TODAY EARTHQUAKE 7 years of the Madrid train bombings 11 3 4, 911 da

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Date: 2011-03-11 14:36:50

Hi Andrew! this is already millions to one number redundancy, more evidence of this being intelligently controled D.E.W. Directed energy weapon attack on Japan9/11 truth Switzerland : Japan earth-quake / tsunami and the illuminati 1995 card gamePosted by on 2011/3/11 12:10:00The Illuminati celebrate exactly seven 7 years of the Madrid train bombings 11 March 2004III,11,11 Today is 911 days afterThursday, 11 September 2008There are 911 days between September 11 2001 and the Madrid train bombingsThis is not the only coincidence and early ignored warnings by authorities and mainstream media, please read on and wake up!the Madrid train bombings took place 911 hours before the 9TH anniversary of the Waco Texas massacre and911 hours before the 11Th anniversary of the Oklahoma Building Bombings. Note that the later 2 were the 9Th and 11Th anniversaries of April 19 1995 and April 19 1993 respectivelyThe Illuminati NWO cards were released in 1995 by Steve Jackson Games, an Austin company’Somebody knows something and ain-talkin’…Without considering the motives of the game ” blatant give-aways vs. predictive programming vs. clever sabotage through genuine leaks “, the facts can be cross checked in many ways;From the vague, the bizarre and esoteric to the thoroughly researched, from deduction to inference, numerology to earth grid patterns, the path to the construction of a world government built and governed by bloody hands seems to come at a faster pace and clearer as days pass to place the final stone to its pyramid:The destruction of Mexico as a sovereign country will mark the beginning of the U.N. as a world government as perverse as its ways to enforce itself upon little red-cap.This is serious, and the numerology only sho…. continue  

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