March at 6.30pm or to let your voice be heard through their engagement form by March 11. www.wirral.nhs.uk/co… (the consultation documents can be found here www.wirral.nhs.uk/ha…)   The following is from John Cook, Chairman of the North West Friends of Homeopathy…..   We have been advised of a PUBLIC MEETING on Wednesday 9th March 2011 at 6.30pm, called by NHS Wirral (the PCT) to discuss a recommendation made by their Professional Executive Committee (PEC) to discontinue Homeopathic Services for Wirral Residents with effect from 1st April 2011.   We have made our views known of course, in no uncertain terms that we regard the length of notice of the meeting (6 days) in respect of a ‘decision’ (effective in under a month) completely outside the decision-making remit of the PCT. Nonetheless we are proposing to attend the meeting to make this point in public.   Please do your utmost to attend and encourage other Wirral Residents to attend.   The meeting is at                   *** Wed 9th March 2011 6.30 pm NHS WIRRAL OLD MARKET HOUSE HAMILTON STREET BIRKENHEAD WIRRAL CH41 5AL   If you plan to attend do let Wirral PCT know by emailing intouch@wirral.nhs.u…  The meeting will not exceed 1.5 hours. Hamilton Street is not far from Birkenhead Hamilton Square Rail Station.   Here is a link to the detailed papers relating to the recommendation of the Wirral PEC. Go to www.wirral.nhs.uk/ha… and select ‘View the Homeopathy Commissioning paper’.  Please if you are a Wirral Resident, whether or not you are attending the meeting, also complete this ‘have your say’ form by Friday 11th March www.wirral.nhs.uk/co… Please then tick the bullet point for ‘complaint’.   Suggestions for the form include criticisms about lack of proper patient consultation, lack of appropriate thought to impact on patients, and lack of thorough review of the evidence.    For example: ‘I am devastated to hear that Wirral PEC have recommended to discontinue the effective and popular homeopathy service in less than a month without first consulting patients. The NHS requires consultation to take place at the very beginning of a process of service reconfiguration not at the end.    ‘The PEC paper states the ‘proposal represents a cost-saving’ – How do they know that? Where, and at what cost, will patients receive conventional treatments instead of homeopathy.  How much will it cost for proper public consultation on the service? Costs now are little over£35K, this does not seem to be a cost effective decision to cut the service.   ‘The PEC paper states  “The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the scientific evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy treatments”:  This report is not, in fact, an evidence review at all.  It merely cites the S&T Committee report, which reached opinion-led conclusions ratified by only 3 committee members.  It failed to reflect the factual evidence presented to it by experts in homeopathy and homeopathy research.  See evidence submissions  http://www.britishhomeopathic.org/research/science_and_technology_committee_report.html’   ‘The government has stated it is my right as patient to have choice – which includes homeopathy.’   ‘There is evidence for homeopathy, but the PCT is being selective in reviewing evidence in order to make its case to cease funding.   What other services are they considering cutting?  Will the same principles be applied?  Seeing that the BMJ estimates 51% of treatments have unknown effectiveness does this mean have the services on offer will disappear?’   Thank you for your support.   John K.H. Cook Chairman North West Friends of Homeopathy Charity No 282281 admin@mobiletraining…       Cristal Sumner MBA Chief Executive British Homeopathic Association & Faculty of Homeopathy   Hahnemann House 29 Park Street West Luton LU1 3BE Direct: +44 (0)1582 408674 Fax: +44 (0)1582 723032 www.britishhomeopath… www.facultyofhomeopa…   Become a friend of the BHA www.britishhomeopath…   Learn more on Facebook, Focus on Homeopathy group www.facebook.com/gro…   Follow the BHA and Faculty on Twitter twitter.com/#!/bhaho… twitter.com/#!/fohho…   THIS EMAIL AND ANY ATTACHED FILES ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND MAY BE LEGALLY PRIVILEGED. Any disclosure, reproduction, copying, distribution, or use of this communication is strictly prohibited without explicit agreement of the sender. If you have received this transmission in error please notify the sender immediately and then delete this email.       From: susan.anne.young@goo… [mailto:susan.anne.young@goo…] On Behalf Of Sue YoungSent: 06 March 2011 09:14To: Bob Leckridge; Brian Kaplan; Catherine Saunders; Cristal Sumner; Dana Ullman; David Mundy; David Needleman; Elizabeth Thompson; Ellen Kramer; Felix von Reiswitz; Francis Treuherz; Hans Schrauder; Jerome Whitney; John Burry – Faculty; Karin Mont; kate mckintosh; Kaviraj Vaikuntanath; Laura Murphy; Louise Mclean; Lynsey Booth; Matthew Williams; Peter Davies; Peter Fisher; Peter Morrell; Robert Davidson; Robert Mathie; Sara Eames; Sato Liu; Simon Taffler; Simon Wilkinson Blake; Stephen Gordon; William AldersonSubject: Nightingale Collaboration stuff   Hi All   These particularly virulent pieces show the new tactics of the Nightingale Collaboration…   scepticalletterwrite…   scepticalletterwrite…   Question: if this came into your practice as a client, what remedy would you prescribe?   I had a domestic violence meeting at work last week – terrifying statistics about the levels of violence in our society at the current time… causing 70% or more of all ill health – the NHS is getting serious about tackling the cost of this via IRIS Projects across the country…. www.health.org.uk/ar…   I spoke at length to the two women that came to my workplace to present the IRIS project to us – about web based stranger attacks and cyber bullying and the attacks on homeopathy in particular – in their book – it is all violence – they got the picture immediately – they are taking this very seriously….   Question: UK homeopaths have been successfully improving the health of our nation for 30 years, such that we have trawled up the syphilitic miasm which is now spitting in our faces – ?through fear? – ?we now see it face to face? – ?we are now talking to it directly? – ?is this the time for us to have an attack of the vapours? – ?if this was a client in our consulting rooms, what would we do? – ?are we healers or what? ?why are we floundering around in the victim/persecutor/rescuer triangle with these skeptics?   We have all the aces. When are we going to play them? We are the healers after all… skeptics are violent ergo they are in need of healing…   IRIS people told me the big hole in heir project at the moment is that no one seems to be willing to tackle and work with perpetrators….   *Are we mice or homeopaths?   Sue   *When I was training as an archaeologist, our tutor came in with a bag of black earth from a 1000 year old midden, and told us to touch it and search through it in the classroom. ‘Is this what think it is?’ I asked in horror. ‘Are you an archaeologist or a mouse?’ replied my tutor with a great deal of humour stamped across his face!! — Sue Young RSHom www.homeopathy.wildf… www.avilian.co.uk www.crystalflower.co.uk  

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