Richard Hoagland Presents Dr Judy Wood’s Research at a Conference

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2011-04-07 20:42:38

As some of you may be aware, Richard Hoagland did a presentation supposedly entitled  “The Secret Space Programme” (or at least, it was meant to be about that, as that was the title of the conference).   secretspaceprogram.c…   It included about 1.5 hours on Dr Judy Wood’s research.…   This is not quite what it appears to be and a response is being prepared, which will be posted before too long, hopefully.   One initial thing you should be aware of is that neither of myself nor Dr Judy Wood have ever been contacted by Richard Hoagland about anything – nor did anyone contact on his behalf us regarding the content which occupied a large part of this presentation. More details to follow.       Are you interested in what’s really going on in the world, behind the facade? Then…www.checktheevidence… happened on 9/11?    

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