FW: Hadley CRU – New Leak of documents!! (Humour – Slightly rude in

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-03-23 22:41:33

Attachments :   From: Sent: 23 March 2011 18:38To: Andrew JohnsonSubject: There’s been a new leak of CRU documents! There’s been a new leak of CRU documents! This one appears to be a copy of the results of a Rorschach test from a routine staff psychological evaluation report. michaelkelly.artofeu…   A hockey-stick   A hockey-stick   A hockey-stick   A hockey-stick   A hockey-stick   Dollar signs   Steve McIntyre requesting a copy of my data   Nothing much. Nothing really significant   The devil   Mother Earth crying because of mankind’s sin   An evil monster insect-bat-demon that wants to steal my frequent-flyer card   An obliging little bitch   Anecdotal evidence. Outlying statistics. Deniers. Contrarians. Oil-industry shills. I think one of them has a hockey-stick though. Nov 27th 09 Index

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