FW: Devon UFO Footage March 5, 2011

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-03-12 23:56:52

I recently received this from a friend.   Hi Andrew,   I assume you’ve seen the video of the Devon UFO posted to Coast to Coast AM on March 9th?   Devon UFO Footage C2C March 09, 2011 www.coasttocoastam.c…   Check out video footage reportedly shot by a 72-year old farmer, who was walking his dog in Devon, England on March 5, 2011, when he saw a UFO moving through the trees. Real or fake? I believe it’s real. Although I see the YouTube URL says “False” at the end.  Wonder what that means?  Do you know anything more about this?  Did it make news in the UK?   Devon UFO Footage – Posted March 5, 2011 (:27) www.youtube.com/watc…   This UFO footage is similiar to the daytime with blue skies sighting I had when I was 12. While the video may look unbelievable to those who haven’t seen a UFO, it is very similar to the size and proximity of the one I saw. Except my UFO was more of the classic 50’s “no frills” sleek shape.   UFOs can maneuver in tight spaces close to the ground and behind trees like shown in this video.  Mine was as close to me as it looks when the video zooms in at :09 seconds.    In my case, I first saw it hovering just above the tree top. It wobbled slightly as it  descended a bit. Then it hovered for a few seconds while it made “contact” by sending the telepathic message, “Remember this day.  Remember this day.”  It then dipped behind the tree and out of sight for a split second before it took off in a big arch, i.e., not straight up like in this video.  I had kept watching the spot after it dipped behind the tree and just saw a faint “trail” as it zipped off.  If I had blinked, I wouldn’t have seen a thing.    I”d say my sighting was just a bit longer than this one, maybe :30 seconds. I’ve never really known, as “time stood still,” but this clip gives me a better idea.   In this video, it seems to me as though the UFO moved behind the trees to “hide” a bit, but realized the farmer was tapiing it and took off.  And, then the farmer zooms out as if looking for the UFO.  It took off so fast,  he probably didn’t even see it happen when taking the video.  I love the dog running across the field at the very end.  That gives it even more credibility to me. remix Devon 5th March 2011 UFO  – Posted March 7, 2011  (:18) www.youtube.com/watc…   This 2nd post is by someone who analyzed the clip a bit.  They zoomed in closer and slowed down the footage at the end when the UFO shot straight up.  That is most interesting because you can see a blurred vertical column which captures the trail of the UFO.  That’s similiar to what I saw, i.e., just a faint blurred trail that could barely be seen because it took off so fast just like in this video.    There are just so many details in this UFO footage that look very real to me and are the closest images that I’ve seen captured on tape so far that are as similar to what I saw when I was 12.    Amazing!   Gina

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